Owner’s Manual Evaluation

I’ve decided to evaluate the manual for the IPad. Personally I don’t use any apple products not because I can get it, just because it doesn’t meet my daily needs. Because the IPad is something that is internationally want it the manual is written in many languages, so that is a good start.

This manual is divide in 25 chapters, and every one of them its very well explain it. The first three chapters are the most basic intrusions, and also show all the accessories that come with it. Also it show that location of the each button and switch, the use of them. But for anybody that is new with this product is very easy to follow the instruction because it is explain graphically too. The rest of the twenty two chapters also help to set and use the iPad in the easiest way that the new user can set up the new equipment very fast.

In general I like this manual because first it is in the language that I can speak so I don’t really waste too much time reading it. Also the use of graphics is very helpful, in many cases because you can get confuse in the step by step that they manual say. Although the language that is use in the manual is easy to understand. Use of color is it something very important to because is t not everything in black and white so it help the vision to get more attention in how to set up the IPad.

The example that they show in the manual also it’s very important, also the most common mistakes are list there so this help to prevent the wrong connectivity ot set up of the new equipment. As most all the manual it also displace the damage and warranty that the product have in case of accident.

Overall the manual it is very well designed. It is easy to find the manual in the many languages that you want, the language is very easy to understand and the step by step explanation is very easy to follow and with the use of the graphic and different colors it made the manual more efficient that other that are in black and white.



Nexus 7 Manual Evaluation


The Nexus 7 manual under consideration consists of seven sections, which are titled according to their content. Effective and clear titling allows the user to quickly find the necessary information and to save time when a particular problem needs solution. The sections are not only united by certain technical aspect, but are also presented in a logical and consistent manner.

The information is presented in a readable and  understandable way, an easy language being applied.  The extensive use of various visualizing tools, such as images, illustrations, pictorial elements, photographic elements,  highlighting and others contributes to the uncomplicated and effortless perception of information, despite the general complexity of such kind of discourse. Also, the general structuring of the text is simple and convenient for reading. Comments are provided for all the images and graphical objects. The author uses listing, markers, proper spacing between the passages, effective color decisions (for highlighting important ideas or phrases), and other means of efficient presentation. The manual is not overloaded with either graphical or textual elements, being compositionally balanced.

In terms of the content, the manual serves as a helping tool, since it provides a highly detailed information about the use of the product, allowing the user to find out any technical aspect and explanation. The words and terms are used efficiently and concisely. The overlapped sentences are avoided. The usage of details is balanced in accordance to the needs of the audience for clarity.

It can be concluded that the message of each section is straightforward and clear. The visualizing techniques and structuring of the text helps to achieve an effective presentation, contributing to the clarity, usability, and accessibility of the manual.





Owner’s Manual Evaluation

I decided to look into Nintendo’s Wiiu’s instruction manual.¬†I have always been a fan of gaming so I thought looking into a console would be ideal for it. Nintendo is one of the world’s biggest gaming franchise who delivered us the classic Mario games and many more. They released their latest console, the Nintendo Wiiu which was a big hit and provided different varieties of fun games.

The manual start’s off with the types of manuals they have. Either a printed version, or an electronic one which is the one I used. After that it talks about health and safety hazards that we should know such as keeping it away from infants way because they can chew on the cords and cables. The next part in the manual is all about the set up. It shows us how to plug in the cables, of where they each should do, piece by piece. After that it explains us how to charge the controllers for the WiiU and the WiiU itself.

Other instructions are mainly how to turn on and off the system and how to use the controller. The manual is really designed well because it shows the steps by picture and words. Some manuals only show instructions by words and they end up using hard to understand words but in this instructions manual, they explain what each part is and where they should go via photo. It makes it that much easier to understand. The rest of the manual is pretty much explains how to add users to the system and how to connect to the internet and also how to transfer data, or replace the battery.

Overall the clarity of the manual was spot on. It’s easy to understand and read. It isn’t confusing and they write in a way that’s understandable for anyone. The accessibility and usability are perfect. It’s an easy to use console and they show that. Easy to set up and to access anything on it. This instruction manual was done perfectly in my opinion.




Instruction manual for Cisco Router Guide

For this particular assignment I will designate and get into details with the Cisco Router Guide. The Cisco Router Manual Guide talks about myriads of things such as Integrated Services Routers, Aggregation Routers, Compatibility of Routers and how Cisco routers differ from one another. The manual is written in a PDF form and it is easy to locate by any users.

The manual firstly describes an overview of different type of Cisco Series Routers and it can be found in pages 5-11 in the Series Overview. The Router Series Overview primarily describes the different types of Cisco Routers that are compatible with different types of locations in small offices and in big offices.  The different Cisco Routers like the Cisco 1800 Series (Fixed-configuration) and Cisco 1900 Series Integrated Services Routers  [page 5] are useful for small offices and businesses. Meanwhile, Cisco 3800 Series and Cisco 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers are used to medium-sized to large businesses and Enterprise Branch Offices. These Cisco routers have advantages and disadvantages in them such as the type of security they provide and their modularity (Manageability and reliability of Cisco IOS Software).

The most important aspect of the Cisco manual in my opinion is the Product Transition Matrix which can be found in page 13-50. This is important in my opinion because it gives the users useful information of the Routers such as the Ethernet speed, encryption, RAM, and security connectivity.  Many users are going to look for a better quality router that has a fast connectivity speed and the one that is always secure (Security Features page: 46). Cisco Routers do provide these things. Cisco Routers like Cisco 890 provides great security connectivity and firewalls are always updated which can be found in page 38. The Instruction manual shows the different solution for a Cisco Router if the wireless system is down. The manual also gives an image of the Cisco Routers on how they should be installed in a small and big location.

Moreover,¬†the manual instruction shows which Cisco Routers are commonly used in today’s society.¬†Cisco ASR 1000 Series are the most common router that big companies uses because it offers a lot of services that is helpful with LAN connectivity in the work place. The Cisco ASR 1000 Series Router works efficiently in way that¬†IOS Zone-based Firewall are integrated with crypto¬†solutions. Big companies who needs a service with Wi-Fi connections benefit from this type of router because its fast and offers security services with the¬†encryption and firewall.¬†

Overall, reading the manual was very interesting because as a Computer Systems Technology major we actually need to know in depth with different types of routers and what their capabilities are. I’ve learned that Cisco is definitely one of the routers that are advanced and don’t have that many issues with their connectivity efficiency. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is getting a router to get Cisco because they offer great services. The Cisco Router Guide manual shows it all on what a user needs to know if he/she is planning to have a router and how to install it properly having fewer issues with it.¬†


V.6, Summer 2010. “Cisco Router Guide.” (n.d.): n. page. Web.


Instruction Manual and Evaluation by Jason

For this assignment I will be evaluating the online user’s manual¬†for the Audio-GD NFB-15. ¬†This product is a headphone amplifier, preamplifier, and DAC, made in China. ¬†The manual is very easy to locate, being linked on the product page itself. ¬†Surprisingly, it’s not even in PDF format, and the manual’s web page isn’t exactly print friendly so this can be an immediate problem for some people.

One thing that stands out is that the manual is broken off into sections, opposed to being a wall of text.  This is a strong benefit, since it makes it easier to read.  It also uses pictures and graphs which again really improve its accessibility.

The manual starts out by telling you how to properly turn the unit on and off. ¬†Since the user should turn it on and off in a certain order, they used arrows to indicate what order should be used when powering it on and off. ¬†The problem is, the NFB-15 is a multi-purpose device that can take on several roles. ¬†For powering the NFB-15, the manual lists “Source power ON —-> NFB-15 power ON —-> Amp power ON “. ¬†So it’s telling the user to first turn on the source, then the NFB-15, then the amplifier (amp). ¬†The source could be the computer that the NFB-15 is connected to, or it could refer to another DAC which would mean that the NFB-15 is being used as a preamplifier in this statement. ¬†Further clarification is necessary here. ¬†The NFB-15 can act as a source and/or an amplifier, or as a preamplifier. ¬†Since the NFB-15 includes its own amplifier, the “Amp power ON” statement doesn’t apply to everyone. ¬†This step of the manual¬†simply doesn’t cover every use of the product. ¬†In addition, these exact problems also apply to the instructions for turning it off.

So for this section of the manual, more information is needed. ¬†They should have made three additional sections, instead of just the one section which they call “The rule of the power ON / OFF”. ¬†Not only does that sentence indicate poor English translation, it doesn’t cover everything. ¬†It should be renamed to “How To: Powering The NFB-15 as a Preamplifier”, and then there should be three more sections called:

  • “How To: Powering the NFB-15 as a Source Only”
  • “How To: Powering the NFB-15 as an Amplifier Only”
  • “How To: Powering the NFB-15 as a Source and Amplifier”

Or something along those lines.  Now a user would know where to look.  This part of the manual needs to be streamlined more.

The next section is quite clear-cut and to the point, but again the poor English is going to throw some people off. ¬†It’s not something one can skim through, you have to try and figure out what it’s saying especially if you’re unfamiliar with products like this. ¬†If the English translation was more clear, the second section would be just fine.

Poor English translation is really the story for the rest of the manual. ¬†The third section (“Please note”) is just some simple lines of text, and the last section is very detailed and filled with a table and pictures. ¬†It also lists an older version of the same product, so this manual isn’t just for the latest version. ¬†It’s clearly labeled however, so there shouldn’t be any serious problems when reading the last section. ¬†They just need a better translator. ¬†They also didn’t mention anything about USB drivers, for those who wish to use the product in USB mode. ¬†They do mention this elsewhere on the website, but it should really be in the manual. ¬†So the manual is not perfect, and it could use a lot of work especially for those who would be heavily reliant on a user’s manual.

Audio-GD NFB-15 Online Manual

Instruction manual for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

For this post I’ve decided to¬†describe and evaluate the manual for the Samsung galaxy note 3 smartphone. The manual has twelve different sections in total of 245 pages. Each section focuses on a specific function of the phone. The first section of the manual starts with explanation on the basic¬†fundamental functions such as starting up the phone and how to charge it. Then moving on to the next sections where they show the user how to make a call, the types of features that is on this phone, methods to use to add your contacts, how to use the camera functions on taking pictures and videos, accessing and changing the settings of the phone, mobile and WiFi connections, applications that are implanted on the phone, and the last three sections provides the information on warranty, product registration and health and safety. Each section features pictures to provide a better understanding for the users on what button he or she needs to press as well as where the button is located.

The featured picture also shows usage examples of each features on the phone, let’s take the s pen feature for example, the manual provided a clear image showing the functions of the s pen in writing down a contact’s number and adding them into the contact list, and draw or write on screen captured pictures. The manual provides detailed information for each icons that is featured within the smart phone, and the usage of the command keys.

In my evaluation, this manual has done a great job in providing clear and easily accessible information. It provides great¬†clarity in term of separating the functions of the phone into twelve different sections, with each focusing on a certain part of the phone, and featured images showing each steps with written instruction above the image. This manual was easy and to the point, since it provides images of each step, anyone that is¬†literate will be able to follow the guide without any difficulty. This manual was easily accessible because it’s uploaded on to a website and are available to everyone, it also comes with the smart phone when you purchase it.

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/C1z-lXI9wAS.pdf The Samsung galaxy Note 3 Manual.