Ray’s take on Online Identity in a Networked World

In the 21st century social media has become part of many people’s daily life. There are good and bad things about using social media. Let’s take Facebook for example, it serves as a great way to meet new friends and share your adventures with your friends that lives in a different city or country. The bad things about having social media is that it could affect your job, and can be used for both stalking and cyber bullying.

I think that the way you are represented online depends on yourself alone, because you are the person that is providing and uploading the information which categorize and represents your online identity, you have a choice to present the good things about yourself as well as the bad things. The article we discussed in class titled ” Colleges Pay to protect students from Toxic Google Results” by Lauren Weber published on December 17, 2012. by The Wall Street Journal talks about ways that students can brand themselves online by using the website BrandYourself, the function of this website is to help move positive information to the top of a search. I do not like the idea of branding yourself, using website such as LinkedIn and BrandYourself to add information about your academic achievements and your work experiences, it’s like a second resume and I do not see the point of it. I would actually prefer the old fashioned way of doing things, sending in a cover letter and resume, and then have a face to face interview with the employer, because to me, meeting the employer and selling yourself in front of them are more persuasive then letting them read a wall of text, which has the same information as the resume. I personally do not use any social medias other than Open Lab, which is used for getting information about homework and submitting them like what I am doing right now making this blog post, other than that I do not post anything else nor do I upload any information about myself.

According to an article by ALISSA REYES published by theaggie.org on February 14th, 2014. talks about how Potential Employers are using different tools that integrate social media to help them decide who to hire for the job. Potential Employers using these tools usually used to see how the applicant conduct themselves and how they interact with their co-workers and more importantly customers. My opinion are neutral about the ways the potential employers are using to find information and even make judgement on their applicants and workers. I think that if I were an employer I would love to know more about the person am about to hire, to see if this person will be beneficial or detrimental to my company. Of course I do not think it’s a good way to judge someone just based on what they post on social media, a person can be a party goer and do crazy things in personal lives but can also be professional when it comes to their job, as the old saying goes “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. I personally think that it’s fine for employers to look up information on their applicants through social media, but they should not judge their applicant just based on what they found through the social media, and that it would be more beneficial to actually interview their applicants first before deciding on rather or not the person will beneficial or detrimental to the company.


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