Jason, Ray, Vincent, Progress Report #4

Group 1 – Jason Choy, Ray Chen, Vincent Cornelio

Professor Jill Belli

ENG 3773


Progress Report #4

Over the last week we have made some big strides for our game, most notably the completion of the fourth and final level. What’s left is for Jason to play it through and see if there are any problems or errors that we need to fix. Our manual is also complete in a more broad sense: we have every topic we wanted to include. We consider the manual to be more or less complete as it is.

We began making up survey questions during the Thanksgiving break, and we expect to have our first printed copy for the next class session. This leaves only one major task: the final write-up. We have discussed the final write-up but haven’t began writing the first draft yet. We will probably begin the first draft some time on the week of 12/3.

We have also been taking turns regarding meeting minutes, and we have had two virtual synchronous meetings since the last class session (and many asynchronous meetings). This process hasn’t changed. In addition we talked about our last presentation, and what to add to the final one. We have already established a Works Cited page is necessary, but for now we will keep working on the survey and final write-up primarily.