About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Samson. Sorry about my late post. As you all know, I am currently attending City Tech. This will probably be the my last semester for a bachelor, that is if, I can get an internship. I hope its not too late. A little about my interest, I enjoy playing games, meet nice people, and watch movies/shows. Over the summer, i went to China for about two months. In China, it was really hot, but enjoyable, because I met some really nice people. For this semester, i plan to get an internship. If i can’t, i will try to get it for this winter and graduate.

My strength is willingness to learn from my mistakes. So hopefully, i will be able to improve my writing through other people correcting me. My weakness would be procrastination. Which is my biggest weakness. I don’t enjoy writing because when i write, i always think of reports and homework. Unfortunately, i think this course will have a lot of writing and homework.

Samson G.