Social Networks-The Home of the Millennials

“New communities are defined through voluntary, temporary, and tactical affiliations, reaffirmed through common intellectual enterprises and emotional investments. Members may shift from one group to another as their interests and needs change, and they may belong to more than one community at the same time. These communities, however are held together through the mutual production and reciprocal exchange of knowledge.” (Cohen &Kenny 11)

 The notion that technology led the way towards the expansion of discourse communities is an idea that I have been playing with throughout the semester. This is furthered in looking at the reach of social media. Particularly in the Cohen and Kenny, social media platforms as communities is thoroughly discussed. Social media has become a culture of its own. Bonds are formed and according to each community a unique identity is shown. The main point I want to raise is that social media is becoming a central part of the way people communicate.

3 thoughts on “Social Networks-The Home of the Millennials

  1. Ashley, I couldnt agree more that social media accounts for more than half of our interactions with other people. Its become so common that not knowing how makes you an outcast in some senses, like people dont know how to reach you or connect with you if you dont share one or more of those social networking connections. Its almost as if you dont exist without them and although these discourse communities connect people all over the world which could never have been done before do you think its making us less social in face to face situations?

  2. Ashley I understand what you are saying. I agree that social media has expanded discourse communities and I think that one of the main differences is that it affords us to be a part of many communities at the same time.

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