Survey Rationale- Derrick,Lian,Deniel,Chris

Survey questions Rationale:
1. What is your major?

By knowing the participants area of study, we get an idea of what their focus is and how likely the computer club may appeal to them

2. Are you already a part of another club here at City Tech?

Since the designated times for club hours is the same, if a student is already in a club the chances of them joining the computer club would be adversely affected

3. Rate in order from 1-4 (4 being the highest and 1 being the lowest) which factor would influence you the most when considering joining a club?

We want to know what influences students most to join a club and what the computer club can do to attract more students

4. Do you think the curriculum provided by City Tech fully prepares you for your career?

To find out if students feel like they need more help which the computer club can in turn provide

5. Are you interested in becoming certified in your field after you graduate?

Certification assistance was one of the things suggested that the computer club could provide, so the question is aimed to see the students interest

6. If you were to join the computer club, what would your expectations of the club be? (Check all that apply)
Development of computer skills Workshops Speeches

This question seeks to find out what is expected when joining the computer club so that students may feel compelled to join and actually take part

7a. Did you know that City Tech has a computer club prior to reading the memo?
b. If yes, how did you hear about it? Select all that apply.
Friend Website Bulletin Board Teacher

From the question above, we will find out exactly how prominent the computer club was before we informed the students about it. From the answers to part b, we can then recommend to the computer club areas to better advertise themselves.

8. Having read the memo, would you consider joining the computer club?

The last question gauges the overall interest of students towards the computer club after learning more about it through our memo