Jason, Ray, Vincent, Progress Report #5

Group 1 – Jason Choy, Ray Chen, Vincent Cornelio
Professor Jill Belli
ENG 3773
Progress Report #5

At this point, we’ve completed the game, the manual, and the survey. Over the course of the past week, Jason finished making the game, finalizing the fourth and final level and then playing it through to make sure everything works as intended. There were a few bugs that he had to fix, otherwise it was fine and both endings work as intended. He made two videos showcasing the last level: one for each ending, and both videos were shown to the group.

The manual has been complete for some time now, so we haven’t changed it but we will be distributing it very soon, along with the survey. We revised the survey as shown on our OpenLab blog post, although we followed up with another revision by adding two new questions and modifying another. This idea came up during our meeting, while discussing the body of the final write-up.

We will begin distributing the game, manual, and survey on December 6th. Vincent will distribute them to several family members, and Jason will do the same in addition to releasing it all privately online for certain people to test. Aside from this, most of our focus is on the final write-up, which we have all begun working on.

Everyone is making annotations for their sources that aren’t included in our annotated bibliography, so that we can have a finalized annotated bibliography which we will append in the final write-up. Each member also began writing about their sources; summarizing them and explaining in-detail how they helped us with our project. Once this is done (this won’t take longer than two days), we will come together and integrate it into the final write-up. Meanwhile, Jason has begun working on the cover page, table of contents, appendix, and works cited page. During our last online synchronous meeting (detailed in our meeting minutes from this week), we agreed on a layout for the final write-up which we are currently following. Our first draft will have more than what is required, and we should have the final draft finished several days early, if all goes to plan.