Response Blog #3- Wikipedia

As a young writer in middle school and high school I always geared towards using Wikepedia as a reliable source and useful guide for information. I never thought there was anything wrong with the site as it seemed to be the encyclopedia of the internet. It wasn’t till I entered my freshman year in college that I was specifically told not to use Wikepedia as it was not credible and could not be trusted. Let’s just say curiosity killed the cat and what was the first thing I did? Look to Wikepedia to help me on my paper. Then I began to notice the little inconsistencies of misspelled words and incorrect dates.

In my opinion,  Wikipedia is not a credible source. Wikipedia is increasingly used by any and everyone,  especially those in the academic community, from students to professors, as an easily accessible source for information about anything and everything. Therefore, I do not cite Wikipedia in any research papers I produce. Considering anyone can edit information at anytime whether because it is a malicious act or they think their knowledge of the subject is better than what is provided on the site, does not particularly sit well with me. Throughout my educational years using this site as a guide to writing my papers,  who knows how many countless errors I read through unnoticed.

I personally think Wikipedia is good for providing readers with a general understanding of a subject but to use it specifically for bits and pieces of viable information I wouldn’t do. There are countless books, articles and appropriate sources that can be used to undergo research, Wikipedia is definitely not essential to research whatsoever.

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