The confines of traditional journalism: how far can you push them?

“What happens to the traditional photojournalist in the new media landscape? “It could be a really negative thing,” Applewhite said. “News agencies are often happy with random snapshots from Egypt and they don’t necessarily need professional, thoughtful content all the time.” (ÔÇťPhotojournalism in the Age of New Media)

Throughout the article there are hints that new media is pushing the ethical boundaries of traditional journalism. Do you feel the introduction of participatory journalism is further pushing these boundaries?

3 thoughts on “The confines of traditional journalism: how far can you push them?

  1. To be perfectly honest, I believe that journalism has always pushed ethical boundries. We all have heard of stories of journalist who went to great length to get a story of a picture. Innocent people have even been harmed as a result of some of their tactics. So why then does it seem that now the public is being scrutinized significantly more. Participatory journalism is journalist content created collaboratively and may include professional journalist as well as civilian journalist. The boundries of journalism has expanded and I think that whether it’s independent media or traditional mainstream media, ethics really does matter. Sadly, I believe that there is no way to really control independent media because it gives space to independent voices and that is important.

  2. Nevertheless, there is a need for basic rules of participatory journalism. Self regulation is not sufficient and just because we have the technical ability to take an aesthetically good picture and post it, does not mean that we should. Even if a problematic picture can be removed, as Keller pointed out, ÔÇťa lot can happen in a half hourÔÇŁ (Photojournalism in the Age of New Media). Yes, it is good for viewers to contribute and feel empowered to do so, but the content should be examined, vetted and challenged.

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