Wading the Waters

This little endeavor into the job for a CST major has been an enlightening one indeed. Considering that I haven’t decided on which specialty I will be pursuing in my coming years at City Tech, I left my range for this job search very open. I did this to see if I found any commonalities betwixt the unique careers. What I had found was a surprisingly diverse job market with very similar wants and needs in terms of who they want to hire.

Personally, I do not know where my upcoming years at City Tech will take me. I am hoping that over the next couple of months I will be able to decide on the denomination that will decide the rest of my coursework. That way, I can properly prepare myself for my future job searches. This particular job search didn’t help much in regards to me deciding on what I want to do. It did, however, give me an opportunity to see what employers in the world of CST are looking for.

I happened upon many ideas shared between all of these different jobs. An idea that I saw often was that of experience. Even as I looked into entry-level positions, i saw one to three years of experience needed. Another idea that was mentioned heavily was the ability to work in a team in an effective and coherent manner. As working in any company would require this, it was of no surprise to me. Something else that made itself apparent was that potential employees be well versed in many different systems. It was also something to be expected as being a diverse and flexible employee is a must nowadays.

One thing that did surprise me though was something that I did not see. What I did not see was the fact there was no mention of training individuals while on the job. Now I know that is a lot to be expected of people in the workforce since time is money it didn’t make much sense to me. I mean this is a field where a multitude of different types of program, network, database, and security systems are going to be utilized. Maybe I’m just being naive. Seeing as how I’ve only learned certain things on the job, perhaps it goes without saying that they will teach employees how to use their systems. Those are what workshops are for.

Looking at all these jobs proved to show to me that I am utterly unequipped for what lies out there. These jobs had very desires that prospects know specific knowledge of particular systems. Viewing the requirements of some ads made my head spin. It just tells me that I need to focus on building up my resume’ and that constructing a high end portfolio is a must.

In conclusion, this was quite interesting. I’ve looked into the job market for CST majors before but never this extensively. In hindsight, I should’ve done something like this a long time ago. I feel as though I came out with something here.