Class Note for November 19th, 2014

 Plan for Day       

  • Peer Review
  • Conference
  • Lab-work

-Meeting agenda/minutes today. Includes meeting with professor Beli, summarizing feedback you got from class.

-Conferences with Professor Beli

-Peer Review ( Deliverable )

“Lab Day”

  • Presentation
  • Surveys
  • Updated manual/ game


Peer Review

  • Computer Club Survey-5 Min
  • Manual / Drop-box ( Video Game )
  • App/ Survey- 5 Min
  • Tony’s Survey- 10-15 Min
  • Sketches / Rules

We will do

  • Computer Club Survey
  • App Survey
  • Education Survey
  • Rules


  1. 12:30 pm: Board Game
  2. 12:45 pm: Apps
  3. 1:00 pm: Computer Club
  4. 1:15 pm: Student Success
  5. 1:30 pm: Video Game

In the article “The Flight From Conversation” written by Sherry Turkle discusses how modern technology affects the way we communicate with each other. To support this idea, the author wrote that “We’ve become accustomed to a new way of being “alone together.” Technology-enabled, we are able to be with one another, and also elsewhere, connected to wherever we want to be.” (Paragraph 3) This shows that with modern technology, we are able to communicate with one another without physically being together, we have grown accustomed to the idea of “alone together” in which we are forgetting the importance of physical contact. To further support what she meant, the author has provided an example in the statement ” A 16-year-old boy who relies on texting for almost everything says almost wistfully, “Someday, someday, but certainly not now, I’d like to learn how to have a conversation.” (paragraph 7) This example shows that with the technology we have today, where we relies on it for almost everything we do, causing the new generations to fear conversation, and not know how to have a conversation. The author is concerned about the way that technologies are affecting the society as a whole, where we rely too much on technology causing us to forget about importance of having a true conversation, not through devices, but through physical contacts, where we are able to create¬†connection with one another. According to the author technology affects the society as a whole, the more we rely on technology the faster we loses our ability to connect and have a true conversation with each other. The author’s main argument is that we should stop relying too much on technology for communicating with one another, and that we should take the first step to look up, and look at one another, and start a real conversation.


Turkle, Sherry. ‚ÄúThe Flight From Conversation.‚ÄĚ published by¬†The New York Times 21 Apr. 2012

Instruction manual for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

For this post I’ve decided to¬†describe and evaluate the manual for the Samsung galaxy note 3 smartphone. The manual has twelve different sections in total of 245 pages. Each section focuses on a specific function of the phone. The first section of the manual starts with explanation on the basic¬†fundamental functions such as starting up the phone and how to charge it. Then moving on to the next sections where they show the user how to make a call, the types of features that is on this phone, methods to use to add your contacts, how to use the camera functions on taking pictures and videos, accessing and changing the settings of the phone, mobile and WiFi connections, applications that are implanted on the phone, and the last three sections provides the information on warranty, product registration and health and safety. Each section features pictures to provide a better understanding for the users on what button he or she needs to press as well as where the button is located.

The featured picture also shows usage examples of each features on the phone, let’s take the s pen feature for example, the manual provided a clear image showing the functions of the s pen in writing down a contact’s number and adding them into the contact list, and draw or write on screen captured pictures. The manual provides detailed information for each icons that is featured within the smart phone, and the usage of the command keys.

In my evaluation, this manual has done a great job in providing clear and easily accessible information. It provides great¬†clarity in term of separating the functions of the phone into twelve different sections, with each focusing on a certain part of the phone, and featured images showing each steps with written instruction above the image. This manual was easy and to the point, since it provides images of each step, anyone that is¬†literate will be able to follow the guide without any difficulty. This manual was easily accessible because it’s uploaded on to a website and are available to everyone, it also comes with the smart phone when you purchase it. The Samsung galaxy Note 3 Manual.

Ray’s post on City Tech Education & Career Preparedness

Hi guys, my name is Ray Chen and my major is Electrical Engineering Technology, I have been studying in City Tech for two and a half years now. Through the previous post on job search, I see that the jobs on my field not only requires a degree, but also knowledge on specific programs such as Auto Cad and Mutlsim which is part of my major’s curriculum.¬†My major’s¬†curriculum consists mostly of¬†theoretical courses that combines with¬†practical lab, a great example of this would be circuit analysis, this course teaches the theoretical background for the method we uses to analyze a circuit and then have the students do a practical lab where the students have to use the theory they learned from the lecture to analyze the circuit for the experiment. Through the research I have done for the “job ad” post, I concur that my major’s curriculum¬†at City Tech adequately¬†prepare us the students for the jobs that are available out there, I do not think there are different courses needed to be added to adjust for the types of qualifications that is shown on the job ads, because most of the skills required are part of the curriculum.¬†

I think a college education should not only focus on preparing the students for the jobs but also teach them different skills that are transferable to other subjects, because no one know what the future will be like, the graduated student may ended up doing something other than what he or she has studied for, with a universal skill like communication will help the students greatly even if the student ends up doing something different from their fields of study.

Even though city tech’s curriculum do¬†adequately prepares the students for their future career, why do students still choose to transfer to a different college, there are many reasons why they decide to transfer to another college, and one of those reasons are that city tech does not offer the degrees that they want. Let’s take my major for example, city tech only offers a bachelor in electrical engineering technology degree while other universities¬†like City College,¬†Poly-Tech, Stony Brook, Buffalo University, Hunter University, Florida Institute of Technology, New York Institute of Technology, MIT, Stanford University, and UCLA¬†offers the bachelor of science in electrical engineering technology, as for their curriculum there are not much differences between them and city tech, the only differences is that they requires the students to take higher level math and science courses, such as calculus III, linear algebra, differential equations, and chemistry. I think that in order to have the student stay and graduate, city tech will need to offer not only more degrees but also a more flexible class schedules, because there are classes in my curriculum that only offer one class per-semester and it’s a prerequisite for other classes. In my opinion I think that there is no need for any changes for my major’s curriculum, because it offers everything that is require by the jobs in field of electrical engineering technology. ¬†¬†


 City College


 Stony Brook

Buffalo University

Hunter University

 Florida Institute of Technology

New York Institute of Technology


Stanford University


Ray’s take on Online Identity in a Networked World

In the 21st century social media has become part of many people’s daily life. There are good and bad things about using social media. Let’s take Facebook for example, it serves as a great way to meet new friends and share your adventures with your friends that lives in a different city or country. The bad things about having social media is that it could affect your job, and can¬†be used for both stalking and cyber bullying.

I think that the way you are represented online depends on yourself alone, because you are the person that is providing and uploading the information which categorize and represents your online identity, you have a choice to present the good things about yourself as well as the bad things. The article we discussed in class titled ” Colleges Pay to protect students from Toxic Google Results” by Lauren Weber published on December 17, 2012. by The Wall Street Journal talks about ways that students can brand themselves online by using the website BrandYourself, the function of this website is to help move positive information to the top of a search.¬†I do not like the idea of branding yourself, using website such as LinkedIn and BrandYourself to add information about your academic achievements and your work experiences, it’s like a second resume and I do not see the point of it. I would actually prefer the old fashioned way of doing things, sending in a cover letter and resume, and then have a face to face interview with the employer, because to me, meeting the employer and selling yourself in front of them are more persuasive then letting them read a wall of text, which has the same information as the resume. I personally do not use any social medias other than Open Lab, which is used for getting information about homework and submitting them like what I am doing right now making this blog post, other than that I do not post anything else nor do I upload any information about myself.

According to an article by¬†ALISSA REYES¬†published by¬†on February 14th, 2014. talks about how Potential Employers are using different tools that integrate social media to help them decide who to hire for the job. Potential Employers using these tools usually used to see how the applicant conduct themselves and how they interact with their co-workers and more importantly customers. My opinion are neutral about the ways the potential employers are using to find information and even make judgement on their applicants and workers. I think that if I were an employer I would love to know more about the person am about to hire, to see if this person will be beneficial or detrimental to my company. Of course I do not think it’s a good way to judge someone just based on what they post on social media, a person can be a party goer and do crazy things in personal lives but can also be professional when it comes to their job, as the old saying goes “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. I personally think that it’s fine for employers to look up information on their applicants through social media, but they should not judge their applicant just based on what they found through the social media, and that it would be more beneficial to actually interview their applicants first before deciding on rather or not the person will beneficial or detrimental to the company.


Reference Site

Theaggie Website

LinkedIn website

BrandYourself website

Ray’s Mini Job Search experience

Hello, my name is Ray as you may already know from the title of this post. I did a mini job search in the field of my major which is Electrical Engineering Technology. I found out that there are many different work positions in my field, they range from service technician all the way to Controls Engineering Manager. These positions requires similar skills yet, varies from one another but the common base requirement is to have experience working in the field or a degree in this specific field of work. Most of the technician positions only require one to have a Associate Degree, some requires a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Electrical Engineering Technology, and the position that requires a Bachelor’s Degree is Electrical CAD Technician where it requires the applicant to have skills in the area of Computer-aided design, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD, Microsoft PowerPoint, Electrical CAD, Adecco Engineering, as for English skills it was never specify by the employer, however the common English skills were communication and reading comprehension. Different companies has different requirements, let’s take Con Edison for example to work as a Electrical Technician they requires the¬†applicant to¬†possess the ability to perform repairs and calibrations on electrical and electronic measuring instrumentation, as well as troubleshoot and repair analog and digital control systems, and also be the ability to push/pull/lift equipment and materials up to 50 pounds. The aforementioned skills are the common skills that are required to work as an engineering technician, there are also position such as a service electrical technician that only requires to have a high school diploma but with a much different set of skill requirement such as¬†Cost accounting, Programmable logic controller, Development aid, Hydraulics, Design-build and systems and prototypes.

All these skill requirements are classes that i have to take in order to graduate with¬†bachelor’s degree in Electrical Technology, I now see the reason why we are required to study so many different courses ranging from circuit analysis to electronic and then digital control, there are lab classes that each and every students are required to for the major of Electrical Engineering Technology, where they teach the students how to use the software such as AUTOCAD which is used for 2D and 3D computer aided design and drafting, and other courses such as electronic’s laboratory where the students learn how to analyze the frequency and signals generated by your everyday electronics. The circuit analysis lab is the most substantial course, where the students learn the base material needed to understand electrical components, there are also courses that didn’t quite fit into the major, such as public speaking and advance technical writing, but now I see that all these courses provides the students, with the skills and¬†knowledge needed to become an expert in the field of our future careers.



Below are links to the job ads that i used as sources for this post.



Get to know Ray

Hello, my name is Zhuo Jun Chen, but I prefer being called Ray, I was born in China, and my birthday is on February 14th, yes, you don’t have to look twice It’s valentine’s day, the day where Mr.Cupid are busy working his magic. Birthday aside, It was October when my parents and I first came to the united states, i was ten year old at the time. Since we just came to America, my uncle decided that it was best that we stay over at his place¬†for a few weeks before my parents find a place to settle in. After a week of getting used to the area, my family decided that it was time for me to attend school.

My first school experience was not that much of a difference compared to others like me. In my first Elementary school I was placed in a advanced program class, because out of all the students in my school, the only two Asian students that spoke my native languages was in that class. Naturally I was not involved in any class works, since the only two English words that i knew at the time was Hello and OK, the only thing I did was listening to a tape recorder of a person reading the story that i was suppose to read, obviously i didn’t understand a single word from that recording. After a month or so my parents decided to move to Brooklyn, thus began my second Elementary school experience, it was not that much of a difference compared my first school, however in this school they have a special program called “ESL” which is the abbreviation for English as second language, this is a class where they teach you the basic fundamental for learning English, and after a year and a half of hard works I was able to pass the ESL class and began attending the normal classes.

Currently I am studying Electrical Engineering Technology, in The City College Of Technology. Hopefully I will be able to work in the fields of my choice when I graduated, my goal for my future career as an engineer, is to be able to develop and design the technologies that help our future generations in any ways possible.

My Hobbies are playing video games and reading web novels, these web novels are only different in term of the format it’s written in compared to normal novels that are published by a publisher. Web novels are written by ordinary people just like you and I, and the authors would post it on a blog for people to read for free, some of these novels has gotten over a million views and ended up having offered a publishing right by a publisher, some even has gotten an animation adaption of it, here is a link to the site where you can read some of these novels if you are interested.¬†

Video games are not only about violence and strong languages it can be educational too, let’s take the game called “Guild Wars 2” for example, there is an event in this game where the players have to work together to fight a gigantic Dragon, this let the players experience the importance of cooperation and strategic planning. Below is a link to a YouTube video that shows the cooperation of players to win the fight against the evil Dragon.


Thank you for reading.