Dolores ” i will create a brand new god…”

I am disappointed by the end of the book. During the time when Lolita is missing, Humbert affirms that without Lolita, Humbert is losing his little sanity he had left. “I understood my mind was cracking” (255). And that no matter how strong his love is, nothing will change his sick mind about pedophilia “the reader a fool to believe, that the shock of losing Lolita cured me of Pederosis” (257).

In order for Humbert to calm his demons, he uses Rita. “Solitude was corrupting me. I needed company and care. My heart was a hysterical unreliable organ. This is how Rita enters the picture.” (258). It’s funny because, during the description of Rita, Lolita is the first name that appears.

After Lolita re-enters into the book, Humbert ruined my hypothesis, I thought he would kill her and then her kidnaper. Humbert proof me wrong “I could not kill her, of course, as some have thought. You see, I loved hr. it was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.” (270). Humbert mental words shattered my mind, “he broke my heart, you merely broke my life” (279) this is what Humbert thinks he’s done to Lolita. The rejection of Lolita to go back in Humbert life, broke havoc in Humbert’s mind, he intended to kill Lolita kidnaper Quilty “I was quite sure I had to go. I had to go, and find him, and destroy him” (280)

I was disenchanted by the way Humbert kills Quilty. I would have preferred to see more mental bloody scenes. I would picked all of the Spanish inquisition tortures to Quilty such as, judas cradle, the rack and my favorite the saw torture (when saw cuts victim in half).

The end of humbert and lolita part 2 (247-309)

Well this book was very shocking especially at the end where humbert starts chaging with lolita. He becomes very jelous and does not want lolita being around any guys unless his with her. Humbert realizes lolita is a flirt and realizes he should keep her closer to him. Throughout the chapters we would see a humbert who cared loved lolita and now he has change drastically. Humbert starts acting suspicious towards lolita after he sees her changing. She starts demanding him to give her money before any sexual act. At this moment i knew for a fact lolita would end up using him for money and needs.

Humbert realizes lolita has been dissapearing often and gets suspicious thinking she is seeing someone else. He then finds out their has been somebody following then throughtout their route. When he writes the number plate down lolita erases it. In chapters 18-22 humbert vows to kill lolita abductor. Humbert spends alot of times searching for her but never finds. He then gives up and finds rita a girl who he starts a relansanchip with. The connnection between rita and humbert for me was odd because she was an adult like him and he did say he did not like older woman. Of course their relansanchip didnt last and eventually finds lolita pregnant. When he kills Quilty everything changed for him he went to jail and writes to lolita saying “Donot talk to strangers i hope you will love your baby. I hope its a boy. That husband of yours i hope he treats you right because otherwise my specter shall come at him” (309). He really loved lolita to let her live her life with tha man she loved. I honestly thought it was a strong desicion  todo because it was not easy letting go of lolita. He proved that he really loved lolita aftereverything he put her through.

Lolita 97-147

This section we had to read was actually pretty good. Lolita is definitely something else. As Humbert picked up Lolita from camp (111) I was actually taken back a little bit on how Lolita came off to Humbert. I forgot how old she actually was. (112) ” I did not. Fact I’ve been revolting unfaithful to you ,but it does not matter one bit. Because you’ve stopped caring for me,anyway….” Shows that Lolita has definitely mature in a certain aspect of expressing how she feels but more as adult which is crazy to me. Then later on she say (114) ” wouldn’t mother be absolutely mad if she found out we were lovers?” Okay it was weird enough when she called him dad in the being but then she comes to terms with calling the Relationship between one another as lovers.

She then comes off as “been there, done that ” type of vibe. What would be a great example  is in chapter  29  when she wakes up and gives him a kiss. It was a shock to HH as well because he says “to my delirious embarrassment ”  I believe theirs something going on with Lolita  that we don’t no about ,  because how could a innocent  child turn into such a seductive adult at the tender age 12.  The pages we read today I would definitely say that Lolita has actually gain role of being the leader. Humbert den states “it was she who seduced me.” (132)






Lolitas attraction

I’m probably not the only one that noticed, but Lolita is kinda ploying Humbert in a way that is weird and dirty. All this time she’s the victim in some eyes but as it shows she likes the smutty behavior. Even to some extent she mocks him with the title as dad but he unwillingly accepts that title as he stated that “he is taking no approach to be the legal guardian….” (p. 105). Lolita to me is no saint. Sure all of this is nasty but if they call it love who are we to judge. She shows her true colors when they were on their way to a hotel. After Humbert was telling Lolita how much he missed her, she replied by saying “how unfaithful she was to him and she didn’t believe he missed her because he haven’t kissed her” (p. 112). To be honest when I saw that I got completely turned off from Lolita. She wasn’t a little nymphet but “a juvenile delickwent” (p. 113) as she spelled it. After all this, Lolita is really proving my point in the fact that she is not a victim and Humbert although sick and does what a normal person wouldn’t do has a claim that he was indeed forced upon. In the scene where they, in his words “became lover” (p. 132) he sneaked in Lolitas room and got what he wanted without seducing her. Do the math. He said it himself, “It was she who seduced me” (p. 132). To me that is just completely sick and inevitable in my eyes. I always knew that she had no problem with his approach towards her and just sums up their crazy love for each other.

Lolita pgs 97-142

This book is getting very interesting now that charlotte is dead and the truth is revealed about lolita. She already had sex with humbert and all this drama going on is crazy. Lolita has been expirementing humbert and she knows what shes doing because she already has her mind open to everything. The fact the humbert tells his jury that lolita wasnt his first lover is very shocking. The fact that she also told him what she was doing in camp also was crazy. She tells humbert she and barbara took turn having sex with charlie. I believe eveything is escalating very quickly that fact that lolita mom died and the truth is slowly coming out. Lolita isnt that innocent little girl anymore and humbert sees that and doesnt like it. This book is getting better and better evertime i read it. Chapter two should be even better now that everything is falling into place. Lets see what happens with lolita and humbert it should be interesting.

Lolita’s voice.

The scene I want to invert into Lolita’s voice is the one about Humbert leaving his room’s door ajar as a trap to catch Lolita. This scene can be find on section 11, page 48.

Saturday: My mother is not home and Mr. Humbert just walked into his room, his door is slightly open again. As I pass by his room for the unknown number of times I saw him writing and this crazy idea about going in there without being invited came to my head. As I was walking towards his room this nervousness gripped me. I opened the door without knocking. He looked surprise and his reactions was like he was waiting for me. Once in there I did not know what to do, so I was just wondering around while he kept on writing. Eventually I reached his desk and my curiosity lead me to some pages filled with nonsense words written in a very small letters I could not understand.

My Humbert is such a nice person to be around, it is nice to have an older friend. I feel like I can trust him. He makes me feel confident.

My stubbornness for trying to understand his writing kept me next to him. He was quiet all the time. It was a surprise when I felt his arm around me. I did not how to react, and I thought it was ok because he lives under the same roof as I am, and I consider him my friend. I even sat on his lap to continue trying to decipher what he wrote. I did not have the courage to see at his eyes but I knew he was looking at me. I wanted to run out of that room, but something kept me there until the loud noise of Louise’s voice telling my mother who just walked in about a dead animal in the basement. Louise’s story drag me out of there.

Lolita pages 34-97

Well this story is getting very interesting every time i read it. Since he is obsessed with Lolita in order to stay closer to  her he decides to marry her mother Charlotte. The narrator shows no regret into what he is doing because he is in love with Lolita and plans to stay with her.  In page (66) he is worried about Lolita being away from him because she is going to summer camp for two months. Basically his mind starts making assumptions that she will mature. In my mind i was like wow he really loves her that even with the slightest  move he will go crazy. What i thought was funny was when he said he was planning on dressing up like a girl and go to summer camp with her in order to stay closer with each other. I wonder what will happen when she does grow older,would he still feel the same way towards her or will he change completely. Since older woman disgust him would he end up feeling that way towards Lolita when she’s older ?. Their are many questions in my mind about this story and its getting very intense. I just hope nothing bad happens to Lolita.

Humbert Not Sane

The fantasy that takes place in Humbert Humbert’s head is pretty sick to say the least. I mean the way he fantasized about Dolores made it clearer that he was not cured after leaving the sanitarium. This lead me to just try and profile how he views himself among others. I really feel he’s clever in his gesture towards Mrs. Haze because his only goal is to get to Dolores who he calls “Lo.” “Why does the way she walks–a child, mind you, a mere child!–excite me so abominably?” After he says that he sternly asked us the jurors to analyze why that is so. It was very hard to tell at first but in the end I came up with a little theory of my own. I felt that Humbert Humbert is lacking confidence and feels that he needs to start literally with the toddlers to feel like a person again. I kinda put it in his mind the younger the berry the sweeter the juice which is sick but a catchy theory moreless.

Even more so to try an prove my theory, he’s constantly wrapped up in Dolores and would do anything to be with her at the dispense of her mother Charlotte. He even said it himself that “The natural solution was to destroy Ms. Humbert.” I never really understood why that was necessary in his mind although Mrs. Humbert never really like the idea of Dolores liking Humbert and evidently Humbert Humbert is disgusted by the way she treats Delores. They had already had intercourse and that to me was devastating but the fact that he want to get rid of the child’s life giver to be with her is on a whole other level. When Charlotte  sent Dolores away to camp I thought that was the tipping point for her death but in the end they got married.

Surprise he’s married to a normal sized woman for once but who is to say he’s in love with her? I really find that a hard prove based on the fact that prior he had no attraction towards her but towards her daughter and that he tried to kill her but couldn’t get himself to do it. I really felt a sigh of relief when he decided not to kill her but suddenly his plan started falling into place. She was hit by a car having found the disgusting love letters written by him not towards her evidently. I felt really sad because although he didn’t directly do it he did manage to gain some time with Lolita or does he ?


When i was reading Lolita it was really difficult to understand at first but when i went on reading i soon began to see what the author was talking about. At first Humbert begins explaining he was a murderer and the names he used to give to his “love”. Then he goes on explaining that we the readers are the jury. He basically is telling us what he does , but what really caught my attention was when he said that Lolita wasn’t his first girl. Before her he used to have another girl called “exhibit number one” (page 1) . He then goes on describing his childhood and the time he met this one girl called Annabel leigh and how their friendship grew beyond what he ever imagined. He wanted to have sex with annabel but four months later she dies of typhus corfu. I didn’t really know what that meant but in mind i thought it was a sickness. Soon after Annabel  dies he then explains that she and Lolita are somehow similar. He also says in chapter four that ever since he met Lolita she  was able to break the spell that Annabel had put upon him. So far this book is really interesting it has some difficult to understand parts but overall its a pretty good book we just have to concentrate what Humbert is trying to say and we as the jury have to find out why.

The One Who Walk Away from Omelas

It was kind of ironic the fact the people of Omelas talk about how the city is and how their people are while they kept a dark secret hidden from the city itself. the narrator describe them as people who defies happiness but they look upon violence as something they enjoy. To me through out the whole story I got this cold feeling from how the narrator described the story. I couldn’t believe that the people of Omelas were going to be this way. “The trouble is that we have a bad habit, encouraged by pedants and sophisticates, of considering happiness as something rather stupid. Only pain is intellectual, only evil interesting. This is the treason of the artist: a refusal to admit the banality of evil and the terrible boredom of pain. If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em. If it hurts, repeat it. But to praise despair is to condemn delight, to embrace violence is to lose hold of everything else.” I believe the people of Omelas looked at themselves as people who didn’t feel happiness as the same way we did. their knowledge was that pain and evil kept them interested and that they enjoyed doing this.

through out the story the narrator goes to specific details on explaining how they tortured the kid in that corner of a room. I feel that the author did a good job at it because i could vividly imagine it in my mind and the way the they kept the child from leaving the room and keeping there kind of made me remember the story of The Yellow Wallpaper. the child and the narrator of the The Yellow Wallpaper were both in the same situation. the only difference between them was one was cared to become that way while the other was punished through wickedness and evil to become the way he is now. i just wanted to add that because i thought that part of the story portrayed the child in The One Who Walk Away from Omelas.