Hello Everyone,

IMG_0512Hey everyone or should I say my Fellow classmates, my name Mecca and I’m from Jamaica Queens. I’m 18 turning 19 December 11 which makes me a Sagittarius. The best sign ever by the way. I’m currently on my second year at City Tech studying Liberal Arts. When it comes to my future I’m a little unsure of what I would like to do. But what I am sure about is whatever occupation I choose I would like it to be in the criminal justice department. So I hope to transfer to John Jay after this year and follow the footsteps of many others in my family.

I like to think of myself as just a “chilled” laid back person who likes to laugh at everything and smile for no reason, which maybe weird to some. I’m very family oriented and love to hang out with my friends. At the top it’s a photo of my older cousin and I as we were on our way to the mall over the summer.

I’m definitely excited about taking this class and reading the different material and discussing them to one another. If I had to choose my favorite type of fiction it would have to be Romance. I just love the whole idea of Love and happy ending. I hope to learn and understand more about fiction novels in this course.

Hello Class!

My name is Fausto Barros. I was born in Cuenca, Ecuador.  In 1998, I moved to the New York and currently live in the Bronx. I love technology in general but my interest is focused on telecommunications. I love sports such as soccer, tennis, running, swimming, biking. I like to read history books because I feel the necessity and the desire to know about the past to understand the present, and sometimes I do freelance photography.IMG_2468

My biggest desire is to graduate from college to inspire my children so they can be the best they can be. One day I want to make enough money so that my father who is one of my mentors and example in life can stop working and enjoy life while he is still healthy.

I attended and graduate from Washington Irving High School. Then, I went to Borough Manhattan Community College for one semester and transferred to Bronx Community College from where I obtained my Associates Degree in Telecommunication Engineering Technology. This is my third semester attending New York City College of Technology in hopes of achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications.

Over the summer my family and I took a couple of trips to visit my uncle who lives in Pennsylvania, also went to work as usual, and took a summer session calculus class. My plans for this semester are to work really hard and do very well in all my classes. I also want to get to know more people around campus, and try to be more involved with college matters in general.

_My favorite genre of literature is history and my favorite books are Anne Frank’s diary, and Nicholas and Alexandra.

_A strength I have is that I am very faithful to a book in which once I start reading it I have to finish it. A weakness I have is my poor vocabulary. Strengths as a writer could be that once I start writing, my ideas flow more easily. My weaknesses as a writer are: difficulty in organizing ideas as they flow out of my head, and finding the best introduction and conclusion.

_I like to read, but what I don’t like is not having enough time to do it. I don’t really like writing, but sometimes I find it relaxing to put some thoughts in paper.

_I have a descent amount of knowledge about technology, but not enough that is why I have to keep studying.

_I think that we are going to be working with fiction books and stories, and this will increase my vocabulary, and help me think more deeply why writers write what they write.

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IMG_20130828_143911Hi everyone, my name is Bryan Gagnay. I’m a junior and my major is Electromechanical Engineering. Im currently a pastry chef at an italian restaurant, Tonalli. Although I know my current job doesn’t really go hand in hand with what I’m studying for in school, I love it! To be honest I’m not really sure what I want to do with my life in the future, but then again some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don’t. My summer break consisted of partying, working and mostly playing soccer, which i’m really passionate about.

I never really liked reading, but i found that if you’re reading a book that actually interests you then it’s not so bad. I don’t really have a specific genre of literature that I like to read. I kind of just read, if that makes any sense. John Green and Paulo Coelho are my favorite authors. Looking For Alaska and The Alchemist are my favorite books written by them. What I enjoy the most about reading is that, for that brief moment in which your indulged in the book you become those characters and step away from reality. Fictional literature allows the writer to use his/her imagination without any limitations and take the reader on an adventure. My weakness as a writer would be organizing my thoughts clearly on paper.

During this semester I hope to become a better writer, learn what fictional literature truly means and successfully complete the course.

Tiramisu anyone? :D

Tiramisu anyone? 😀

A little about me.

Hello Everyone! My name is Umar Alam. I am 18 years old, but will soon be 19 on September 19. This is my second year at City Tech and my major is Electromechanical Engineering. I’m not really sure of what I will do after college. I guess I’m still deciding on that.

I am an avid YouTube viewer; the same goes for my two sisters and my cousins. My cousin and I even planned a trip to Anaheim, California this past summer. The main event of the trip was VidCon, which a YouTube convention. After our California trip, we when to a We The Kings concert on August 17. You may know We The Kings by their song “We’ll Be a Dream” featuring Demi Lovato. If you’ve never heard of We The Kings, I recommend you listen to their work.

My favorite genre of literature is fiction. I like fiction because it doesn’t have limitations on what can happen during a story. Whatever happens within the story could be things that are impossible. Sometimes the story is based on the future and shows things that seem impossible but have real life connections. What I like about reading is that I can disconnect from the real world of a time and dive into new worlds. My favorite series is Divergent by Veronica Roth. I am also waiting for the third book of the series to be released. My favorite author is John Green. His books can make you want to cry. When it comes to technology, I can figure out how to use things quickly. For example, I know how to work my sister’s MacBook better than herself and she has had it for about two years.

During this course, I hope to learn more about fiction. Also maybe be introduced to a different type of fiction and be able to better understand what happens during a story.

My two sisters and I at Disneyland this past summer.

An Introduction to Lorena Garcia

Hii guys 🙂 My name is Lorena Garcia, I am 21 years old, Born on the 20th of December. I was born in the Dominican Republic and came to the United States when i was about 8 years old. I Live in the Bronx and have been living here since i came from the Dominican Republic and pretty much know everyone that lives here lol .This is my first semester at City Tech, I recently graduated from Borough of Manhattan Community College May 30, 2013 it was a long 5 hour ceremony of people that no one has ever met before telling us how special we are lol . Anyways, my major here is under Liberal arts and sciences but I am finishing up my nursing classes to join the nursing program and pursue a long and happy career as a nurse. One day i want to become a pediatric doctor because i love kids. I am a very fun and happy person, is rare to see me without a smile and i love to make new friends. I am also pretty busy planning my wedding but i decided a long engagement wont be so bad, i just really need to put my studies first and get through the nursing program because this year is going to be the hardest one for me, but i love challenges and I have a strong support group. hmm what else? well, I am not much of a reader but the only book i ever read willingly was the entire twilight series, i finished them in under two weeks. In my spare time I am a modern ballet dancer and i also take hip hop classes, when i was in BMCC i was part of the ‘Wild Things’ dance team that they had at the school and it was a wonderful experience. I was pursuing Ballet Professionally but it was to hard and my opportunities got slim and couldn’t afford to go pro. I love the vibe from the class on the first day and i am looking forward to a very fun semester.

Garcia.Lorena38@yahoo.com & Lorena.Garcia@mail.citytech.cuny.edu

Contact me if anything 🙂 Bye

Introduction: Tiffany

Hello, my name is Tiffany. This is my second year at New York City College of Technology. I am currently majoring in Liberal Arts and Science. I haven’t decided what my future major will be, but hopefully I will soon. I don’t really have a favorite book, but the genres I love to read are fantasy, adventure, romance, supernatural and historical. I don’t read that much, but if there is a book that catches my attention I would pick it up and read it. Also if I find a book that catches my interest I will become stubborn and read it till I am finish with the book. Personally, I don’t like reading very long books because I know I won’t be able to finish it, but if a friend recommend it to me and I find it interesting I will give it a try and read it.

When I am bored I would draw on my sketch book and usually I will just draw cartoons. Also if I am bored I would write short stories or journals because I know it will improve my writing skills if I write more. I know reading books will also improve my writing skills so I tried to read as much as possible. My grammar skills isn’t that good but its alright, so I would buy grammar workbooks and practice. I don’t know or read much about literature and I am excited to be taking this class. Also I am looking forward to learning new things.

An Introduction to Luis Ayala

Hello my name is Luis Ayala and this my second year attending NYCCT. I am nineteen years old and born and raised in the Bronx. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering and hoping to receive my bachelor’s degree in this program. I enjoy exercising my body as well as my mind in order to stay well prepared to tackle any and all challenges life throws my way. I am interested in learning as much as possible about different cultures and ideas from my peers.

I love challenges and nothing fills me with more joy than to see a task accomplished. Over the summer I enrolled in a summer semester class to test my abilities to see if I could handle a quick paced learning environment .This semester I hope to learn as much as possible from all my classes in order to reach my full academic potential, and to learn from peers in order to become a better individual for the future.

I do not have a particular favorite genre but my favorite stories are from the Old Testament of the Bible. I am decent writer and if I’m reading a book I take appropriate notes and look up any content that could be difficult to understand. I do find reading rather enjoyable because it helps give me a chance to create a world of which I am reading about through the use of my imagination. I expect to learn how to properly discuss my ideas on literature and fiction with my peers. In my opinion I feel that literature helps build the creative aspect of a writer’s potential and fiction helps fuel the creative process because it gives the writer a chance to create an alternate reality that gives the work of fiction more life.

Hey everyone, Jerome Chambers here. As you all should know, I’m attending New York City College of Technology. I’m taking this class (Eng.2001), because it was a requirement for my major. I like to read novels and short stories, but since recently I just haven’t got the time to do so. Maybe taking this class will help me get back on track with my reading and writing and help me open up new vocabularies. After finishing and passing this class, I’m hoping it can help me be more social and more open, where I can be more interactive with fellow classmates and people within my surrounding.

I am currently enrolled in the bachelors program for mechanical engineering technology. I took this course because of my love for technology and the roles it plays out in Society,and in today’s world. as a child growing up, I wasn’t always this compassionate, about working with technology, until the day my friend had made his own toy motor boat. Seeing this, had made me ignited a spark that would continue to burn within me, even up to this day. The spark of new innovations, where maybe I too could build something, but on a larger scale; and it being beneficial on the lives of others.




Hi guys , My name is Sekh Parvez. I am actually from Bangladesh which resides in South Asia. My family came here when I was 4 years old. I am very out going and love to interact with everyone. I also a lot of physical activity. playing soccer was one of the main part in my life because it was something passed down from my dad. he played soccer as a forward in his country but he was not some famous celebrity. he was just a regular soccer player.

I currently go to New York City College of Technology , I started off in Librarl Arts and Science in my first 3 years of college, now i am currently enrolled in Computer engineering  and it is something i am looking forward to doing in the future. I am not a fan of reading but i look forward to changing that this semester. I hope i can get along with everyone and hope i can bring a smile to everyone’s face during this short semester we have together.

Introductions: Aaron Hunter

How’s everyone? My name is Aaron Hunter. I was born and raised in the Bronx; and am of African American descent. So far I’ve been stuck on the desire of wanting to create something, whether a painting, sketch, or graphic design. I’m not too sure yet, but something will come to mind soon. By the way if you didn’t guess it already, I’m a graphic designer; therefore, I practically spend all my time on the computer, call it a hobby if you will. I also have an extreme desire to go to Alaska, I don’t know why; but maybe its because I’m more of a laid back individual. I’d really enjoy country life over the crowded city life.

I am a Graphics Arts major at CityTech and this semester will start off my fifth year here. In the future I can see myself working my art magic at an ad agency, but nothing too big and nothing too small. A matter of fact, during the summer I did a bit of research on how I might start my career goal off and in the process of doing this, I found some freelance work. Hopefully during this school year, I will be working some more, but at the same time I do want to concentrate on my courses first and get my degree.

Though I never read the whole thing, my favorite book would have to Misery by Stephen King. I heard it’s basically the movie with much more details and events. One would classify this type of book as a fictional thriller. Now, I can read a book but one of my main problems is that I can never finish a book(though in the past I’ve been forced to). I also have a strong habit of skimming. What I do enjoy about reading though, is that it increases the power of your mind, your “brain power” let’s just say. My use of technology is average but more advanced on programs such as Adobe Illustrator and other graphic programs. Literature to me is basically a written story, whether true or false, displayed in figurative or literal elements. Now, with that being said I hope to learn more about the “actual” meaning of literature. I am also curious to know whether it will use elements of a speech class, meaning in the way you read.

Yes, I know my ears look like Spock.