Meeting Agenda 4—-Tony, Goutam, Samson

Meeting Date: Sunday, December 7, 2014

Start time: 6:00 pm

End time: 7:00pm

Location: Skype Chat

Attendees: Tony Chi, Goutam Seepersaud, Samson Gong

Objective: To work on the first draft of the collaborative project.


6:00 to 6:10 Discuss what we did last class.

6:10 to 6:20 Dividing working for the first draft of the report

6:20 to 6:50 Discuss how we going to wrap up our report and what do we need.

6:50 to 7:00 Upload the first draft on google doc and work on it together.

Next meeting date: Friday, December 14, 2014, 7/8pm


Agenda – Tony Chi

Minute – Samson Gong