The Mediated World

Reading Mediated Me, I never realized that technical communication goes far beyond than just being digital. “Many people just pick up these abilities along the way by surfing the web, playing online games and posting to blogs and social networking sites,” such as myself (1). I am not at all tech savvy but I have picked up the simplest of abilities when it comes to technology. To be completely honest, I don’t know everything there is to know about my cell phone, there’s something to be learned on a mobile device every day. I think technology has become so big and important to the world that sometimes, people lose touch with reality and that’s why I always try to take a step back from my phone. Just put it away for a couple of hours and do something productive that does not require my handheld in my hand.

I understand Vygotsky’s notion of utilizing tools to facilitate our actions but rather than a text or email, I would simply appreciate a letter in the mail from a friend. Instant message is great, don’t be misunderstood but for once, I would love something in the mail that has nothing to do with upcoming bills or medical insurance. T-mobile doesn’t even send me letters in the mail, they just text me when my bill is due. All the things we do to communicate and just to take action in our daily lives are facilitated by cultural tools that I believe are vital to life whether they are affordances or limitations.

In the event of case study one, the development of the wristwatch changed the relationships people had with one another and certainly changed people’s idea of what they know to be time. I am guilty of wishing days were over faster than they should be, unintentionally taking time for granted and not realizing how precious it really is. Nowadays, people are merely concerned with getting to places on time, meeting deadlines, losing track of time. As mentioned in the reading, owning a watch symbolized wealth, status, taste or personality and I must admit, I own a couple of watches and not because I check the time but for fashion. If I needed to check the time, I simply use my cell phone.

Technical communication comes about when there is a demand for a need. Human beings need new gadgets or tools to take action and in turn, those tools lose its original meaning and just becomes a phase until the next big tool surfaces. That is the world we live in today and the advances of technology will on become greater as time goes on.

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