Meeting Minutes #3 Ivan, Iurii, Enrique, Rene

Meeting minutes        11/21/2014

8:30 PM – 9:17 PM

Attendees (Skype)

Ivan Kelemen, Rene Alcon, Iurii Druchuk


Ivan Kelemen


  • Discuss Rules / Manual combo
  • Discuss the “teacher edition” manual
  • Plan out putting the prototype together
  • Talk about the PowerPoint
  • We first went over what we talked about with Prof. Belli. We decided that the rules we planned to do for the students will turn in a manual. First and foremost, we will list an intro to the game. Next, we will have the game rules. Following that, we will put a list of the materials and explain how the game (from a technical sense) works. This should be more entertaining for the kids and it will give us a chance to deliver a better… deliverable.
  • The second thing talked about was the “teacher edition” manual. This will be like the kids manual, but much more in depth. Ivan and Rene suggested to take lots of pictures of the board-game being put together and to include these in the manual. We all discussed what kind of research we will need to do to supplement this manual. Along with our rational, we will include research to back up why this game will help kids and different ways the teacher can utilize the game to help them.
  • Enrique mentioned the materials we will need to put the prototype together. The full game will be 3 player and for the prototype we will put together one side of the game. Just enough to show our concept.
  • The last thing on the agenda is the PowerPoint. We decided that Ivan will go first and handle the introductions, rational…etc. Rene will go next and talk about the design and putting the game together and how it will benefit the kids. Then Enrique will go and talk about materials and why we chose them and how the game will work. Last but not least will be Iurii. He will talk more about the research we are doing into board-games and how kids learn. Then he will go over the question cards we will have and give a few examples.


As the class ended at 9:17pm. Created a GoogleDrive document for the PowerPoint presentation and got started on that