Guess I’m the first to go o_O

Hello Class. My name is Derrick Richards. Now let’s see… A little about myself… Well I grew up mainly in Jamaica, Queens (AKA as “Southside”) but I’ve also lived in a town in New Jersey called Egg harbor township. At 22 years of age, I am the youngest of three born to a father that hails from Guyana and a mother that is a Brooklyn native.

I’ve been in college on and off for a total of 5 years now. I had initially wanted to be a pharmacist but I took a programming course at BMCC and I was enamored with it. So after I graduated from there I decided to come to get a more thorough education in the field of Computer Systems.

It’s funny because I had wanted to be a video game designer when I was young and it seems that can actually be a possibility depending on how I play my cards. However, I don’t particularly still want to be a game designer and I’m hoping that I find a specialization I would enjoy being in.

The Sakura Matsuri Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  I quite enjoyed myself!

The Sakura Matsuri Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I quite enjoyed myself!

Yes now… Hobbies and Interests… I’d say my biggest hobby is playing basketball. I’m hoping to get a couple more good days of Ball before it starts getting too cold. My second favorite hobby would have to be video games. In particular fighting games (Street Fighter 3 and 4, Mvc 2 and 3, Blazblue etc…). I’ve always loved the concept of one person’s mind tested against another’s (which is why I also enjoy a game of chess here and there as well). I also read from a myriad of different sources daily (Forums, Books, Magazines, Comics, etc…). Hmm… what else now… Oh, I want to get into skateboarding and playing guitar. I also like participating in various types of projects in support of different causes and going to events and generally just having a good time.

In general, I feel that my strengths as a writer lie in my ability to convey my thought process. A weakness I would say I would have is that I always second guess my own writing which causes me to frequently alter my work. I generally enjoy writing. Especially when I feel content with a recently finished piece. Although I do feel it can be a tad bit time consuming. I would say that my experience with technology is adequate. Nothing too special. My sense of technical writing (before the first day of class of course) was that it was a highly focused type of writing. I now understand that’s not the case. I expect this to be a very workload heavy course, honestly speaking. I mean it is a 3000 level course. It seems this class will incorporate many team building and communication techniques. I feel that those techniques can become a fundamental part of whatever career I would pursue. I don’t have many questions now… but I’m sure I will. I hope this will be intriguing and engaging course with you all.

–Derrick Richards

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