Meeting Minutes 11/19/2014 Ivan Kelemen, Rene Alcon, Iurii Druchuk, Enrique Bisono


Meeting minutes fro day:        11/19/2014Time: 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM


Attendees (in class)

Ivan Kelemen, Rene Alcon, Iurii Druchuk, Enrique Bisono


Iurii Druchuk


  • Consult with Prof. Belli
  • Discuss deliverables in terms of look and parts(rules/manual/instruction)
  • Set up the most valid dimensions
  • Decide presentation order and type

During the Meeting

  • As we talked with the professor, Ivan has presented most of the deliverables for the next class, and for the final result. Rene have introduced the sketches and brought up the rules that we have so far laid out. While Enrique stated about our safety solutions and suggested that we are going to use safe materials. Ivan as well, introduced the clear-transparent plastic glass, which is really meant to make the game look better and safer. Iurii had a question about the final deliverables, he asked “how strict should the format of the manual should be?” and Prof. Belli explained that it should be in two formats, one a booklet, which is going in the box, and the other is actual manual, which consists of our research, glossary, instructions for the teachers and for students separately.
  • During the consultation and afterwards we have agreed to write two sets of instruction, one for kids and the other for teachers, in order to make it clear for our users in both categories.
  • As well the professor suggested that we should include some research facts into our final project, therefore Iurii has suggested to use the facts in a fan way, maybe make some fun relations or jokes related to the facts like “hey, did you know how much ice cream can buy an electrical engineer for his salary?” and some similar funny facts to engage kids, and just try to give them something that they will be truly interested in.
  • Afterwards, we got together and resolved some issues about design. We have stumbled across the dimensions of the game, how wide and tall it should be. Since outer panels of our game are going to wrap around the main electric components, Enrique stated basic dimensions, and basically, we came up that our game will has to fit three compartments for battery, breadboards, and wires. After Enrique will make a basic inner layout of all of the electric parts, he said that he will send them to Rene, and Rene will set the dimensions for the outer panels of the game.
  • Ivan suggested that while meeting next time, probably Tuesday, we would try our basic prototype and we will go from there further on.  Rene suggested that we should meet on Tuesday, on which we all agreed.
  • After agreeing on the next meeting date Ivan brought up the presentations and that we should each talk and present our part, however, in a collaborative manner work together in the google drive to make all part contextual. For that part Ivan suggested that we could use a PowerPoint or a google slides for this part. So we have decided that Ivan will present first and introduce all of the work, deliverables and subjects of our manual, Enrique will be second and talk about the “heart” of the game, which is electrics, then Rene, will introduce basic design and more detailed sketches, afterwards Iurii is going to introduce research materials and how they are going to be interpreted so that it will fun for kids.




As the class ended at 2:00pm we left satisfied with the discussion. Each of us had clear understanding of what he should do and what are next goals for the group. On the next meeting we will most likely work with physical prototype and manuals.