Major/Education Reflection

Hello, my name is Enrique Bisono and I am majoring in Electrical Engineering and Technology (EET) at the City College of New York City of Technology. And the program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET. Before the fall semester of 2013 the EET department only had an Associates degree that they offered to the students. With just that associates degree it would have been very hard for us to find a job without having any experience. But know the college offers the students a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Technology. Even though this is different from the bachelor degree that many other tech schools offer we can still find a job out in the market with this degree. I do feel like the major classes that our school offers to use are similar to the major courses that high ranking tech schools offer.

However, we differ mostly in the level of  science and math classes that we have to take. In schools such as City College they go up to calculus 3, differential equations and linear algebra, courses like this. Were in our school the highest math class that we have to take is calculus 2 and probability and statistics. If City Tech was to add some higher math courses it could definitely be a huge help in our major course were the degree of math is way much advanced than what they show us in calculus 2. Also without these courses that City Tech doesn’t offer to the student and that City College does I feel like it doesn’t really help us to think and depend on program such as MATLAB to help us whenever things get too difficult. Farmingdale State College they offer physics and so do we too, but their physics is calculus based while the physics that the EET department wants us to take is algebra based physics. Taking algebra based physics makes the physics really easy and sometimes the students need to be challenged especially when we have to take calculus why make us take a physics that is lower than the math that we will be working with in our EET courses. In the State University of New York at New Paltz the students in the Electrical Engineering major are required to take a programming class and also chemistry. This Classes aren’t even required at City Tech, the programming class I think should be a requirement just because we do use it when programming a mircocontroller. Like I said before if City Tech offered more advanced courses in math and science it would definitely help us out when working on problems and not always depending on our calculators or program to do the work for us.

The major and lab courses that are required without our department are similar indeed this is were our school is on an even playing field with the other top electrical engineering school in the area. City Tech is really hands on with the students and they do help us with projects and the labs are really hands on and they help us explore our creative ideas.

My suggestions would be to have more classes that would be an intro to the programs that we would use when working on labs and projects. Also along with the lecture and labs I feel like in each one of our lab courses we should design a little something to help us with the designing aspect of engineering. The classes are a good size of 18 students per class which is good because you can have more one on one time with the professor, however, I would suggest hiring more professor to teach us different things so that a professor wouldn’t have to go out of his or her comfort level learn a new subject and try to teach us that new subject. Also one of the last things that i would suggest is a lab room that doesn’t close so student can work on projects or labs. And if this wouldn’t work then I would suggest maybe the college should give us student licenses for programs to use for the semester, even the the learning center has these programs sometimes we cant make it and it is way easier to have the program on our desktop or laptop at home.


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