How to embed Prezi presentations in OpenLab posts

Hi everyone! The OpenLab Team just posted a tutorial on how to properly embed a Prezi presentation into a post so that the presentation itself shows up in the post, not just the link (Pamela, this is what you were asking about last week). Click here to learn how to embed your Prezi, and use this method for all future presentations (please also go back, when you get a chance, & update the Prezi links in your last presentations, on Exploring Social Media, so they embed properly). Happy embedding 🙂

4 thoughts on “How to embed Prezi presentations in OpenLab posts

    • There was always a presentation on the schedule, but instead of having you ladies do full-out longer presentations of your own choosing (like we’ve been doing), I decided to have these shorter, focused presentations just to get at the readings (esp. the Greis) in a more focused way. As I mention on the Schedule, these are low-stakes (ungraded at this point), and are going to be revised/revisited, so no need to stress (or feel ambushed). Just a quick thing to get the creative & analytic juices flowing 🙂

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