reading response #8 lolita

On page (125) H.H confesses to the jury of his perverted imagery of Lolita. “Naked except for one sock and her charm bracelet, spread-eagled on the bed where my philter had felled her so I foreglimpsed her”. He is disgusting, overwhelmed with excitement of being alone in the hotel room where they are both locked in together. He compares it to being his dungeon. H.H is the only creep after lusting over Lolita while she is asleep he goes to the lobby to stare down another nymphet, while she talk to her mother. This who section put me in disgust, he drugged Lolita and could not control himself of his lust for her.

while locked up

“The beastly and beautiful merged at one point, and it is that borderline I would like to fix, and I feel I fail to do do utterly. Why?”

Is humbert humbert feeling a bit of guilt, to the point where he is calling himself a beast(ly)”. (I guess he is human). It seems while being incarcerated, Humbert had the time to think over what he had done. He’s questioning him self it seems; the quote itself seems sad and is seeking forgiveness.

It also seems that he was looking for ways in which he could try to avoid Lolita. While trying to obtain ways to avoid that fate with Lo, it just seemed inevitable, he was destined. I believe the quote is also stating a “what if moment”. Questions in which he kept asking himself, in which he could have avoided going to prison.

while he was making assumptions and asking himself these questions it seems he had a hard time doing so. He might was having a hard time because, he knew he wanted Lolita’s flesh, which he yerned for. He was weak it seemed and couldn’t find it any reasonable justifications to say “what if he hadn’t done it”. In a sense he wanted it, but things didn’t go as planned. He needed/wanted what he wanted/needed and as gotten it, so to speak. So now he has to circum to his own fault of injustice.


Lolita 97-142

This definitely hit the climax of the story. Starting of with the death of Mrs. Haze, which I still think is all happening to coincidently for my taste. He is a manipulator and a great story teller so its hard for me to believe whats true and what might be made up.

Its crazy to think that this man wasn’t really looking to take away the innocence of Lolita but to merely fondle her while she slept, and what amazes me even more is that even though the pill didn’t work out, “I had been deceived […] the security I had relied upon was a sham”(129). He still manages to get what he wants! and even more of a shock not only to me but even to H.H, Lolita is the one that comes on to him?! Wtf just happened here! I couldn’t even believe she asked him, “you never did it when you were a kid?”(133). No Lolita, your not supposed to be doing these things at such a young age, especially not in camp!

What I found really interesting though is that H.H finally realized his dream of being with his nymphet, but he actually felt horrible about it. “Whether or not the realization of a lifelong dream had surpassed all expectations, it had, in a sense, overshot its mark–and plunged into a nightmare”(140). This is definitely the turning point, he views her differently. In my opinion this separates Lolita from Annabel tremendously. Its hard for me to explain but the whole reason he was after Lolita was for the thrill of “TRYING” not to actually have sexual intercourse with her, and now that it happened its all gone. That was everything for him with Annabel and he was never able to “do it”. What is he supposed to do now? Ironically the prey caught the hunter, and he fears for himself now.

But can someone please tell me what this is suppose to mean, “At the hotel we had separate rooms, but in the middle of the night she came in sobbing into mine, and we made it up very gently”(142). I really hope its not what I think it means because if so that is sick!


Lolita 97-142

Not only Humbert goal achieved his goal by defeating the cold Charlotte but the way he described her body was gruesome. Well Humbert was filled with overjoy with the fact he finally hunted Lolita also Humbert believed fate was undeniable for Charlotte death that had been written down by the sisters of fate unable to free herself from death. Well the most interesting thing I found was Humbert’s oppion on Jean unlike others in his past he went into detail about her maybe because he felted bad because she was going to die by fate as well at the age of 33.(104)

Humbert plan seemed flawless with the walls of lies he starts to tell only to reach his goal to be with Lolita. I was cheering for Humbert all the way as he driven only by his desires. Well Humbert impression of Lolita was funny in a sense because she was different from the picture he imagined.(111)As soon as Humbert knew that he gotten Lolita in his arms he literally breaks down, It was no longer a fairy tale to him anymore. When Lolita started to show her true side I laughed because from the start I knew she was not pure as Humbert perceived. She was Indeed leading poor Humbert on, but Lolita true perception of Humbert was just a dirty man.(115) I’ll give him credit since he still continue to adore this “witty child”.

Humbert Had it all planned out even counter measures to his adventure with his prey. When I read the part when Lo describe her camp days, Well back to my last week blog I said fairy tale point of view as in this part of the story he used a “magic potion”(122) so Lo can be in a eternal slumber(Snow white comparison). Well for a fact Humbert dice not see Lolita for sex since he undressed her naked yet he did nothing. Lolita fake the whole thing because the pill had no effect so in reality Lo was the hunter and Humbert was the prey.Even when she kissed him in the room she was so good it seemed she was coached by another person. Then the whole scene when she was surprised by Humbert’s unawareness of sexual experience. I said Humbert was right all along with the nymphet theory.Well it seem Charlotte is haunting him through the grave so at the table it was the first time Zlolita showed compassion for her mother. After all the the worrying, Humbert comes out and breaks Lolita, now Humbert is the only thing she has.

Lolita response: 8

Before reading these pages, I always thought that Lolita was the innocent one in the story. Now, after reading these pages, I was terribly wrong. Lolita wasn’t quite as pure and innocent as I thought. She completely acknowledges the fact that she and Humbert are lovers even though she also calls him “dad” (p: 114).

Though I seem to paddle back and forth between whose really the victim here. After reading about how he drugged Lolita, I thought Humbert was the bad guy all along, but then he stated that he stated that “I am not concerned with so-called “sex” at all” (p: 134). This is surprising because I thought Humbert was a mere pedophile, but all he is seeking is affection from Lolita. This all happened before Lolita found out that her mother died, which I think is or will be her breaking point.

Lolita 97-142

All this time we have seen Humbert Humbert scheme and plot to get Lolita in his clutches. Every day he would dedicate his time to perfecting his plan to steal her away from the world, “My scheme was a marvel of primitive art: I would whizz over to Camp Q, tell Lolita her mother was about to undergo a major operation at an invented hospital, and then keep moving with my sleepy nymphet from inn to inn while her mother got better and better and finally died” (106). The reader sees Humbert as a sick monster that desires nothing more than to consume her and that Lolita is too naïve to realize.

Sadly this is not true not only is Lolita aware of Humbert’s advances but she also embraces it. It is almost as if they both believe they are in fact lovers even though their love is deemed wrong by the rest of the world, “Say, wouldn’t Mother be absolutely mad if she found out we were lovers?” (114). There is in fact more to Lolita than what we all have been made to believe. All this affection that he has given to her has sat inside of her until the moment was right and he stole her away. Lolita, in secret from everyone including Humbert, has developed a love for him that is so strong that there “relationship” is in fact serious, “Fact I’ve been revoltingly unfaithful to you, but it does not matter one bit, because you’ve stopped caring for me, anyway” (112). Although they are different ages their love for each other, although sick and amoral, is almost beautiful. They are almost made for each other, two people driven by lust and impartial to any consequences that may follow.

Lolita 97-147

This section we had to read was actually pretty good. Lolita is definitely something else. As Humbert picked up Lolita from camp (111) I was actually taken back a little bit on how Lolita came off to Humbert. I forgot how old she actually was. (112) ” I did not. Fact I’ve been revolting unfaithful to you ,but it does not matter one bit. Because you’ve stopped caring for me,anyway….” Shows that Lolita has definitely mature in a certain aspect of expressing how she feels but more as adult which is crazy to me. Then later on she say (114) ” wouldn’t mother be absolutely mad if she found out we were lovers?” Okay it was weird enough when she called him dad in the being but then she comes to terms with calling the Relationship between one another as lovers.

She then comes off as “been there, done that ” type of vibe. What would be a great example  is in chapter  29  when she wakes up and gives him a kiss. It was a shock to HH as well because he says “to my delirious embarrassment ”  I believe theirs something going on with Lolita  that we don’t no about ,  because how could a innocent  child turn into such a seductive adult at the tender age 12.  The pages we read today I would definitely say that Lolita has actually gain role of being the leader. Humbert den states “it was she who seduced me.” (132)






Lolita pg 97-142

I feel Humbert is starting to lose himself into his actions and his passion for Lolita. it came to a point where It feels as if a mad man is running around. it also looks like that Humbert became very possessive over Lolita , even to a point where he wanted to bring Lolita out of the camp. Back to the point, it seems as if Humbert Humbert  doesn’t see anything in his life except being with Lolita. He takes his Possession so far that he murder Charlotte and he hides in such a way that you would never guess it was Humbert Humbert. he uses Charlotte feeling against her. see she didn’t know that Humbert Humbert was into Lolita. so as soon as she got hold of that secret it hit her like a tornado. she felt devasted and with that she was run over by a car.

“Finally, the third epistle was obviously addressed to me. I made out such items as “…. after a year of separation we may….” “…..oh, my dearest, oh my …” ” worse than if it had been a women you kept…” “… or, maybe, I shall die…”. Charlotte had a lot of feelings towards Humber Humbert according to me. its the very same feeling what made her feel this way when the truth got out. I feel that Humbert Humbert killed Charlotte emotionally which led to her death, because all she cared and wanted was Humbert.



Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov P97-142

“Yes, I would devote all my life to the child’s welfare. Here, incidentally, was a little cross that Charlotte Becker had given me when we were both young”(100).  humbert intention was not to take care of lolita as a daughter but to keep lolita for himself. Now that Charlotte is out of the way Humbert can now proclaim his love for Lolita. It was clear to humbert now that there was now more obsolete to go through. All his effort of get rid of charlotte, attempt to put sleeping pill and put them to sleep, and killing charlotte in the lake; it turns out that he didn’t get to kill her. Humbert play his card right when he decided to adopt lolita after his wife death.

Lolita now belong to humbert humbert.

Now that lolita is humbert. In the being Humbert Humbert present Lolita as a perfect young women. Now he present a side of lolita that no one expected. Humbert present lollita as some played humbert to get her way. On the way back from camp lolita was complete different form her introduction.  “say, wouldn’t mother absolutely mad if she found out we were lovers?'(114). the innocent little girl have left lolita, now only a women remain. This prove that Lolita will do anything to humbert so she can get want she wants. In the reading the novel lolita know humbert want to be with her. Now that they are alone she is playing game with him. The one thing humbert was afraid that was going to happen to her, actual happen. Her experience at camp made her some one else. this side change my option about lolita, did not expect that. i will like to see how she will act next.



“I had actually seen the agent of fate. I had palpated the very flesh of fate and its padded shoulder.” (103) Humbert blames many of his ideas to fate, not just in this session but throughout the few chapters I have read. When Humbert is at the hotel, after drugging Lolita, he tells us “Frigid gentlemen of the jury! By six she was wide awake, and by six fifteen we were technically lovers. I am going to tell you something very strange: it was she who seduced me”. (132) He has played with us before; he has through his book the power of confusion. He has proved himself, at times an unreliable narrator. He also admits he doesn’t remember details perfectly. Can I believe that Lolita truly seduced him? On the other hand, Lolita’s behavior does fit with her nasty, flirtatious nature “ You mean, she persisted, now kneeling above me, ‘you never did it when you were a kid?’ “ (133). As further matter, Humbert doesn’t describe the actual act of sex with Lolita in detail, as he says “not concerned with so-called ‘sex’ at all”. I think for Humbert, Lolita addiction goes beyond physical lust. Even when Humbert drugs Lolita, he only daydreams about her body. Humbers way of writing, transport me to his side of reality, where everything he has done is sane and nothing wrong with his action. As he is trying to convincing us, he was forced to do everything.