Lolita’s voice

The end of chapter 32. “Why can’t I call my mother if I want to?” “Because,” I answered, “your mother is dead.”


After hearing this I didn’t took Mr.Humbert/Dad seriously. I was stunned of course, becuse he had said it so casually “because your mother is dead”. I then said angrily “stopping messing around with me”. He then pulled over the car close to a sidewalk at an intersection. He started going into detail of how he had heard the new this morning. He said when he had ran along to get the car warmed up, while I was using the bathroom, a security guard at the hotel said the hospital had called and said he should deliver the news. I didn’t wanted to hear, the news all seems blurry for me, and I had lost my sense of smell, tasting, and sight.


Eating Food/treats, or having a measly chat, is not going to help me.I can’t believe she is gone, I didn’t want you to leave me mommy, my tears are never ending..Time had past and Dad was there for me, During that night daddy rented a hotel with two different rooms. I found myself running to him, in search of comfort, he’s all I have now. I just regret that we had not done what we had did, oh please forgive me Mom.

Lolita’s impressions

Scene 27(110-112) and scene 29(133-137)
I Picked scene 27 because she played Humbert for money, Scene 29 Lolita was the one pulling the string

The camp advisor called me to tell me that my father was here to pick me up. After I packed up I saw him and said Mr. Haze by accident so I quickly said Mr. Humbert to make up for it. We went in the car to drive around then he started to breakdown and said nothing so I had gotten bored so I nodded for him to be more on the crazy side. Then as I saw a cop I hoped for him to taken Mr. Humbert to jail after he was driving reckless but I was disappointed as he made a U-turn. I wanted to stop for a bit for a washroom, then I wanted ice cream  but had no money. I decided to play Hr. Humbert with the open my wallet only to find out I had no money trick. He played into my trap then here is when he started to kiss me a lot then I told the dirty man to stop.

When Mr. Humbert took me to the room he kept on kissing me then when I’d told him it would be incest as mother will bed mad, he kept on looking at me with eyes of passion. Then after I ate I felt sleepy so I laid down to rest, as I woke up I was undressed by this dirty man. I pretended to sleep but I was curious if he was going to do it to me. So as I woke up disappointed  I kissed Mr. Humbert gently so he can get what kind of game I’m playing. I started to give clues to what I wanted to do but he seemed not to understand me at al. Then I decided to ask the questions like do you know what kinds of games I’ve played with Charlie. He replied “I did not know what game I played” then I found out he never did it. I looked at him with disgust to find out that this man had never did it so I took pity on him then I started to explain what sex was to him.  

Giving Lolita a Voice

The scene in the story I picked is in section 27 pages 122-123. HH and Lolita are at the table eating and HH offers her some of his ‘vitamin x’ pills.

“Oh, just Purpills. Vitamin X. Makes one strong as an ox or an ax. Want to try one?” he said. Of course I will, if I want to keep up with him. I stretched out my hand and nodded vigorously for the pill. That pill, Vitamin X, soon I will be as strong as her–Charlotte, dear mother– how it must feel to loose to me, a simple little girl. I will be better than her for him, and I will no longer be a child to him or anyone’s child but just HIS. Once in the elevator i leaned against his broad shoulders and made my way to his chest where i could silently hear his heart beating for me–wouldn’t you like me to tell you?, “sleepy, huh?” said uncle tom, why would he say that i’m fine, just a little tired from it all. I didn’t realize how fast we got to the room, but I quickly sat down on the corner of the bed. I looked upon him, does he like his little girls pure and untouched? Will he still want me then, after I confess it all? “If I tell you—if i tell you, will you promise…[why cant i get this out? whats wrong with me?!] promise you wont make complaints?” He has to, or he looses me and I don’t think that is an option for him. Why do I even care he’s the one who’s interested. “Later, lo. Now go to bed. Ill leave you here, and you go to bed. Give you ten minutes.”—Well i guess not. Not if hes going to leave me here–“oh, I’ve been such a disgusting girl, Lemme tell you”  I watched him walk out the door and I could even hear his first steps as he went downstairs. I think I lost consciousness, and when I opened my eyes he still wasn’t back yet. I leaned up and the room was spinning but I didn’t seem to understand why, I laid backed, rested my head and dozed off.

Giving Lolita a Voice

The scene I chose to re-write is the scene where HH just picked up Lo at camp and is taking her to the hotel. It can be found in section 27, page 112.

“Well you haven’t kissed me yet have you?” I asked him.
I looked away immediately after I said it, completely embarrassed. Yet, I couldn’t disguise my longing for the feeling of his lips on mine. “Are you crazy?! He’s your stepfather. He’s old and he definitely does not feel the same way about you that you do about him.” But, hell I could not make it more awkward than it already is.
No sooner had he stopped the car than I flew into his arms. A tingling sensation cascaded through my body. I felt him on every inch of me, the warm, flowing passion flowing through me like a forest fire with a mission. I could not believe how right–or strange it felt. This was wrong, so wrong. My mother is in the hospital for God’s sake and all I’m thinking about is hooking up with her husband. What the hell is wrong with me? What will she think? She already hates me, this will just drive her over the edge. Boarding school here I come. Hes still kissing me back, maybe he feels the sa–wait a minute, was that a cop car?

Giving Lolita a Voice

“Give it gave, she pleaded, showing the marbled flash of her palms.  i produced delicious. she grasped it and bit into it, and my heart was like snow under thin crimson skin, and with the monkeyish nimbleness that was so typical of the American nymphet”(). chapter 13

I plead with him to give me the magazine. I then grab the magazine out of his hand that he was reading. I held the apple in one hand while flipping through the magazine like a crazy person. I found the article i was looking and show it to humbert.  Humbert look real interesting  when i show him the article and start talking about it. the picture of the week in the magazine was of a poster replica of the venus di milo, half burned in sand. it was a very curious picture for me as i wound want make it so exciting to me. Humbert then try to get back the magazine form me. i pull back the magazine a he try to grab it back. He grab my arm and twisted as he try to get the magazine back. It fell on the the floor and i recoiled and lay back in the right hand corner of the davenport. Humbert sitting across from me looking a me as i did something wrong just because i took this magazine. He was probably going to tell mom what i did to his stuff.

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Lolita’s voice.

The scene I want to invert into Lolita’s voice is the one about Humbert leaving his room’s door ajar as a trap to catch Lolita. This scene can be find on section 11, page 48.

Saturday: My mother is not home and Mr. Humbert just walked into his room, his door is slightly open again. As I pass by his room for the unknown number of times I saw him writing and this crazy idea about going in there without being invited came to my head. As I was walking towards his room this nervousness gripped me. I opened the door without knocking. He looked surprise and his reactions was like he was waiting for me. Once in there I did not know what to do, so I was just wondering around while he kept on writing. Eventually I reached his desk and my curiosity lead me to some pages filled with nonsense words written in a very small letters I could not understand.

My Humbert is such a nice person to be around, it is nice to have an older friend. I feel like I can trust him. He makes me feel confident.

My stubbornness for trying to understand his writing kept me next to him. He was quiet all the time. It was a surprise when I felt his arm around me. I did not how to react, and I thought it was ok because he lives under the same roof as I am, and I consider him my friend. I even sat on his lap to continue trying to decipher what he wrote. I did not have the courage to see at his eyes but I knew he was looking at me. I wanted to run out of that room, but something kept me there until the loud noise of Louise’s voice telling my mother who just walked in about a dead animal in the basement. Louise’s story drag me out of there.

Giving Lolita a Voice

As John Ray informs us in his Foreword, Lolita’s “first name is too closely interwound with the inmost fiber of the book to allow one to alter it” (4), and indeed the story both begins and ends with Lolita’s name.  And yet, we only see Lolita through Humbert’s eyes, through his desire, through his insanity, and through his memory.

Humbert tells us, “I would like to describe her face, her ways – and I cannot, because my own desire for her blinds me when she is near” (44); Humbert seems to be so wrapped up in his passion for her that he cannot see her clearly. Therefore, even though he spend many pages meticulously describing her body, personality, and life, the Lolita we see is through Humbert’s gaze, not Lolita herself (or as she sees herself) …

So, here’s your opportunity to give voice to Lolita, to re-tell the story, the same story, but from her point of view. There are no rules, no word limits, nothing is off-limits, nothing you should do, except to tell a particular scene/aspect of the text from little Lo’s perspective. Does she focus obsessively on Humbert? Does she totally ignore him? Does she love him? Does she hate him? Is she scared of him? Does she know what he’s trying to do? Does she care? (etc. etc)

*You should complete this post (no word limit, but I encourage much longer than the normal 250 word minimum) the night before our next class (Th 10/17), and categorize it as “Lolita’s impressions. Please make sure to indicate what scene/part of the text you are re-telling (provide section & numbers).

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