I totally hate this book; it’s so complicated to read. The little that I understood was that the narrator was raised by his father and that his mother had died suddenly and he describes this traumatic event with only two words: “picnic, lightning”. It gets more interesting when he met Annabel. Though they are just friends at the beginning, their friendship soon changes into passionate, adolescent love. It’s awkward because they never manage to consummate their “love”, and four months late she dies. I think Humbert started liking young girls because Annabel. He also says that he was only to able to break free of Annabel’s spell when he met Lolita. He tells the reader that he was only able to break free of Annabel’s spell when he met Lolita, more than twenty years later. I like when Humbert used Greek, Jewish, Latin mythology terms, like eve, Lilith, and nymphet, which is a girl between the ages of nine and fourteen(according to Humbert). He’s sexually attracted to this type of prostitutes. Then he gets married to Valeria, he chooses Valeria because of her childlike nature.

Lolita: 1-34

After reading these first few pages a couple times, I think I might like this book for a while. It started off by introducing to us the main character’s childhood and his past. This is good because it helps me, the reader, to get to know the character that I am following throughout the story, and I get to learn about who I’m dealing with.

Throughout the pages that I have read, I have learned that the main character has had love interest in young girls, which he calls “nymphets”. In my mind I thought he was just being a pedophile, which may be true, but by the end of the reading, we found out that he was insane. I guess this can excuse his pedophile-like behavior. I also think that this is forshadowing as he does acknowledge the fact that he is insane. He said (on p:34) the “The reader will regret to learn that soon after my return to civilization I had another bout with insanity…” This makes me more interested in the story because insane characters tend to be unpredictable, and this would be able to keep my attention as the story play out with a pedophile for a main character.

Lolita By Vladimir Nabokov 1-34

In the novel narrator seem to have an obsession with young girl. Through out the novel the narrator keep calling them nymphets. In the fist part of the novel the narrator flashback to his childhood sweetheart and begin to tell why the narrator is obsess with young girl. The narrator try very hard to break away for his childhood sweetheart but have a hard time doing so. When the narrator  try to so do something comes to his mind and her remember Annabel.  “Annabel was, like the writer, of mixed parentage: half English, half-Dutch, in her case. I remember her features far less distantly today than I did few year ago before Lolita”(11). The narrator give a caparison between Lolita and Annabel on how they look alike. Annabel look and her death, the narrator never got over them. By seeing Lolita brought back memory  of Annabel for the narrator causing the narrator to become more obsess.  “I leaf again and again through these memories and keep asking myself”(4). The narrator felt that her was rob of a adolescent romance. The narrator think about these memory because he think that he and Annabel were meant to be together. The narrator that about what he could have done to send more time with Annabel. He also say that he blames Annabel for his obsession with nymphets. His obsession is so overwhelming, eve though he is marry he couldn’t stoping thinking about nymphets. The narrator spend most of this his sitting in the part and look a nymphets. The narrator character is describe as some one who keep to him-self and keep thinking about his old memory.



When i was reading Lolita it was really difficult to understand at first but when i went on reading i soon began to see what the author was talking about. At first Humbert begins explaining he was a murderer and the names he used to give to his “love”. Then he goes on explaining that we the readers are the jury. He basically is telling us what he does , but what really caught my attention was when he said that Lolita wasn’t his first girl. Before her he used to have another girl called “exhibit number one” (page 1) . He then goes on describing his childhood and the time he met this one girl called Annabel leigh and how their friendship grew beyond what he ever imagined. He wanted to have sex with annabel but four months later she dies of typhus corfu. I didn’t really know what that meant but in mind i thought it was a sickness. Soon after Annabel  dies he then explains that she and Lolita are somehow similar. He also says in chapter four that ever since he met Lolita she  was able to break the spell that Annabel had put upon him. So far this book is really interesting it has some difficult to understand parts but overall its a pretty good book we just have to concentrate what Humbert is trying to say and we as the jury have to find out why.

Lolita Part One

This is one of those books that you have to take your time reading it very slowly and sometimes a paragraph more than once. Luckily, the plot is interesting enough that you don’t get very bored reading it.

The fact that the narrator acknowledges the fact that he is sick but doesn’t stop lusting after the little girls is the biggest paradox to me. “…was my excessive desire for that child only the first evidence of an inherent singularity?”(13) He knows that it is wrong and just wont stop. I believe his sickness ranges to different things. He speaks about his exploits and conquests with such regularity its eerie. He tells his twisted stories and then ends with things like “…by the time of my arrest.”(16) As if getting arrested isnt an extremely significant action. He tells the story as if it is someone else going through it and he is completely unaffected emotionally and perhaps he is.

Another thing I find interesting is the subject of Humbert. I believe Humbert is his sickness personified, not actually the narrator himself because he always speaks about him in third person or how the narrator describes himself when the sickness takes over. “Humbert Humbert tried hard to be good.Really and truly he did.”(19) I could be completely wrong but this blog is supposed to be what I think right?

I enjoy the fact that the book’s setting is in Paris, but the fact that many sentences are in actual French makes it hard to read. But since I read it with a translator next to me and having to figure those out made the book more fun to read.

Lolita (1-34)

To understand a book you must read from cover to cover said to me a professor once, and so I did when I opened Lolita’s front cover.  Foreword is the introduction with a short explanation of the who and what of the story.  This gives the reader a better sense of what the show is going to present next.  John Ray Jr, PH.D is a fictional character who is in charge of editing a manuscript whose author died in jail before his trial. In his will he asked for his lawyer to make possible the publication of “Lolita or the confession of a White Widowed Male” (P3) only after his death.  John admits that there is not much change to be made and that the text should be left untouched to maintain the author’s originality. John does not say why the author was in jail, but tells that “Humbert” (P3) was a pedophile.  Even though his writing is horrific John says that it is beautiful and persuasive and anticipates that the script will become popular and will give parents advice on how to be more vigilant about the future of their children.

The name Lolita is the first word of this story which represents something important to the author in this case Humbert, the narrator and main character plays around with her name. He admits that Lolita was not his first pedophilic experience and that he was a murderer. He describes his childhood as being healthy and happy and about his European background.  His family appeared to be of means, his father is absent most of the time and there is not much description about his mother only that she died in an accident “picnic, lightning”(#2) this expression represent how distant he was from his mother, and also how  he dislike the figure of an adult female. His aunt Sybil from the mother side of the family is the one who cares for him after her sister passed. He likes her despite her tough attitude and rules. This is another important fact about his youth. The presence of female figure are predominant more than the male figure for instances this could also be another reason of his behavior later on in the story.

Annabela Leigh a twelve-year-old girl appeared in the story on the summer of 1923. Humbert and Annabel were only friends at first then their friendship turned into juvenile love. Their adventures to have sex are numerous, but they never consume their love. Sadly few months later she died of typhus. He is traumatized after this event and this leads to a severe changes in his behavior towards his adulthood. He admits that “Lolita began with Annabel” (#4). Annabel memories follow him for more than twenty years later until he finally let go of her when he met Lolita.

Humbert talks about adult female admirers, but he dislike most of them. He questions society and in an indirect way makes the reader also question the laws and traditions when he believes that it is biased that an adult man can love a girl of seventeen but not one of twelve. This ideas are so bizarre and typically of a person with mental problem. A nymphet is how he calls a girl between the ages of nine and fourteen, he describes them as not necessarily beautiful but with a essential sexually quality.

He marries Valeria because she acts like a child and his obsession with nymphets worries him and he wants to live as a normal man. His marriage fails, again because his true nature forced him to dislike adult women, and also Valeria’s affair with the taxi driver. This situation showed some of Humbert hidden characteristics. Mental hospital are normal places according to his description, he goes in and out figuring that his illness is cure. After some time he finally arrives in the States to face again his twisted sad reality.

Lolita’s Nymphets

The narrator, Humbert, is real descriptive in his choice of child preference. It’s not just the way he describes them physically; but how he describes them to be irresistible nymphets, as they don’t realize their own “fantastic power”(17). They’re not the most attractive child the common eye would pick out. They’re just based upon the discovery of an “artist…a madman, a creature of infinite melancholy”(17); someone with a never ending mind cycle, whose thoughts just go on and on and on. Being “lone voyagers, we nympholepts, would have long gone insane”(17) if every girl-child were a nymphet. I believe nymphs were mythical creatures who seduced sailors, voyagers, into falling for them. They were beautiful creatures with beautiful gifts, such as singing, etc… In Lolita we see that the narrator falling for them every time; a time like at “pubescent park”(21).

I feel his choice of “nymphets” are based upon Annabel’s death, directing his belief on what could be“Lolita” being the incarnation of Annabel. This must be the cause of his lustful eye towards girl-children. Humbert states, “…[Annabel] haunted me ever since-until at last, twenty-four years later, I broke her spell by incarnating her in another”(15). He describes Annabel sort of like his soul mate, in whom every time they had a “tryst”(8) they were always interrupted. The link, that bond, that supposed consecration was always interrupted; and permanently interrupted by Annabel’s death. Humbert’s perfect girl, was in the form of Annabel in which he would always remember as a child.

Side Note: Lolita is a real dictionary defined book. The narrator(Humbert) comes from a English major background, so that must be the reason why.



The story started out interesting enough for me to continue reading but it was difficult for me to understand it. When i did try to figure it out I picked out pieces of the story that stood out to me and try to piece them together. His listing of several females names was one as seen on (page 9.) The fact that he said he was a murderer and mentions of jury at first led me to think that it was a murder case that he was describing. But while reading there were mentions of Humbert  fornicating with these females made it even more confusing to me. on page 12 he described what I think is a moment of bliss with Annabel  who subsequently dies but not at the hands of Humbert but died of typhus that made it even harder for me to find a real concept of where the book is going.  Also the fact that his mind was full of so much lust after just describing yourself as a murderer made me question if Humbert was ill or it was just the his imagination going wild. On page 18 though it described how psychoanalysts wooed him with pseudoliberations of pseudolibidoes. I thought of this as a fake type of freedom within himself as a result of all those thoughts he was having. It was all over the place and really hard for me to interpret but reading through it thats how I interpreted it. Hopefully as i get into the book I’ll get a clearer understanding of what’s going on cause it seems an interesting read.

Lolita (PGS 1-34)

From the start of the novel, the narrator (Humbert) lets us know about his “francy prose style” (#9) Through out the first section I noticed that Humbert likes to play with words. Specially when he is trying to say Lolita’s name, breaking it up into syllables. I though this would be some information to hold onto thorough out the novel so that I could better understand him as a character.

In the first section Humber identifies himself as a murderer and addresses the readers as “ladies and gentlemen of the jury” (#9). I feel like at this point Humbert is stating that we are going to start judgement on him because of everything he is about to write in regards to his life and Lolita. I feel like through sections 1-4 Humbert is trying to convince or put forth that he had a very normal upbringing, “happy, wealthy child in a bright world” (#10) The introduction of Annabelle in section 3 just increases to his innocence as a young man. Trying to suppress the “paroxysm of desire” (#12) and then having to deal with his first love dying four months later. I felt some sympathy for him at this point. Which might be something he wanted the reader to feel. His mother dies when he is three, “picnic, lightning” (#10) as be blandly describes, Annabelle dies, and his governess (aunt) dies. He also talks about being exposed to the sexual world at the age of 13 through some movies and pictures. So I feel at this point the reader is just asking okay, what happened to this child that made him into the murderer that he is presenting himself as today. He tends to express himself as someone who was always loved by the people in his surroundings which i found relates to him knowing that he is being judged. He was loved by the workers in his father hotel, by the schools kids, and by women when he got older.

I also noticed how Humbert when playing with worlds uses relations to mythical and fairy tale things. The biggest example being the creation of the term “nymphet” (#18) when i looked up the world nymp it states that it is a mythological creature. But then it also gives Humbert’s definition which i found interesting. His play with words eventually gave an English world his personalized meaning and then through out the reading he says things such as being under a “spell” when talking about Annabelle’s love. He also makes reference to “enchanted island of time” (#18) and to the goddess “voluptas” (#21). There is also a relation with gardens that I noticed through out the reading. When he is first finding out about sexual things “decorous and purely theoretical decorous talk in the rose garden of the school” (#11), then when he was sneaking around with annabelle “after one wild attemp we made to meet t night in her garden” (#12), then later on he describes how he is at the park he states “ah, leave me alone in my pubescent park, my mossy garden” (#21) Maybe this just emphasizing that fairy tale land

This is really a difficult read I was glad I got to comprehend what was going on(ofcourse after reading it over like twice. But i suggest dictionary app right next to you as you read jotting down words you don’t know. I feel like its important to understand all of Hombert’s descriptions and choice of words so that we can better analyze what he is trying to get at with certain things.