Lolita 143-247

H.H is all over the place so far. The second part of the story starts off with him and Lolita traveling the states. But as they are traveling things starts to unfold with Lolita I would say.  H.H is constantly feeling some way when Lolita wants to interact with other people such as when she wanted to pick up hitch hikers (159) and when he let her go to the rink my guess which is a park (160). I feel this is just Lolita simply growing up and wanting to feel apart of society such as H.H standing alone.

Not to just focus on the beginning of part 2 H.H begins to threaten or should I say bully Lolita. I realize he more focused on being caught that he goes the extra mile of threatening her with reform school (150-151) “…will be given a choice of various dwelling places, all more or less the same, the correctional school, the reformatory, the juvenile detention…”  But he doesn’t just bully Lolita he also is corrupting her values, Making her feel that their actions are good when indeed there wrong. 

When they move into their house H.H controls every little thing that Lolita does. Which I feel is going to make Lolita go insane literally. As Lolita starts to make demands I feel it’s just a reflection of what H.H created. He Even feels the need to go into her room and take back what he has given her (the money) because he fear she will leave with the money she saves.  

Two Lolitas

Coming towards the end of the book, I’m coming to the conclusion that Humbert is an untrustworthy character. He’s playing the role of deceitful manipulator, manipulating characters for his own selfish will; the will of reconnecting with Annabel. I believe his deception even includes deceiving one of the most important characters in the book, Dolores “Lolita” Haze.

As of now, I’m starting to believe that Dolores Haze has two aspects that affect Humbert’s view of her. There’s Dolores the Body, which brings on the resemblance of Annabel and then there’s Dolores the Character, as in her characteristics–her manners. The character traits of Lolita, Dolores Haze, hold somewhat of a repulsion to Humbert. He states, “Charlotte I began to understand you”(149) as when Lolita’s mannerisms were shown to be that of a “brat”(148) while traveling on their road journey. He also states how her attitude affects his sex life with her, as it would take “hours of blandishments(persuasion),threats and promises to lend[him]…a few seconds [of] her brown limbs in the seclusion of the five dollar room…”(147).

It’s apparent that he wants to scare Dolores into quietness as she represents, “Annabel Haze, alias Dolores Lee, alias Loleeta”(167). He brings into event ,that if he should be imprisoned for statutory rape, she would be be placed into a “correctional school, the reformatory, the juvenile detention home, or one of those admirable girls’ protectories”(151).He wants to make sure her viewpoint can only benefit his possession of her, while in the process of degrading her character’s “I.Q.”(151) for not being able to figure out his plan. As read way earlier, in Part One of the book, Humbert believes that Dolores is the incarnated girl-child of Annabel. That’s why we read about how Humbert tried to “relive”(162) his days with Annabel through Dolores’s body.

Lolita Response Pages 143-247

Lolita has truly developed throughout parts one and two of the story thus far. She has grown from a mere child victim of a sick predator to a cunning young woman capable of manipulation. From the beginning Lolita has been seen as a puppet controlled by Humbert and strung along to whatever he says and does, “From the very beginning of our concourse, I was clever enough to realize that I must secure her complete co-operation in keeping our relations secret, “ (149).

He has forced-fed her the notion that she is in fact better off with him than anyone else, “In plainer words, if we two are found out, you will be analyzed and institutionalized, my pet,” (151). With this in my mind Lolita is attached to Humbert, for better or worse, as they continue on their travels and this is in fact a possible conception for Lolita’s future mind games. She has spent a great deal of time with a master manipulator that in fact she may have learned a trick or two from her stepfather/lover. For it is when they finally settle in Beardsley that we see a new Lolita, a new puppet master. Humbert intends for the two to live like an ordinary family on the surface while they are lovers in secrecy.  Now Lolita is a school girl finally back in the world of society and the more she explores the more she works her way out of Humbert’s clutches. He provides her with allowances like any father would give their child but since he craves his little nymphet he gives her extra money, lets her have a gift, or certain privileges of a teenage girl for her sensual touch, “for sixty-five cents plus the permission to participate in the school play, had Dolly put her inky, chalky, red-knuckled hand under the desk” (198). Lolita has him wrapped around her finger and with every gesture she gains more control that it begins to frighten him, “But I was weak, I was not wise, my schoolgirl nymphet had me in thrall. With the human element dwindling, the passion, the tenderness, and the torture only increased; and of this she took advantage” (183). Lolita controls Humbert with through his insatiable appetite for his little nymphet and this will be his downfall; this will be her key to freedom.

Lolita PART TWO: Sec-1-22

There were a couple of things that stood out the most to me when reading part 2 of the novel. First when Lolita and Humbert are going all across the states, he start noticing things about her such stating “when she chose, could be a most exasperating brat……little girl” (#148) this passage had me a little amazed being as HH was so deep under her nymphet spell to ever notice the things that Mrs. haze had so clearly wined about almost daily. He himself states” Charlotte, I began to understand you!” (#149) Also, on page 153 entire paragraph two , HH starts to see how different Lolita’s views of something was from his. He would notice the beauties of nature, while Lolita would simply be amazed by roadway signs. Later on he states that nobody could ever surpass Lolita and her nymphet beauty but then states ” if they did, it was so two or three times at the most.” (#161) At this point I’m wondering if maybe HH’s feelings towards Lolita might eventually change into something that isn’t so repulsive to someone. However, it still becomes evident later on that HH is still fighting for the attention and love of Lolita by trying to give her what ever she pleases, just so that she can caress him, laugh with him, and please him in different ways. At this point i feel like the novel reaches a even bigger level of grotesqueness. I feel like HH had fallen into the role of a father. So now instead of thinking that a young girl and an older man are engaging in sexual relations, we have to think of a father and his daughter doing these things. He moves into a house to give her a routine and school to actually go to, he reads book such as “know your own daughter” and reads blogs in regards to teenage girls and their interactions with other young man, he sets rules for her, and restricts her from doing certain things. He comes of as a concerned father however, HH always has an ulterior motive and this strong hold he begins to have on her could possibly be because he is scared that she might leave his side, I mean she is only one year away from actually leaving the nymphet stage.

Lolita #3

Well I had read so much Lolita that my response will be like Humbert Humbert saying. So a lot has happened after the whole incident so I find myself surprised that Humbert still set this plan into motion even if he crossed that line. After learning out that his relations with Lolita fell by miles, he even starts to call her names like “exasperating brat” and even a “disgusting little girl” which like 20 pages before he couldn’t get enough of her.(148) Himberts even says he began to understand Charlotte(149) which I turned over since this was in the first pages of part 2 so I can believe he is straight forward telling the story. So this foreshadow events that come up like Humbert regretting have intercourse with Lolita which is the funniest thing since society deemed Humbert a pedophile but he was even sadden after the whole thing because Lolita wasn’t the same to which his vision of his perfect nymphet fell to the pits of imagination land o the shame Humbert will face.

After some pages of understanding the relationship after the incident it seemed that Humbert bribes Lolita so she won’t go off and land Humbert in jail which he then starts to bring Lo self esteem down. Well back then society was more unforgiving so Lolita will be deemed this delinquent child since she crossed the line and knew what she was doing. When I saw Humbert start to say things like I don’t are if I go to jail, I start to believe he knew there was no turning back. Well Humbert goes back to his old ways of being this mastermind and the one he controls is under his control which he starts to terrorizing Lolita evening calling her dumb because of her I.q. that is why he bilieve the plan will work. As the long trip to Murcia starts to unfold, Humbert began to develop jealousy because he owns Lolita and no one else can have her mentality.I wished Humbert realized earlier how he is master plan will go but as the more I read the more I began to see the unsatifaction of their time alone. Like a parts where Humbert is haunted by Charolette ghost, which I will say that the irony Humbert begin to feel just starting to unfold before him.

I will bring up the part where he used alias for Lolita which the first one was “Annabel Haze” which he subconsciously used to demonstrate what he thought of Lolita.Most likely the names he used was like a personification for what he saw in Lolita like different phrases the first being Annabel, the second trying to find out more about Lolita like when he was trying to find out her first name, and the final being what she truling is and not just another Annabel.Then it came to me when everywhere they go; Lolita tries to find help through attempts of getting people attentions sine Humbert has a controlling presence over her.At first Humbert didn’t care about legal business but as time progressed he began not to trust Lolita. A prime example was when he was giving her money only to find out she was saving up maybe for a escape from Humbert’s grasp well I won’t talk about it much since the whole college thing had gotten me confused but I knew what he went there for but the Sid conversations there was just confusing as he talked aboouted it then went to Lolita’s private school.

Humbert at this point just wants complete control over Lolita until he find out legally how they can be together. Also I call Gaston out for “spending time with little boys”I called it.I would edit it if I get a complete understanding of what happened at Beardsley college.

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Reading response #9 (143-247)

In this section we see HH spark of insanity, he is becoming more and more nervous and in a form sloppy with how he treats Lolita and the way he handles each situation that is presented to him. This section clearly shows that what he feels for Lolita isnt love, but he is just obsessed with the fact his nymphet fantasy was being carried out with Lolita and just the thought of it ending anytime soon frightens him to have him do anything to prevent it, ANYTHING!!

We first see HH take measures in preventing Lolita from leaving his side was in page 150 when he warns her of the dangers of telling the police of their little arrangement. This line utterly disgusted me “Don’t you think that under the circumstances Dolores Haze had better stick to her old man?” ..what joy it must of felt for him to say such a thing to Lolita  after finding out about her mothers death and reminding her that she is completely alone in this world and of course to her “luck” she gets stuck with a child molester as her only comfort.

HH starts to emphasize that Lolita is his little pet, aging mistress, his monkey, his captive “children under 12 free, Lo a young captive.”(157) “The reader may well imagine what I answered my pet..”(160) The most disturbing thing is the plans that HH had for Lolita, since he cannot control her aging and having her leave his precious nymphet stage he thought that why not have Lolita produce a child of his own blood that he can molest and have another nymphet all to himself ” I would have to get rid of somehow of a difficult adolescent who’s magic nymphage had evaporated—to the thought  that with patience and luck i might have her produce eventually a nymphet with my blood in her exquisite veins, a Lolita the second…” I mean i can’t prove more from this line how insane Humbert really is, only a monster would even have the thought of molesting his OWN child and then from his child bearing yet another child, a Lolita the third…its revolting to see Humbert process these ideas and the monstrosity of whats in store for Lolita.

A particular section that frighten me was the end section of chapter 17 in page 216 when Humbert is meditating while holding a caliber .32 and how he was glad he had i with him ready for instant service, during this part i see Humbert evolve to something else and even more when in the following page in 217 he referred to himself as “being a murderer with a sensational but incomplete and unorthodox memory…” i felt this as a foreshadow and feared for Lolita’s safety if she ever tried to run away from Humbert.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov p143-247

Humbert and Lolita travel the country and continue their love affair.  Humbert try to recreate some of the place the he and Annabel by taking her outdoor. Where he pretended that Lolita is Annabel.  “We comadre, let me tell you  that i did look for a beach”(167). Humbert going to the beach will give him an opportunity to recreate the moment he and Annabel spent one night. In his eyes Lolita represent Annabel that try to make love to her on the beach will be like making love to Annabel. Lolita to Humbert Humbert was always Annabel and nothing more. He see Lolita as a way to continue his romantic live with Annabel.

Humbert living his life with Annabel through Lolita.

Even thought Humbert have Lolita to himself, he still have fear that he and Lolita will get caught or Lolita will run away. “But i was weak, i wan to wise, my schoolgirl nymphet had me in the thrall”(183). When there was living together Lolita become more demand by asking for more money. This lead humbert to fear that she might run way or ruin him by telling the police the truth about them. Humbert knowing that Lolita might be playing with him. He took causation from preventing Lolita form to catching him off guard.


Lolita reading response her realization

From the start of their journey all over the country, you could just sense from Humberts tone in his description of Lolita early things were about to take a twist. A few time he would describe her as cruel without amusement as if he meant it. He even described his lost of desire for her by saying “I had little desire for her as a manatee.” (p. 167). I feel that Humbert sees Lolita as a vulnerability the more she grows and rightly so as she is now growing out of her nymphet phase. He believes that if Lolita attends Beardsley School for girls, she’s right under his eyes and even more so. He was more overprotective than average and you wonder why.  He even thought about locking “Lolita up somewhere …..” (p. 176). I never really seen this type of aggression from Humbert before and you just wonder if hes scared to lose Lolita or he’s just really sick.

After talking to the school principal, He threw away the possibility of Loita “enjoying the company of boys, organizations and even visiting other people’s homes.” (p. 195). I think its an awkward position for Lolita as she is not a little girl anymore and Humbert’s arguments for his actions are lacking stability as she grows. His prowess to lure Lolita was fading and Humbert knew that. Not only that, but it felt like Lolita was gaining knowledge as to what was really going on. She even remembered the name of the hotel that she and Humbert stayed at The Enchanted Hunters as the “hotel where you raped me.” (p. 202).  Her responses are getting more and more mature and you can see as to the cause of Humberts panic. It just made you think for a minute like how much does Lolita really know and understand about the situation.

I knew for sure something was up when she denied contact with another man when Humbert visibly saw them. In my eyes that was a sign of things to come. I felt Lolita became of age and realized the pedophilia of Humbert. I guess it was inevitable as Lolita was never going to be a nymphet forever but not in Humbert’s eyes. The fact that Lolita had left did not surprise me at all. Her constant rejecting of Humbert after a while said a lot and to me parity had been restored.