*Revised Proposal Posts due 1pm Th 11/12

As we discussed in class, you should post a revised proposal by tomorrow before class (please post no later than 1pm, so that I have time to read through them before class). More detailed information about this is on the Schedule, but I’ve copied the relevant info. at the bottom of this post too, for your convenience.

If you want to get a head start on your ePortoflio work (due Monday), please feel free to do so. You can find specifics about that assignment on our Schedule (including what you need to do on the ePortfolio, and the reflection post you need to make discussing that work).

As you work on your projects, don’t hesitate to email me with any questions, or schedule a time to meet me to discuss it in person (we can cover much more in 5-10 minutes together talking than we can in a whole series of email exchanges). I’ll be on campus this Friday (11/13), next Monday (11/16), so if you don’t want to wait until my regular office hours next Tuesday, feel free to email me to set up something sooner.

Revised Proposals (due: 1pm on Th 11/12), categorize as “Revised Proposals”

  • revise proposal according to Professor Belli’s feedback & comments (written, in class, and individual conferences)
  • key is to provide as much specific detail as possible
    • propose at least 3 new media composing experiments (aside from final presentation & ePortfolio work): don’t just list things, but explain how/why they will be integrated into the project
    • present/discuss/integrate 5 additional sources (not the ones we’ve read together), showing how this has extending your thinking about the project
    • timeline: what is your timeline (week by week) for your particular project – what do you plan to do each week?
    • If you have particular questions about the project, clearly articulate them (pose them to Professor Belli and your classmates).

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