“The Flight from Conversation” Summary

The article “The Flight from Conversation” written by Sherry Turkle is about how technology eliminate conversation for┬áconnection. People’s lives are now “plugged-in”. Conversations are gone as families sit together, texting and reading email. At work, people text during meeting. Users are always connected with each other through their device. As the author stated, this technology has made the them┬á“alone together”. Face to face conversation teaches human patience, and converse with ourselves. Sherry Turkle found in her research that people uses social media for automated listeners. Thus having companions. She believe constant connection will only make a person more lonely, and created a plan. To teach people about the value of conversation, homes┬áneed to have “device-free zones” for parents to talk┬áwith their children, or work environment, with employees. This will have them to listen to everything without the interruption of social media.