An Application for Citytech – Survey

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An Application for New York City College of Technology
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How often do you visit Citytech’s website? *
By knowing how frequently the students visit Citytech’s website, it’ll allow us to know how reliable the respondent’s reply will be.
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When you visit Citytech’s Website. What page do you visit the most often? *
We will know which website page to optimize the view for our application.

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Rate the difficulty of navigating the college website. *
It gives us a general idea of people’s impress of our mobile application. Since our goal is to make the app simpler to use than the website. If they find the site difficult to use, people may like our app better.
Very difficult
Very easy
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If a mobile application is built for Citytech, would you use it? *
A very important question, when we create the mobile app for Citytech. Will people use it? If this application is not popular, then creating this app may not be beneficial to the school, and this project will be canceled.
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Do you own a smartphone? *
Find the percentage of smartphone user. Which leads to the next question.
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If yes to the previous question. What operating system is used by your smartphone?
This determines what mobile platform we will create the app for first.
Check all that applies.
Would you like to communicate with your fellow students within the app? *
ex. Selling/buying textbooks.
It is one of our planned feature. If people like it, we can continue developing and make it usable.
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Scale your interest in reading Citytech’s news. *
Another planned feature.
Not interested
Very Interested
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Is there any feature you would like to see in the application?

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