Calvin, Ogulcan and Rosa Progress Report 5

Progress Report #5 (12/3/2014-12/9/2014)

This week we met every day to work on the project and on 12/5/2014, we had a Skype call to discuss the content learned from the lecture by professor Belli. The main tasks during the week geared towards the completion of the first draft of the project. We began by fine tuning the selected questions to ensure that they would collect the necessary data, compilation of the introduction and the literary background, selection and documentation of data analysis methods, assembly of the results and discussion, formation of the presentation, formatting of the paper and a thorough revision of the final version of the first draft of the paper.

The first five meetings all focused on making sure that all the questions collected for the study had solid rationale for their inclusion on the questionnaire. They had to be both valid and reliable to enable the collection of accurate and informative data. After the survey questions were ready, the introduction became sublime and we were able to compile it within a single seating. The introduction matched the rationale guided by the questions that we selected from the ones that were available to us. Once the introduction was done, we went on to complete the methods and discussion sections, a feat achieved by dividing the work amongst team members. By the final meeting, the entire draft was complete with a table of contents, data analysis, an appendix and graphics.

The main obstacle faced during the week was the refinement of the questions selected for the survey and the lecture from Professor Belli went a long way in offering valuable clarification. Once that section was ready, the rest of the draft fell into place and the first draft of the project is ready to be present.