Class notes

My sincerest apologies, for the delay in posting these notes classmates, but here are the class notes from 10/06:

To begin with:  !!REMINDERS!!
• 5 Minute presentations on Social  Media Platforms
• be sure to choose a specific part to embellish upon
• write abstracts for presentation and reflections on your experience with using Prezi  software 
• remember to re-read the ‘how social media is changing politics’ article along with the chapters from Understanding Digital Literacies Textbook ( Hafner and Jones)
• also if you haven’t done so yet tag all past posts and comment on classmate individual blog posts.

The Buzz Blog/Bloggers advice for blogging

  • create a connection between what is seen and what is written
  • edit to enhance and embellish, to attract an audience
  • ask yourself what is really important about the post?
  • try to create a narrative

Brianna Vasquez

  • create a content strategy
  • work through person and mental challenges
  • be a part of the audience feedback

Mandy Mei

  • Bridge between what you are writing and what you want to introduce to post
  • understand physicality
  • promote yourself


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  1. A friendly reminder that we’ll begin class tomorrow by looking specifically at the final six paragraphs of “How Social Media is Ruining Politics,” so please focus specifically on that last section of the article. See you all soon 🙂

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