Progress Report #3 – Calvin, Ogulcan, Rosa

Calvin, Ogulcan, Rosa

Progress Report #3

11/19/14 – 11/25/14

This week we held one in school meeting on 11/20/14 and one Skype conference on 11/23/14 discussing the new direction of our survey, the to-do-list that we created in class, how to re-structure the survey, who will research what, and the organization/content of our Power Point presentation.

After receiving feedback from Professor Belli, the first obstacle we came across was to think about how to change the direction of our survey where it will help students from graduation rates/transfer rates which would have primarily helped the school. Most of the questions were similar to the questions on AIR which is a survey that CUNYs administer every so often. We definitely did not want to create an inferior survey or re-invent something that already exists.

What we came up with was to restructure our survey and measure 2 areas of the school which are education and faculty. We will assign one page for each of the areas. These questions will be specific, and will be either multiple choices or a 5 point scale rating. If the students were to give a negative rating such as “Strongly Disagree” or “Very Dissatisfied”, there would be a paragraph box that would ask students why, and ask for their suggestions on how to improve. This allows students to give their input and for the school to be more interactive with students on how it can improve on these areas. Although chances are that it might not happen right away or worst case might not happen at all, it will give the school some insight on how to handle these issues from a student’s perspective for current students and maybe for future students.

The second obstacle that we came across was making our survey thorough while being concise. One of the biggest complaints through the feedback we gathered from students was that the survey was too long. The first iteration of our 2nd draft was to include 2 additional areas such as resources and student services. However, if we did include these, then it would definitely be too lengthy. We also thought about cutting down on the amount of questions but that would compromise the survey’s thoroughness.

What we eventually settled down on were education and faculty. These areas are what matter the most to any educational institution. After deciding on what areas to focus on, we had to research additional questions for these areas and then rephrase it so that they are distinct and students won’t have to second guess on what the question is asking.

In the last meeting we had, we mostly discussed on how to approach the power point. We discussed what the power point will cover, and who will present what. We agreed that it will cover the development process, the two areas of focus and our goals. Calvin will present the introduction, development process, and goals. Ogulcan will present the education section and Rosa will present the faculty section.