The End, Pages 247-309 Lolita <3

I was surprised by the way the story ended. The story unraveled in such a way that it almost feels like there was no other way for the story to end. Watching Humbert plea to Lolita for her to return to him once again, to enter that car and drive off with him, to me it felt like that was Humbert last attempt to hold on to the little bit of sanity he had left.

After loosing her, Humbert was being betrayed by his own mind, and that’s when Rita played her roll into the story. Humbert allowed Rita to join him because she was pretty close to being just as messed up as he is, but what surprised me is that he didnt described her as repulsive as i thought he would other than stating “She was so kind, was Rita, such a good sport, that I daresay she would have given herself to any pathetic creature or fallacy and old broken tree or bereaved porcupine, out of sheer chumminess and compassion”.(258)

I disagree with Humbert when he states that “This book is about Lolita”(253) after reading the ending I would of chosen the title for this book to be ‘The Confessions of a White Widowed Male’. My reasons being because Humbert Does not portray Lolita as the love of his life but more like an infatuation between a man and a child. The poem in page 256 clarified my opinion and even more when Humbert himself analyses his poem and reflects in saying that it is a maniacs masterpiece(257)

Lolita to Humbert was indeed a masterpiece, the perfect child to allow him to express his inner monster, his most disturbing desire for little girls to do what he pleased. Humbert couldn’t comprehend why Lolita would ever want to leave his side, because he comforted himself to believe he gave her a good life, he gave her things so everything else didn’t matter, her emotions didn’t matter or what she was feeling with this whole situation.

Lolita’s letter showed me how liberal she really is, how she didn’t let what Humbert did keep her from continuing her life although she did feel the need to run away because she know Humbert would never let her go. The only reason Humbert didn’t fight for her was because Lolita was no longer his nymphet if she were to still be untouched and most of all not pregnant i feel this story would of had a different ending. “My american sweet immortal dead love, for she is dead”(280) The only thing that Humbert could do is kill the man that caused all of this because instead of realizing that it was Lolita herself who wanted to go.

Humbert killing Quilty, although a very sloppy attempt in committing murder was a coward move in my opinion. Quilty was a sick and dying man and from what i saw drifting in and out of consciousness as if he was on a high dose of medication. Humbert needed to put the blame on someone in order to make sense of things but couldn’t come to the conclusion that he had the fault in Lolita leaving his side, because he failed to notice that the years he spent traveling with Lolita not once did he give her a voice, Lolita was mute, we only know how he felt and not how Lolita was processing everything, he forgot the most important part of his little romance adventure, and that was Lolita, and that Lolita was a child. “And it struck me, as my automaton knees went up and down, that i simply did not know a thing about my darling’s mind….”(284)


I enjoyed this book very much. And as Lady of the Jury….my vote is , I find Humbert Humbert GUILTY !!!

Lolita 247-309

Humbert has finally met his end emotionally with the end of the story of Lolita. His greatest fear realized, Lolita escaped his grasps and ventured away from him. This personal tragedy transforms him from the strategic intellectual to a cold hearted man driven by vengeance. He treks backwards from his travels with Lolita to catch up with her and kill his brother for the treacherous act, “A thousand-mile stretch of silk-smooth road separated Kasbeam, where, to the best of my belief, the red fiend had been scheduled to appear for the first time, and fateful Elphinstone which we had reached about a week before Independence Day” (247).

Humbert truly loves his Lolita and his passion for her is what drives him to search for her over the long three years. Without her by his side he grows ever more uneasy “Solitude was corrupting me. I needed company and care” (258). This is due greatly in part to fact that Lolita is virtually the only person that Humbert has any true feelings for and the only person he has been himself towards rather than put up a front.  Once she sends him the letter asking for help he quickly rushes to find her to take her back and away from whatever life she has made for herself. Alas he catches up with her at her new home and begs that she come back “I want you to leave your incidental Dick, and this awful hole, and come to live with me, and die with me, and everything with me” (278). She rejects him and lets him know that there was no way she would ever return to a life with him. This is what destroys Humbert Humbert “I covered my face with my hand and broke into the hottest tears I have ever shed” (279). His love for Lolita has been put into question many times since the beginning of the story but now with its end it is evident that he loved Lolita not the nymphet but the individual at heart.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov p249-309

Humbert Humbert describe Loilta as a prey to him in part one of the novel. In the second part Humbert shows how far he will go to get Lolita. “I got out of the cat and slammed its door”(p269). Humbert set out a new plan to get lolita back for himself. He distance himself for everyone including Rita and focusing only on getting Lolita back. He was finally going to get his Lolita back, no one is going to stop him. Humbert after seeing her, he noticed that Lolita have out grown her nymphet look . He did seem to be in love with he anymore. Without her nymphet look, Lolita no longer resemble Annabel.

“I could not kill he, of course, as some have thought”(p270).  After all humbert went trough and on his way to find her while planning to kill her. Humbert then realize that he want not angry at lolita but want angry at the man who kidnapper her form the hospital. That man rob him of Lolita remaining nymphet years. Humbert set out on another quest to kill the man who rob lolita form him for all those years. Humbert loving Lolita very much, he then know that he could kill he. Despite everything he did to her, her getting kidnap and never coming back to him. Humbert narration toward the ending of the novel, make the reader think the he is going to kill Lolita and her husband. Hubert show his true love for lolita by not killing her or her husband.

Lolita’s Seperation

I’m glad I finally finished Lolita. It was a difficult yet good book to read; and i’m not just saying this because the book is out of the way. Part Two, as we discussed in class, definitely had a delay to it.

I was surprised in how the book ended on Lolita’s part; it was just a simple goodbye between her and Humbert, as in we, the readers, don’t see her physically no more. Presently I accept this fact though, it was simple but emotional. The powerful statement that was suggested in between Lolita’s gropes was, “He(Cue) broke my heart. You merely broke my life”(279). I was like DAMN!!! when i read that part. Years had passed between the two; so, for Humbert to first receive a letter, stating her pregnancy by another man, and then for Lolita to crush Humbert’s dream of any “microscopic hope”(280) of their forever life together; that would definitely be considered to be a deep tear in Humbert’s life. “This book is about Lolita”(253) Humbert states, so beside all of the side nymphets, Humbert always placed Lolita on top of his wishes. Lolita was his desire, all he wanted and knew. The symbolism behind the event, was when Humbert was on his way driving from Lolita’s place, he drove away on a rainy day; rain symbolizing sadness, as he states his inability to “cope with [his]..tears”(280).

As I read their final separation, I really suspected Humbert to pull out his gun, and be on some, “If I can’t have you, no body can have you” act, killing Lolita in the process; but I guess that would make Humbert contradict what he had stated earlier, in that he “could not kill her…it was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight”(270). That’s a serious emotion right there because Humbert even steps outside of the story, with the use of metafiction, suggesting the reader to have thought the same as I thought; Humbert kills Lolita, and in that showing just how much we know about Humbert’s love for Lolita.

The real Humbert

In this last section of Lolita I felt that we saw the real Humbert Humbert and the final mile of a journey for him. His mission for revenge took in full flight after the removal of Lolita from his presence and maybe even the maniac in him showed after that. Even till the end I couldn’t find any viable reasons for his behavior towards little nymphets and even conceded himself after he read the poem he wrote for Lolita. “By psychoanalyzing this poem, I noticed it is really a maniac’s masterpiece” (257), maybe he is after all. Not in love but crazy for love. Maybe all those things were deprived of him by older women, whatever it is really turned this guy into a creep.

He was all so confident in  his love for Lolita earlier that he even believed it himself in ways that plagued his mind severely. I dont think Humbert is a bad person and sure he may have done a bad thing in killing somebody but in his defense, he was helpless in his decision because he had no support around him. Lolita was his only main insparation and he lived for Lolita to the point it cost him the rest of his life. He surrended to that but not before with all the passion and love in his heart, attempt to school Lolita. He basically gave her a list of things to take heed to as a young adoloscent to ensure her happiness and to make sure she’s treated right(308-309). That’s what his life is all about, making sure Lolita is always happy and did everything in his power to ensure that even taking steps to leaving her alone.