Lolita reading response # 9

H.H explains his case to the court about him doing his best when the situation of boys, arrives to Lo. “I did my best our Honor, to tackle the problem of boys” (185). He is very persuasive with his words drawing a picture to the jury as if him and Lolita never had sexual relations. Also convincing the jury of ways to treat the young fellows as if they were family. H.H is manipulating creating a scene where it is acceptable for nymphets to have young fellows over for company.
What is not explained to the court is his jealousy towards Lolita with other high school boys. Yet, H.H is so detailed with Lolita’s interactions of holding hands with another boy. H.H is a lustful ,ogre that looks upon Lolita and her friends. H.H finds pleasure with his Lo being surrounded by other nymphets as she is just living a pre-teen girls life. Along with keeping Lolita to be his mistress H.H clearly lies to the readers claiming he is a father figure.
What I am confused about is why is H.H mention one of Lo grading, does he like girls with standards why judge and lust at the same time?

The end of humbert and lolita part 2 (247-309)

Well this book was very shocking especially at the end where humbert starts chaging with lolita. He becomes very jelous and does not want lolita being around any guys unless his with her. Humbert realizes lolita is a flirt and realizes he should keep her closer to him. Throughout the chapters we would see a humbert who cared loved lolita and now he has change drastically. Humbert starts acting suspicious towards lolita after he sees her changing. She starts demanding him to give her money before any sexual act. At this moment i knew for a fact lolita would end up using him for money and needs.

Humbert realizes lolita has been dissapearing often and gets suspicious thinking she is seeing someone else. He then finds out their has been somebody following then throughtout their route. When he writes the number plate down lolita erases it. In chapters 18-22 humbert vows to kill lolita abductor. Humbert spends alot of times searching for her but never finds. He then gives up and finds rita a girl who he starts a relansanchip with. The connnection between rita and humbert for me was odd because she was an adult like him and he did say he did not like older woman. Of course their relansanchip didnt last and eventually finds lolita pregnant. When he kills Quilty everything changed for him he went to jail and writes to lolita saying “Donot talk to strangers i hope you will love your baby. I hope its a boy. That husband of yours i hope he treats you right because otherwise my specter shall come at him” (309). He really loved lolita to let her live her life with tha man she loved. I honestly thought it was a strong desicion  todo because it was not easy letting go of lolita. He proved that he really loved lolita aftereverything he put her through.

Lolita part: 2 pages: 143-247

Humbert attempts to entertain Lolita on their cross-counrty trip by taking her to various amusement parks and places. He does this in his attempt to get closer to her. However, Lolita, who is maturing into an independent young lady, sometimes disobeys. Even though I think that Humbert is just sexually in love with Lolita, he has his moments where he truly does look out for her. From pages 149 to 151, he makes a long speech on how much he truley cares for her, and that he has Lolita’s best interests at heart. He also gives her the threat that if she goes to the police, she may get arrested. Humbert is trapping her with all the potential punishments she may have to endure from the world, but, at the very least, giving Lolita her free time.

Humbert allowed Lolita to go to the beach, make a few friends and even have a party. I think this was mostly to try to bond with Lolita and trap her into liking him. With each day, I think Humbert really is getting closer to Lolita’s heart and may win her affection eventually.

Lolita 143-247

Its a biginning of something new for humbert since he sees lolita all grown up in the story. He sees lolita maturing throughout the days and he is very uncertain wheather or not she is the one as before. Other than that his afraid someday he will get caught with lolita and tells her not to tell the cops. on him or else she would stay as an orphan for the rest of her life. His words have a direct contact towards her as his manipulations wins over her. Lolita is has no other choice but to approve his deal. Its a very smart act of humbert to tell her this in order for them to stay together. “By rubbing all this in, I succeeded in terrozing Lolita to espite  a certain brash alertness of manner and spurts of wit was not as intelliegent a child as her I.Q. might suggest.” (Pg 151). This shows that humbert is on topof his game. Meaning he is alwasy going to win and get what ghe wants. I just6 dont get the fact why he is treating her this way when he supposibly loves her. I know for a fact something is going to happen. His going to start losing feelings towards her and maybe end up giving up on her. Problabluy since he got what he wanted and is through.


In the beginning of this section we see Humbert begin to worry about his actions. He feels the need to ensure that Lolita will keep their affair a secret. Humbert is quite manipulating when he tells Lolita that if the police were to find out about them Humbert will go to jail for a maximum of ten years. But even worse, or at least he tries to make it seem that Lolita would suffer worse. Lolita has no one to take care of her and she will become an orphan. He is very manipulative because he is trying to make it seem like he truly cares for Lolita and her well being. He tries to make her think that it is to her benefit that she keeps their secret even when she is angry at Humbert. “By rubbing all this in, I succeeded in terrozing Lo, who despite a certain brash alertness of manner and spurts of wit was not as intelliegent a child as her I.Q. might suggest.” (Page 151) This quote not only shows that Humbert chooses to manipulate Lolita but also shows him think of her as inferior. He does not respect her. Even though he claims that he loves her. I don’t understand what he is planning to do in the long run with Lolita. Does he believe that one day they can be accepted by society? Or is he now beginning to realize that he was just merely infactuated by Lolita’s childish personality and body and now he fears that Lolita may reveal their dirty secret. It seems to me that now that Humbert has what he so long desired and strategized to obtain he is now beginning to become turned off by Lolita. The things he once found endearing is not so endearing anymore. This truly is an example of the saying, be careful what you wish for!

Lolita Growing Up (pgs 143-247)

I feel as if Lolita is starting to form her own character. she is beginning to mature and that is scaring Humbert Humbert. The fact that she is starting to go against his commands and starting to do things he doesn’t want her to do shows she’s is escaping that nymphet stage. it seems though Lolita’s character is that of any other girl around her. since Humbert is so paranoid by the fact that Lolita may be having other sexual activities other than with Humbert, she start to hide things from Humbert. So according to the text the more Humbert tries to keep her away from these things and boys; the more Lolita start doing the opposite of what Humbert wants.

it comes to a point where Lolita is not the sweet and innocent girl Humbert used to know.”Queer! I who was jealous of every male we met-queer, how i misinterpreted the designations of doom. Perhaps i had been lulled by Lo’s modest behavior in winter, and anyway it would have been too foolish even for a lunatic to suppose another Humbert was avidly following Humbert and Humbert’s nymphet with Jovian fireworks, over the great and ugly plains(pg217).” it looks as if Humbert is becoming really possessive over Lolita. he feels to me that one day Lolita might just disappear and leave him for eternity.

Lolita (143- 247)

In this section of the book we start to see a different Lolita than we are used to see. This Lolita is a Lolita thats older and starting to mature. Humbert sees a new behavior in her and is scared that Lolita will say anything about their dirty secrets. “While I stand gripping the bars, you, happy neglected child, will be given a choice of various dwelling places, all more or less the same, the correctional school, the reformatory, the juvenile detention home..”(151) He manipulates her explaining to her that if the police ever finds out about what he’s done to her he will go to jail and she will an orphan and no one to look after her like he does and she will end up in a juvenile detention home. Throughout this section Lolita behaves bad which Humbert fear increases about their secret to be revealed and he starts to get jealousy feelings when he sees Lolita talking to boys. Humbert wants to have her away from boys and thats affecting her and her behavior which her headmistress from her school thinks “sexual maturing seems to give her trouble” (193).

Lolita’s behavior with Humbert gets worst and as I can see plays games with him. She be lying to him and in a certain way I’ll say manipulates him. I feel that now that she is maturing Lolita understands the bad things Humbert has committed and will keep doing. Since she knows that she has power to accuse Humbert she wants to do whatever she wants and will do anything to keep annoying him and manipulating him to get whatever she wants. But Lolita also can’t live without him because several times she runs back to him because she feels lonely and they end up having sex. Both Humbert and Lolita are crazy and reckless but soon it stops for while because Lolita goes missing after she was taken by her uncle after she had been sick at hospital. Humbert is a crazy human being and as he been saying throughout the book he will do anything in order to be with Lolita and will kill anyone that gets in his way so most likely someone will die.

Lolita Response

The reasons for Humbert’s travelling, is to keep Lolita happy and also to let others not caught on with his and get relationship.


Through Humbert’s journey he as avoided external problem through his travels with lolita and also internal ones, only because he hadn’t settled in one  place for too long. “For little Lo was aware of that glow of hers, and I would often catch her coulant un regard in the direction of some amiable male, some greasy monkey, with a sinewy had I turned my back to go and buy this very Lo a lollipop, than I would hear her and the fair mechanic burst into a perfect love dong of wisecracks.159” This seems to signifies that humbert has paid full attention to Lolita and what her experience with sex had done to her. He notice that through sex, it had made her more attractive to men around her.  Humbert is very wary of what going on, what would do anything to stop her interaction with men or “male gender as a whole”, he states that he doesn’t want to lose her.


Through reading I could see that humber is getting careless with his action. He is constantly trying to get through to Lolita through the act of bribes and it seems to easily consume Lolita’s action of  moralities. Also he’s bringing their sexual acts, more in the open, which shows he being reckless.


Note: Humbert and Gaston both seem to fool society through pedophilia.




During this part, I see H.H first as the hunter then as the prey… “The hunter becomes the hunted”. H.H. travels around the country, by traveling H.H have evaded the trouble with society and his sick affair with Lolita. H.H also at the first chapter tries to manipulate Lolita by saying that she has no one else but him “so I go to jail. Okay. I go to jail. But what happened to you, my orphan?” (151). in one occasion he jealous of a tall man that plays with Lolita, “noticed Lo in white shorts receding through the speckled shadow of a garden path in the company of a tall man” his sick obsess towards Lolita just grows bigger and bigger, to a point where H.H send Lolita to a School for girls. H.H ill delusion makes him imaging the scenario of Lolita toying with other nymphets at the school playground, but unfortunately, builders ruin his view “by means of powerful binoculars, the statistically inevitable percentage of nymphets among the other girl-children playing around Dolly” (179). H.H starts noticing how naïve he was and how was being control by Lolita “but I was weak, I was not wise, my schoolgirl nymphet had me in thrall.” (183). Lolita start to change, to rebel against H.H, when she demands higher fees for sexual favors, H.H paranoiac with the thought that, with the money Lolita has saved, so she cannot run away. Eventually H.H takes away the money.

H.H, after all his magical manipulation his cold thinking and all, he recklessly do something so irrational “unbuttoned my overcoat and for sixty-five cents plus the permission to participate in the school play, had Doly put her inky, chalky, red-knuckled hand under the desk” (198). Maybe I am thinking too much, maybe I am traumatized by how our professor makes us think outside the box, But she is masturbating H.H in front of Lolita’s unnamed friend “and there was another girl with a very naked, porcelain-white neck and wonderful platinum hair, who sat in front reading too” (198). This happened in a public place.

Lolita transforms from a nymphet (caterpillar) to where we are now, the metamorphoses into adulthood, and later the manipulation or seduction towards H.H. this fact occurs when they both fight and Lolita escapes in chapter 16.

Lolita Part 2


The beginning of part 2 starts with Humbert and Lolita traveling across the country. At first it confused me on how the setting just changed, but it makes sense since this is like a new act to the story.

The part that caught me was, “My chere Dolores! I want to protect you, dear, from all the horrors that happen to little girls in coal sheds and alley ways, and, alas, comme vous le saves trop bien, ma gentille, in the blueberry woods during the bluest summers. Through thick and thin I will still stay your guardian, and if you are good, I hope a court may legalize that guardianship before long. Let us, however, forget, Dolores Haze, so-called legal terminology, terminology that accepts as rational the term ‘lewd and lascivious cohabitation.’ I am not a criminal sexual psychopath taking indecent liberties with a child. The rapist was Charlie Holmes; I am the therapist-a matter of nice spacing in the way of distinction. I am your daddum, Lo. Look, I’ve a learned book here about young girls. Look, darling, what it says. I quote: the normal girl-normal, mark you the-normal girl is usually extremely anxious to please her father.” (149-150) This caught my attention quickly especially when he says he’s no criminal sexual psychopath and he wants to protect her. I know most children that age wouldn’t consider an adult trying to have sex with them as a protector. Maybe Lolita might think of that differently since she was drawing him on earlier in the story.

Where Humbert says, “Among Sicilians sexual relations between a father and daughter are accepted as a matter of course, and the girl who participates in such relationship is not looked upon with disapproval by the society which she is part.” (150) Humbert is a intelligent man, but it seems like he believes that nothing is wrong with what he is doing, and what he wants to do.