Class Notes 10/22

*Everyone should find one excerpt, type it out, and provide analysis of the excerpt chosen. If you were trying to make a larger argument, you would need to go in and find textual evidence of it. DO NOT QUOTE & SUMMARIZE but quote & find evidence to support the claim in one or two sentences.

Kairos- a notion of opportunity (the time being right).

Domesticate- to tame that is suitable for a particular space (in context to Greis’ article)

Associative- linked to or tied to

Contiguous- next to each other

Irreverent- not respectful

Key Claims of Articles

Picking Up the Fragments of the 2012 Election: Memes, Topoi, and Political Rhetoric

  • Social media is becoming too involved in politics, specifically memes that are taking us away from the heart of the issues or core of politics.
  • “Some memes function as a rhetorical topoi” (Wetherbee 2).
  • “The internet memes are fleeting bits of discourse that quickly lose steam…”, in other words, memes don’t necessarily last once they go away from what once gave them momentum; they go away (Wetherbee 3).
  • Memes have an impact and a sort of power. As they circulate, they are changing.
  • The meme “binders full of women” took off because it tapped into other things that was circulating about how people felt about Romney
  • Memes are distancing from its social context

Iconographic Tracking: A Digital Research Method for Visual Rhetoric and Circulation Studies

  • Images are not stable
  • Circulation is beyond what users of the internet can control

*Continue discussion on the blog by analyzing quotes found in the article


Ashley: What’s So Special About a Meme?

  • The Willy Wonka meme uses the same photo but provide different contexts and is essentially farther from the original context

Samantha: The Art of the Meme

  • There may be a consequence of an image as it circulates
  • Memes are in the political scene and are used to send political messages or may be a spoof on the real message the candidate is trying to convey

Jodiann: The Virality of Memes

  • How memes go viral
  • She believes memes are an accidental invention
  • Memes are popular in culture
  • Memes changes our ways of knowing and understanding, the way we think and interact with each other

Pamela: Got Milk? Got Meme?

  • How an advertising campaign can turn into a meme
  • Promotion of milk in the United States turned into a meme
  • Participatory culture where memes allow us to do so
  • Memes can be taken in different ways

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