Lolitas attraction

I’m probably not the only one that noticed, but Lolita is kinda ploying Humbert in a way that is weird and dirty. All this time she’s the victim in some eyes but as it shows she likes the smutty behavior. Even to some extent she mocks him with the title as dad but he unwillingly accepts that title as he stated that “he is taking no approach to be the legal guardian….” (p. 105). Lolita to me is no saint. Sure all of this is nasty but if they call it love who are we to judge. She shows her true colors when they were on their way to a hotel. After Humbert was telling Lolita how much he missed her, she replied by saying “how unfaithful she was to him and she didn’t believe he missed her because he haven’t kissed her” (p. 112). To be honest when I saw that I got completely turned off from Lolita. She wasn’t a little nymphet but “a juvenile delickwent” (p. 113) as she spelled it. After all this, Lolita is really proving my point in the fact that she is not a victim and Humbert although sick and does what a normal person wouldn’t do has a claim that he was indeed forced upon. In the scene where they, in his words “became lover” (p. 132) he sneaked in Lolitas room and got what he wanted without seducing her. Do the math. He said it himself, “It was she who seduced me” (p. 132). To me that is just completely sick and inevitable in my eyes. I always knew that she had no problem with his approach towards her and just sums up their crazy love for each other.

Lolita’s Not Innocent

As should be known now, and as I always felt, Lolita is too advanced for her age. She rhetorically asks Humbert, “…wouldn’t mother be absolutely mad if she found out we were lovers?”(114). As seen way back in the book, it’s obvious Lolita has some type of crush on Humbert; an example being her magazine tear outs of men bearing Humbert’s “resemblance”(69). Though Humbert acts as if he is not pleased with these acts, another one of his talents, Lolita indirectly mocks his role as a “Dad”(114) in opposed to him really being her lover. It has now gotten to the point in where we see how “fond’(115) Lolita and Humbert are of each other. Lolita flirtatiously calls Humbert a “dirty man” whenever he suggest something that can be taken in a sexual manner; but hey, I guess in Lolita’s eyes she can handle a “dirty man”, as she notes herself to having been a “disgusting girl”(123) while away at camp last summer. This isn’t “innocent Annabel”(124), Lolita is a child who has had some type of sexual encounter before. Humbert notes that during a morning kiss, it was like she had been“coached”(133) by someone, most likely due to her early lesbian experience; but in regards to this kiss, it should be noted that this was not the first time, Lolita had kissed Humbert mouth to mouth. The first, I believe was in the car, in which Humbert described as an “innocent game on her part”(113); later being revealed that Lolita had “…not a trace of modesty…”(133) in her. She wasn’t an innocent child as one would probably perceive her to be. A girl her age doesn’t kiss in a professional manner nor out of curiosity ask indecent questions such as, “…you never did it when you were a kid?”(133).

Lolita- 97-142

I always presumed that HH would have been the one to kill Charlotte due to his ways of describing how he would kill her. ” I knew that all I had to do was to drop back, take a deep breath, then grab her by the ankle and rapidly dive with my captive corpse” (86). I found it ironic that the way she died was not anything he did purposely to hurt her. Charlotte was trying to mail off three letters when she fell in wet cement and got hit by a car that  Frederick Beale Jr. was driving (98).

I love how HH at first tried to be a good step father to Lolita by not telling her that her mother have died. That showed a side that he put aside his true affectionate love he has for Lolita so she can enjoy her time at camp. Especially when John offered to get the policemen that he knew to locate Lolita up on her hike at the camp.

I feel that as the audience or being part of his “jury”, it is difficult to believe what HH say due to the fact that he constantly lies. HH made up the story where Charlotte and him where lovers before they got married. HH said that they had an affair with one another before Lolita was born thus making Lolita is biological daughter instead of Harold Haze. John and Jean gullible  as they are believe into that story because they based it on the rumors they have heard in the past. Then HH finally gotten the one thing he always wanted. The complete a lone time with Lolita. When HH picked Lolita up from camp, his and hers first reaction were too reconnect old times. “Well, you haven’t kissed me yet, have you?” (112). In this quote, Lolita expressed how HH “ceased” his affections for her by not instantly kissing her when they got into the care (112). Lolita is only twelve and I can not believe that a twelve year old child would be this active. Things turned to the worst when they went to room 342. HH slipped Lolita sleeping pills or “magic potion” as he calls it (122). When she woke up and they were both in bed, HH stated that Lolita seduced him (132). “Okay”, said Lolita, “here is where we start” (133).  I still find it hard to believe that a twelve year old would talk like that let a lone climb on top of an older man that is not her father.

Lolita Pages 97-142

UGH, EWW , AND Oh My GOD!! These were my reactions while reading this section up to page 142 ending part one of the book.

The main topic i want to discuss in this blog is why Humbert Humbert does NOT love Lolita but in fact he is  just infatuated with her. Loving someone means defeating every obstacle that separates two people from being together, is loving someone unconditionally and not fearing any changes or altercations on the person, whether or not the person loves you back, or doesn’t want to be with you, love doesn’t come from the other person it comes from within your self and your feelings toward someone.

Humbert Humbert was so worried about the changes that Lolita was going to go through during her stay at the camp, on his way to pick her up and apparently he was right to fear it. When he first saw Lolita on page 111 he mentioned ” She was thinner and taller and for a second it seemed to me her face was less pretty than the mental imprint i had cherished for more than a month..” This shows that in HH eyes Lolita has aged a little for his taste, from just that second HH then reflects  in saying that on Lolita being an Orphan he can give her a normal life and by doing this he will be repayed by Lolita becoming friends with   “a pretty little Magdlein for Herr Doktor Humbert alone.”(111) The fact that Humbert bounces back and forth with this shows that Lolita is an obsession, unlike Annabel and obsession he intends to carry out and pleasure himself with, he made this clear when in the following sentence he says “..the angelic line of conduct was erased and i overtook my prey and she was my Lolita again…” Its clear just by the way he expresses himself that there is no Love in any of his intentions when it comes to Lolita.

The biggest example in my opinion i can give is in page 122, if HH really loved Lolita he would wait until she is ready and willingly give herself to him, yet he couldn’t wait any longer, it was clear when at page 123 he address the Jury saying that this was the grand moment. HH decides to trick Lolita and drug her in order to sleep with her. He tells Lolita that the pill is vitamin X which is suppose to make strong and healthy, but in fact it was a cheap roofy pill that knocks out the person unconscious. The way he expresses his reasons for why its correct and why Lolita is not a ‘normal child’ are in detail explained in pages 124-125. Humbert obsession is very clear and his actions don’t have Lolita’s interest but his own.

Finally is the way he calls her, a man in love wouldn’t refer to his lover as ‘prey’, ‘nymphean evil’ or even compare his first love Annabel to Lolita in saying that Lolita isn’t Innocent compare to his “innocent Annabel”(page124) HH is in another phase, he feels anything but Love for Lolita, he is possessive, calculative, inpatient and dangerous if things don’t go his way or worse if he feels Lolita is no longer his. His obsession with Lolita will be his undoing.

Lolita 97-142

So through about the novel, for some reason, I’ve stayed thinking that when HH finally got to sleep with a nymphet he was going to have this mystical experience. That he was going to be so relieved, and happy, satisfied that he was finally able to release all his desires for a true nymphet, and I though the fact that she was willingly doing it would add to this state of happiness. However, I really did not feel that from HH after it happened. Although it’s not a scene that I want to sit down and read, from HH I expected at least a description of an allusion that can compare to the moment. Yet he states “But these are irrelevant matters, I am not concerned with so called “sex” at all. Anybody can imagine those elements of animality” (#134) So I just stopped like, wait a second, he finally has Lolita, and he describes sexual intercourse with her as  sex, and nothing else.  Then he decides to omit the details. I guess because its easier to say sex, because everyone engages in it, then to put a hardcore image in the readers mind of a 12 year old girl and a older man, this would make HH seem disgusting and the “jury” will no longer be on his side. I guess this is another form of his manipulation. He also says “A greater endeavor lures me on; to fix one and for all the perilous magic of nymphets.” (134) I pondered on this for a moment and it confuses me. Maybe he’s trying to find a way out of what he feels since he’s so aware that its wrong. He later state “I am trying to…..Why?” (#135) This passage here describes how he wants to fix that line that separates nymphet love from either being hell or heaven as a pose to actually getting rid of the nymphet. Later on he calls Lolita “the body of some immortal demon disguised as a female child” (#139)  He’s constantly making connections to hell when it comes to Lolita and feelings for her. Overall I was shocked at how easily he threw in the text that he had sex with Lolita as appose to making it this big romantic gesture of the innocent nymphet lured and captured by the skilled hunter.

Lolita pgs 97-142

This book is getting very interesting now that charlotte is dead and the truth is revealed about lolita. She already had sex with humbert and all this drama going on is crazy. Lolita has been expirementing humbert and she knows what shes doing because she already has her mind open to everything. The fact the humbert tells his jury that lolita wasnt his first lover is very shocking. The fact that she also told him what she was doing in camp also was crazy. She tells humbert she and barbara took turn having sex with charlie. I believe eveything is escalating very quickly that fact that lolita mom died and the truth is slowly coming out. Lolita isnt that innocent little girl anymore and humbert sees that and doesnt like it. This book is getting better and better evertime i read it. Chapter two should be even better now that everything is falling into place. Lets see what happens with lolita and humbert it should be interesting.

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Lolita pg 97-142

Well things have started getting crazy. Charlotte is dead, Lolita and HH fornicate. Yet, the craziest point is the fact that I’m sure many of us still do not see HH as the pedofile, rapist or criminal that he is. Were entranced by his words.

This story is littered with such obscene and repulsive subjects yet when asked what the book is about, or how the book made you feel, pedophilia may not necessarily be the first thing that comes to your mind. HH writes so beautifully to distract the reader from what is actually happening in the text. He is truly a horrible person, but the way he writes about the crimes he commits makes us see him differently. He defends his actions in such a way that the reader will never be able to see him for the person he really is without looking past the words. We dont really blame him for his crimes, or we accept them because he tricks us into it. “Suffice to say that not a trace of modesty did i percieve in this beautiful hardly formed young girl whom modern co-education, juvenile mores, the campfire racket and so forth had utterly and hopelessly depraved.”(133) What he is describing in that sentence is his first time having intercourse with Lo, but he writes it so intricately you would never see it as something repulsive which is what it is.

The way HH makes it so easy for us to forgive his crimes, shows his brilliance. He is manipulating our minds through the text.. “I am going to tell you something very strange: it was her who seduced me”(132) When Lo was first introduced, and her willingness was described to us I was baffled by the fact that she had little to no restrictions towards HH. However, now I realize that it could really just be further manipulation on the part of HH, trying to prove his innocence. Saying that it was not all his fault. This book is amazing.