Humbert’s Hints to Violent Actions

“I did not plan to marry poor Charlotte in order to eliminate her in some vulgar, gruesome and dangerous manner such as killing her by placing five bichloride-of-mercury tablets in her preprandial sherry or anything like that…”  (70)

Humbert sometimes shows a dark violent side of himself. Like in the above quote he describes how he isn’t going to kill Charlotte Haze in order to be with Lolita. It is alarming that he already has a detailed way of murdering someone. I read it as him saying it ironically; as if he already had Charlotte’s poisoned drink prepared.

Humbert then goes on with the idea of giving both Charlotte and Lolita a strong sleeping aid (71). This would allow him to easily caress Lolita during the night without compromising Lolita’s innocence. At least it doesn’t involve murdering Charlotte, right?

Earlier in the novel, Humbert showed signs of violence when he was with Valeria. He was contemplating on whether he “should kill her or her lover, or both, or neither” (29). What makes him snap is that Valeria’s lover, Maximovich, didn’t flush the toilet and Humbert attacked Maximovich.

Knowing that Humbert is widowed and in jail, this makes me believe that Humbert is in jail because he killed Lolita.

Lolita 34-97

Lolita as last let Humbert welcome us to his illustration of his perception of Lo. Lee. Ta, well Humbert encounter with Lolita is on a mind blown experience with the perfect fairy tale.(39) Not only he found his perfect mate this timid little nymphet who seemed to have gotten Humbert impressed with her. At last someone who can uptake Humbert’s ambitions of a fairy tale kingdom of nymphehts with the perfect princess whom was only in his dream world.(44) Well this is a one way gate into the perfect delusion of Humbert, not only his life was enlighten but Humbert had a personality adjusted while around his dream nymphet. He lived around a war with Ms. haze and Lo, they would have these battles of word while Humbert being Humbert was trapped in this own delusion dealing with Lolita on a regular bases. Some of you guys would say he is just a pedophile taking advantage of a little girl’s pure heart but indeed this is not Humbert’s point of view. He is endowed in Lolita figure and have dreams for telling his story of his little princesses by this unforeseen lake which leads us to foretelling of the story?(54) Humbert wasn’t just timid old Humbert but became a manly man to impress his new love. It gets deeper into passion as the times they spent together, Humbert wants to be with the love of his life but has to overcome the obstacles Ms.haze unknowing is placing on Humbert but as he seem to overtake them his reward was quality time with Lo.Lee.Ta. Well I also see Ms.haze as another type of obstacles for Humbert since it seem he actually have feelings for her but doesn’t really explore outside his personal excitement yet he brings up her beauty every now and then and even thought about marrying her.(70)I’d say this will bring a conflict later on due his mortal perception of his ideology of a perfect partner,I’ll just stick with the Perfect kingdom for now.

Lolita (34-97)

By some bizarre twist of fate H.H meets his dream nymphet, Lolita!

The first thing that caught my interest from the begging of the story although it was never mentioned, was the possibility of Lolita actually liking H.H back. Which if you think about it is a double standard. H.H is a pedophile because he finds a certain age group attractive, but its perfectly fine for a girl in her teen years to have a feelings for an older man without being judged? Which brings back my question from my last post, is age really just a number?

I swear though H.H has some LUCK! Coincidently Lo has a crush on an actor, and H.H just so happens to resemble him. Go figure. He explains “Moreover, I am said to resemble some crooner or actor chap on whom Lo has a crush” (43). Which made me think, what if Lo actually never found him attractive would things have gone differently? Clearly she feels this sort of lust towards H.H because of the actor he seems to resemble.

Then theres all these creative ways H.H tries to get to Lolita in a discrete manner, but in this instance I feel everything changed. “I knew i could kiss her throat or the wick of her mouth..i knew she would let me to do so, and even close her eyes as hollywood teaches” (48) Putting aside his so called “experience” with nymphets, he’s actually able to realize that he doesn’t have to work as hard to get to Lolita because she also wants H.H to make his move already! But as always Mrs. Haze is always interrupting.

And what do you know Mrs. Haze also has a crush on H.H!? Can you believe this S&#*! Mother and daughter fighting over the same guy, unbelievable! Not really but i was still baffled.

One things for sure, before you can truly understand his actions (H.H) pedophile seems like a really strong word. I would say more misunderstood than anything. For instance, “Pathetic-because despite the insatiable fire of my venereal appetite, I intend with the most fervent force and foresight to protect the purity of that twelve year old child”(63). He merely wants to pleasure himself, yes i know its disgusting! BUT he truly does care about Lolita and her innocence. That statement also allows us to see the inner conflict he seems to struggle with all the time.

Im not sure how I feel anymore, mostly confused, with everything that has happened so far. But i definitely am i enjoying the book for sure! My vocab is also expanding which is a big plus.


Yet again I look up a page full of vocabulary words, but there’s nothing wrong with that. This book can and will improve ones vocabulary. In this section of Lolita, the narrator Humbert finally meets Lolita.

He talks about fondling her on one immortal day. Yes he does sound like a creep, but you get to hear and understand why he is this way. “In the course of the sun-shot moment that my glance slithered over the kneeling child while I passed her in my adult disguise, the vacuum of my soul managed to suck in every detail of her bright beauty, and these I checked against the features of my dead bride.A little later, of course, she, this nouvelle, this Lolita, my Lolita, was to eclipse completely her prototype.”(39-40) This Shows why Humbert feels this way towards a twelve year old. It’s like he is stuck in his 13 year old self. The death of Annabel froze him in time, leaving him only attracted to little girls. He calls Lolita Annabel’s prototype. I thought this was interesting. Back during his younger years, he couldn’t find anyone who he was attracted to. nothing satisfied him. He told older women to act as if they were teenagers. Now when he is way older he sees this twelve year old who is a direct copy of his dead bride Annabel.

Lolita (Pgs:34-97)

We finally get to meet Lolita, and I feel like the way it all happened and some subsequent events brings up the topic of fate. I knew Lolita was going to get introduced soon and when I read that HH was going to live with the Mccoos, AND they had a 12 year old daughter, I really felt like Lolita was going to be that daughter. However, what are the chances that this man’s house “has burned down” (#35.) So HH must find new accommodations. (Very unexpected) Then we learn that someone else was suppose to be occupying the room that HH is residing in at rs.Haze’s but “Miss Phalen broke her hip in Savannah, GA., on the very day I arrived in Ramsdale.” (#56) (REALLY NOW) Then finally when Mrs.Haze finds out about all of HH’s schemes and wants to end everything and all of HH’s hopes with Lolita, she gets murdered?! (#97) Now this to me is simply insane how is it that something that is so repulsive to society can be so acceptable by “fate.” I feel like fate is easily clearing his path so that he can proceed with his wrong doings and it’s simply confusing.

Then there is this whole Our Glass Lake, which HH figures out is actually spelled “Hourglass Lake”(#81) I feel like this is a representation of how time is interfering with HH’s fate. They were supposed to go to this lake so many times, but something always happened. Like a blockage. When they finally get to go HH doesn’t get to spend the time he wants with Lolita because of an interfere. Time also occurs against his fate because Lolita , within two years, will be leaving the nymphet stage and he wants to be able to take advantage of that, I believe HH wished that time didn’t have an effect on Lolita because of this reason.

In section 12 HH states ” It would have been logical on the part of Aubrey Mcfate…” (#56) Now looking back at page 52, this is actually one of the names in the student list from Lolita’s classroom. But the way that HH uses it in this specific instance confuses me. It seems like Aubrey Mcfate is not actually a student. If it is not, then I feel like this is HH’s awareness of fate playing in the most unexpected ways, and in that specific instance he is calling on fate to fix his dilemmas, even though we’re all aware that that’s not how it works.

I feel like this is something that is going to keep occurring over and over again through out the novel being that there are so many instances within a short period of the story.


a perfect lover i would say. i love the way he uses the diary like a device for us to see Lolita through Humbert’s passionate eyes in an utterly subjective,supposedly private form. this might sound funny but the scene when Lolita sat next to Humbert and was playing with her apple”My heart beat like a drum as she sat down, cool skirt ballooning, subsiding, on the sofa next to me, and played with her glossy fruit”. it kinda resembled to me the Garden of Eden story. Lolita, as Eve, eats the red apple, while she is ignorant of what is happening, and i would say Humbert as Adam.
even though Humbert believe they are connected by fate, i think Lolita sees Humbert as a father figure, he says her running upstairs “interrupted the motion of fate” (pg 66)
Humbert is the puppeteer and we all are his puppets, the way he manipulates the people around like he admits to the jury(us) he has toyed with the idea of marrying a widow to have his way with her child. , the steps he plans ahead of time “when i had brought up for detached inspection the idea of marrying a mature widow..with not one relative left in the wide gray world, merely in order to have my way with her child(lo, Lola ,Lolita).(pg 70)

Lolita Response for pgs 34-97

To most readers Humbert Humbert is seen as a sexual predator who seeks nothing more than to satisfy his lust for Lolita. He is a man viewed simply as possessed by intense cravings but in my opinion he is much more than what mere observations suggest.

He is calm, patient and, strategic not only in his quest for Lolita, but for how he deals with the aspects of everyday life, people, and etc. He always knew how to stay one step ahead of everyone and was delighted in his obvious victory. Take for instance when he registered himself into a sanatorium due to a bout with insanity and found rejuvenation at the expense of the psychiatrists, “I discovered there was an endless source of robust enjoyment in trifling with psychiatrists: cunningly leading them on; never letting them see that you know all the tricks of the trade” (34). Next is to examine how he manages ensure a permanent spot in the home of Charlotte and Lolita. Lolita’s mother confesses her love to Humbert and sees it as his golden ticket to get what he wants, “when Monsieur wants to get the whole damned thing over with as quickly as possible, and Madame gives in with a tolerant smile; then, my reader, the wedding is generally a “quiet” affair” (74). Even though this is her moment of happiness he has such control of everything that it goes exactly how he wants. Another example is when she asks if the two may go on a trip to England and sets her straight on the matter on why he is against going and he should be taken seriously. Humbert holds such a position to her that she drops to her knees, “She said I was her ruler and her god” (91). He holds no true love for this woman and yet she follows his every word.

The story shows the readers, in my opinion, how Humbert is playing a game of chess. He is strategically plotting and making every move in order to get what he wants.  Although he is a sick man on a, morally deemed, horrible mission his genius is admirable.

Lolita pages 34-97

Well this story is getting very interesting every time i read it. Since he is obsessed with Lolita in order to stay closer to  her he decides to marry her mother Charlotte. The narrator shows no regret into what he is doing because he is in love with Lolita and plans to stay with her.  In page (66) he is worried about Lolita being away from him because she is going to summer camp for two months. Basically his mind starts making assumptions that she will mature. In my mind i was like wow he really loves her that even with the slightest  move he will go crazy. What i thought was funny was when he said he was planning on dressing up like a girl and go to summer camp with her in order to stay closer with each other. I wonder what will happen when she does grow older,would he still feel the same way towards her or will he change completely. Since older woman disgust him would he end up feeling that way towards Lolita when she’s older ?. Their are many questions in my mind about this story and its getting very intense. I just hope nothing bad happens to Lolita.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov P34-97

“I knew that all I had to do was to drop back, take a deep breath, then grab her by the ankle and rapidly dive with my captive corpse”(86p).  The narrator obsession for Lolita has lead him to fantasize about murder Lolita mother Charlotte. He even marry Charlotte so he could say close to Lolita. The narrator show no remorse when he fantasize about murdering his wife.

It hurt the narrator really bad for Charlotte to take Lolita away from him. His wife was the only thing standing between Lolita and him. He came with this great plan to murder his wife. The perfect place, the perfect time to commit the prefect murder. The opportunity had presented itself for the narrator to get rid of his problem. He sees his opportunity like a lion preying on a wounded animal and goes in for the kill. His mind is telling to commit the murder but he could not do so. The narrator to go so far as to thinking about killing someone show how much he love and care for Lolita in the novel. The narrator even state that Lolita is the love of his life. The narrator imagine himself planning and committing the murder, then getting away with it.  If he had committed the murder, he could get away with murder, or he could get caught and got to jail. This mean that Lolita would been take away from him and everything else he has accomplish so far in their relationship.

“Simple, was it not? But what d’ye know, folks—I just could not make myself do it!”(87p). The narrator could not bring himself to murder his wife Charlotte. The narrator is many things in the novel but he is not a murder. Even though he like nymphet and would do anything to be with them, he could not commit such a crime like murder. There is no such thing as a perfect murder, eventually you get caught and have to pay for your crime.


Humbert Not Sane

The fantasy that takes place in Humbert Humbert’s head is pretty sick to say the least. I mean the way he fantasized about Dolores made it clearer that he was not cured after leaving the sanitarium. This lead me to just try and profile how he views himself among others. I really feel he’s clever in his gesture towards Mrs. Haze because his only goal is to get to Dolores who he calls “Lo.” “Why does the way she walks–a child, mind you, a mere child!–excite me so abominably?” After he says that he sternly asked us the jurors to analyze why that is so. It was very hard to tell at first but in the end I came up with a little theory of my own. I felt that Humbert Humbert is lacking confidence and feels that he needs to start literally with the toddlers to feel like a person again. I kinda put it in his mind the younger the berry the sweeter the juice which is sick but a catchy theory moreless.

Even more so to try an prove my theory, he’s constantly wrapped up in Dolores and would do anything to be with her at the dispense of her mother Charlotte. He even said it himself that “The natural solution was to destroy Ms. Humbert.” I never really understood why that was necessary in his mind although Mrs. Humbert never really like the idea of Dolores liking Humbert and evidently Humbert Humbert is disgusted by the way she treats Delores. They had already had intercourse and that to me was devastating but the fact that he want to get rid of the child’s life giver to be with her is on a whole other level. When Charlotte  sent Dolores away to camp I thought that was the tipping point for her death but in the end they got married.

Surprise he’s married to a normal sized woman for once but who is to say he’s in love with her? I really find that a hard prove based on the fact that prior he had no attraction towards her but towards her daughter and that he tried to kill her but couldn’t get himself to do it. I really felt a sigh of relief when he decided not to kill her but suddenly his plan started falling into place. She was hit by a car having found the disgusting love letters written by him not towards her evidently. I felt really sad because although he didn’t directly do it he did manage to gain some time with Lolita or does he ?