An App for School – Samson Gong, Tony Chi, Goutam Seepersaud

For our final collaborative final project. We are proposing to make an application for mobile device to navigate through the college website. The application design will be simple, clean and fast. With a touch of a button, it will bring you to the frequently visited link within the school’s webpage. For more convenience, weather report around New York City College of Technology will be displayed. In addition, informations in regard to college weather closing, will be displayed on the main screen. If one can not find what they are looking form links provided by the application, there is an option to view the full website.

Completing this project will require plentiful amount of technical writing. The creator will have to take notes on the process it takes to complete the final product. When the prototype is ready, testers will subject to using the application looking for bugs. Similar to the “instruction and usability” project, there will be trial and error, where suggestions and problems will be logged. When the final project is complete, a full report will be provided.

The project’s aim is to provide convenience for both future, and current students attending Citytech. It will be useful to people who wants to look for a specific information, like the college academic calendar. Users will able to touch on a button specifically made for that file, view it, then leave the application. Stakeholders would include Citytech, their students, and potential students. The stakeholders would find the ease of access will allow users to quickly navigate the website for course requirements.

To complete this, our first priority to research on where the students usually go when they are in Citytech’s webpage. After the finding, we will need to create a prototype to see if everything is working accordingly. If so, we would include more feature that may be of convenience.

There are three members in this group, we will split the work evenly amount each other. We will combine ideas and during the testing period we will have to give in our suggestion and fix and buy that may arise. While creating the application, works and codes can be combined later on for a product. Our meeting will mostly be held either in class, or online webcam communication on Monday night. The reason is mainly due to our work and school schedule, a group member has multiple jobs, while the other has work that takes up most of the time. We prefer webcam session because it would be the next closest to face to face communication.

Communication will be hard but, by the end of the project, we will learn how to code together, work collaboratively, and to cope with each other’s schedule. In addition, we will have experience of real life work situation of creating a project and working in a team to accomplish a product.