Progress Report 6—Tony, Samson, Goutam

This is final week before the final report and presentation is due. Our plan was to have everything completed on Monday and submitted. Then we will work on the presentation on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, we’ve meet with the professor after class and received a lot of advice in regard to improving our final report, Such as sorting the table of content, and ways to clarify our contents. Before leaving, Professor Belli handed back our draft with comments made throughout the package. At night, our group member that had the draft scanned all of the pages and sent it to the rest of the members.

We all started working on our part of the final report, report back our progress, and continue to distribute our survey throughout City Tech with the help our friends’ network. On Friday, we communicated through a chat client (Skype) to keep up to date on what is missing from our work. We’ve clarified our work again and see if any other members need help with their part.

The survey, terms of use, and introduction revision was completed on Sunday night. Response data from the survey was collected from Google survey Sunday evening and used in our survey discussion. We’ve added more research materials within our final report. Such as materials we’ve had used before but left out.

On Monday night, we put everyone’s work together and all members proof read the report for errors before finalizing and submitting on to dropbox.