Ivan, Rene, Enrique, Iurii_ProgressReport5(12-3-14)

Ivan, Iurii, Rene, Enrique

Progress Report#5

Prof. Belli



During the week of 12/2/2014-12/9/2014 our group acted as it was planned and settled in our previous meetings in class and afterwards. We have set a goal to finish the first draft of the final write-up, and that is what we have been doing this week.


Some of the key highlights:

  • During class we have talked with the professor and derived some suggestions, which would make our deliverables better. These were, suggestions about the “fan facts”/flashcards, to make them easier to perceive for children, simplify and modify them accordingly. Also we have been informed about the appendix section and clarified what to include there. So after some tweaking we have simplified the questions and facts.
  • As it was planned we have spent  few days on the manuals gathering all the necessary images and research. We have all worked on its layout and Rene and Enrique have provided images for the steps and rules which were revised and written by Ivan.
  • We also composed an outline for our project report. Making it simpler for as to organise all the different components.
  • After the outline was ready, we were working on it, filling all of the parts. Ivan has done the introduction, Enrique wrote the part about design and how the game works, as well Rene has provided explicit details about the game structure and build of the game, while Iurii wrapped all of the parts together in the conclusion explaining the research and the purpose of the game.
  • After all, we have came together in a single google document to edit and enhance everything together. The first draft of the report was given to the professor today.


As we have finished with the week, we have mostly worked on the write up paper and all of its components. Moreover, we were working on the previous parts, such as: Researches and annotated bibliography, fun facts. We now have in mind the revision and professionalizing of our deliverables: manuals, rules, instruction, the final write up.