Meeting Minutes 1 – Chris, Deniel, Derrick, Lian

Group 5: Chris, Deniel, Derrick, Lian
Location 1: Library
November 14, 2014; 4:30pm-6:00pm
Location 2: Online; Skype
November 15, 2014; 2:00pm-3:00pm
Group 5 decided to find another person in the computer club of administration due to the lack of response from our current contact
Brainstormed on possible questions for the survey and how can the data be applied to other aspects of the project
Group 5 decided that the best place to hand out the survey was in the Namm building due since the computer major course are taken there
Preparations for the next class
Questions compiled for the survey will be organized and ordered
The first draft of the memo to the students that should be part of the survey
New annotated bibliography will be added to the list
Plans for the following week
The memo would be edited based on the new information gained from other
Survey steps will be completed and data will be compiled for further use
Another member of the computer club would be contacted for more information

Meeting Minute 1—Tony, Samson, Goutam

Date: 11/14/2014

Start Time: 8:00 pm

End Time: 8:50 pm

Location: meeting called to order at 8:00 PM by Tony Chi, Skype.


Attendees: Tony Chi, Goutam Seepersaud, Samson Gong

Objective: To discuss further research, review our sources, and share ideas.

Work Assigned

  • Samson is going to be minute take for this week.
  • Goutam made the agenda to be discussion for this week online meeting

Last Meeting Conclusion

  • According to class discussion on sources, Tony decided to conduct more research on different areas
  • Samson suggested that we should not be only focus on technical side of the app but the market side of it as well.

Layout of App

  • Everyone agreed since the application would be iOS (Apple) we should stick to their theme and style (square icons).
  • Tony downloaded several college mobile app to his iphone  and compare the similarities and differences
  • Tony shows some awful mobile apps like John Jay College and Baruch College, also the good one like Queens College, MIT, and Stanford, etc.
  • Goutam suggested that we should add Gallery to the app.
  • Samson says he was thinking about adding food nearby function to the app, but it was disapproved because we will be stuck with technical issues which may end up wasting times.

Researches (Sources)

  • Goutam shared a link that shows how other mobile phone app survey conducted

Next Class Meeting

  • Tony will make a simple version prototype and have it ready for next class
  • Goutam will bring the survey and have it approve from Professor Belli
  • Samson will bring his research information to class


Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM

Minutes respectfully compiled and submitted by Samson Gong


Calvin, Rosa, Ogulcan Minutes 11/17

Meeting Minutes

Online virtual meeting via Skype – 17 November 2014

Meeting called to order at 9:15 PM by Calvin Lo

Members present:

Rosa Cedano

Members not present:

Ogulcan Gol

Reading of Agenda

To discuss the required documents to bring to class on 19 November 2014. Discuss which questions to put on our survey. What other research to carry out to help complete our task.


Motion from Calvin:  to create a mock up survey online to administer to students in class instead of printing out a set amount of hard copies.

Vote: Motion carried.

Motion from Calvin: Ask Rosa to look up a few questions from existing surveys that relates to transfer rates.

Vote: Motion carried.

Resolved: Calvin’s mock up survey to be posted online for students to take.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 PM.

Jason, Ray, Vincent – Minutes 11/18/14

November 17, 2014
Attendance: Jason Choy, Ray Chen, Vincent Cornelio
Location: Virtual

Meeting called to order at 2:30 PM by Jason Choy.

I. Discussion of ongoing research

  • Ray shows the group his newly found sources on specific architectural design, which relates to our game design.
  • One of the articles Ray gathered, although very detailed and in-depth, is a bit too much to print out due to its length. As a result, Ray has opted to print out several images from it, as well as a shorter article about 19th century European prison design.
  • Vincent volunteered to help do research on how video games can affect learning. Unanimous agreement to hold off on this until after the next class session.
  • Ray finds a new, helpful source for our project: an article called “How Virtual Games Can Help Struggling Students Learn”, which he will print out and bring to class.
  • Jason discovers a useful source called “Can Video Games be Intellectual?”, which he will print out and bring to class.

II. Progress report

  • Discussion of the current state of the game, minimal criticism.
  • Demonstration of a new sample video of the third level, positive feedback.
  • All three members discuss the current state of the game manual. Reception is positive. Unanimous agreement that we need the professor’s input to continue.

III. Preparation for the next class session

  • Unanimous decision that Vincent will bring to class the game manual for “Penumbra”, which is featured on the annotated bibliography.
  • Ray opts to bring a printed copy of “How Virtual Games Can Help Struggling Students Learn”, as well as an article about 19th century European prison design, and some images from other sources he has gathered. Unanimous agreement.
  • Unanimous decision that Jason should bring the work-in-progress game manual in its current state, as well as a printed copy of “Can Video Games be Intellectual?”, and a laptop featuring the game in its current state.

IV. Plans for the following week

  • Jason says he’ll have the third level of the game complete by the end of the week. Unanimous agreement that he should continue working on the game, showing everyone the progress.
  • All group members will contribute to the manual, which is shared online.
  • Unanimous agreement that we will bring in the aforementioned materials and receive feedback from the professor during next class session, in order to better determine how to proceed.

Meeting adjourned at 3:45 PM.

Minutes respectfully compiled and submitted by Jason Choy.

Ivan, Rene, Iurii, Enrique minutes of meeting 1

11/16/2014 6:07 PM – 6:45 PM

Attendees (skype)

Ivan Kelemen, Rene Alcon, Iurii Druchuk, Enrique Bisono


Ivan Kelemen


  • Look over sketches
  • Discuss game rules
  • Talk about materials
  • Safety
  • Rene had some sketches drawn up of the design we will use for our project. Agreed on the sized based on a few things we discovered in our research, but then changed it with what felt the most comfortable. It took a while to get the right dimensions for it because we will be doing laser cutting to put the whole board together.
  • We decided to go with a very simple set of rules for the game. there will only be a few steps because we plan the game to be played by young kids. We had trouble deciding how the player sequence would be decided. Enrique suggested they roll and die and decide who goes based on the roll. However, Iurii commented that this would mean we had to include an extra thing inside the package and keep track of it. So in the end we decided to let the teacher choose or the kids figure out a way to choose themselves. We will also need to decided the final winning conditions. We have something that we think works well, but will need to be tested by others to see if there is a consensus.
  • Next talked about materials we will need. We started off by wanted to use a wood or a cardboard to make the shell of the game itself. The on top of the board we would paste an image of a circuit board. Ivan suggested we use a clear plastic, if possible, because it will let the kids see the inside of the board. We then agreed that this would be a lot more interesting than just an image. They would get to see how the actual game was put together.
  • Before we ended, we talked about some safety concerns that our classmates had. They were worried that because there was electricity that the kids who are played with the game could end up being victims of the game. We have already addressed these issues with the design of our game, but we over it again to make sure we were all okay with it. We will make an enclosed clear case for the game so they they can see all the components, but won’t be able to touch them. Other than touching the switch / button / whatever we decide for it to be they won’t be able to get to the other components. They will also have supervision from the teacher while playing.


We ended the meeting promptly at 6:45. Next time we meet we will talk about the game manual that will be directed at the teacher. The other things we will discuss will depend on what happens throughout the week.