Ivan, Rene, Enrique, Iurii_MeetingMinutes5(12-3-14)


Meeting minutes       12/03/2014

12:30 PM – 2:00 PM, 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM


Attendees (Class, in person)

Ivan Kelemen, Rene Alcon, Iurii Druchuk, Enrique Bisono


Ivan Kelemen


  • Discuss outline for manuals
  • Talk about outline for write up after professor explained what it should contain
  • Assign final project parts
  • Talk about revising “fun facts”


  • During class and then later in the meeting we had outside of class we discussed the outlines for the two separate manuals. Based on the suggestion the professor made we will have to make a few small tweaks. Ivan will revise the rules, while iurii and Rene work on the layout for the manuals from the outline we have made. After that is done Enrique will provide images of the materials and show how they are set up. That will complete the manuals and we can work on more important things.
  • Based on what the professor talked about in class, we decided on the outline for the write up we have to hand in at the end of the semester. We made an outline for it and decided how we want to approach it. we will spend the first two days ( Thursday / Friday ) gathering all the information (research) we need from our research file, then we will write it up using our outline.
  • We decided to split up the work for the write up and then come together to edit the parts in. Ivan will handle the introduction, background information and the general setup of the the paper. Next Enrique will talk about materials and the operation in the game, while also providing “question cards” for the game. Rene will talk about building the game and the design of it, why we made the decisions we made in regard to those things. Finally Iurii will do the conclusion and fun fact cards. He will bring out paper together. Besides this, we will all use research that we found and also all together work on the bibliography.
  • Lastly we talked about fixing the fun facts based on the suggestion the professor made. We will turn the wording of the cards down and make the language easier for kids to understand. Using this suggestion we will also do this with the question cards. We plan to have a term definition in the rule section so they can refer to it if they don’t understand something.



We met twice today. First we met in class and worked during the class time from about 12:30 PM until 2 PM when class ended. Then we all separated for a quick lunch and again met at 2:15 PM until 3:15 PM.