Get to know Ray

Hello, my name is Zhuo Jun Chen, but I prefer being called Ray, I was born in China, and my birthday is on February 14th, yes, you don’t have to look twice It’s valentine’s day, the day where Mr.Cupid are busy working his magic. Birthday aside, It was October when my parents and I first came to the united states, i was ten year old at the time. Since we just came to America, my uncle decided that it was best that we stay over at his place for a few weeks before my parents find a place to settle in. After a week of getting used to the area, my family decided that it was time for me to attend school.

My first school experience was not that much of a difference compared to others like me. In my first Elementary school I was placed in a advanced program class, because out of all the students in my school, the only two Asian students that spoke my native languages was in that class. Naturally I was not involved in any class works, since the only two English words that i knew at the time was Hello and OK, the only thing I did was listening to a tape recorder of a person reading the story that i was suppose to read, obviously i didn’t understand a single word from that recording. After a month or so my parents decided to move to Brooklyn, thus began my second Elementary school experience, it was not that much of a difference compared my first school, however in this school they have a special program called “ESL” which is the abbreviation for English as second language, this is a class where they teach you the basic fundamental for learning English, and after a year and a half of hard works I was able to pass the ESL class and began attending the normal classes.

Currently I am studying Electrical Engineering Technology, in The City College Of Technology. Hopefully I will be able to work in the fields of my choice when I graduated, my goal for my future career as an engineer, is to be able to develop and design the technologies that help our future generations in any ways possible.

My Hobbies are playing video games and reading web novels, these web novels are only different in term of the format it’s written in compared to normal novels that are published by a publisher. Web novels are written by ordinary people just like you and I, and the authors would post it on a blog for people to read for free, some of these novels has gotten over a million views and ended up having offered a publishing right by a publisher, some even has gotten an animation adaption of it, here is a link to the site where you can read some of these novels if you are interested.

Video games are not only about violence and strong languages it can be educational too, let’s take the game called “Guild Wars 2” for example, there is an event in this game where the players have to work together to fight a gigantic Dragon, this let the players experience the importance of cooperation and strategic planning. Below is a link to a YouTube video that shows the cooperation of players to win the fight against the evil Dragon.


Thank you for reading.