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admiring art work in our halls

admiring art work in our halls

I am the oldest of three girls and I’m very family orientated. I like to cook for my friends and family when I have the time. Currently I work in an Italian restaurant called the ” Pine” in the Bronx. I love animals and am allergic to cats and dust. I look forward to learning something from the reading that we will be coming across this semester. “let’s do it!”. Trying to stay positive is the most important thing to me.

Who’s Irish?

When I first started to read this short story, I said to myself that this person doesn’t know english well. When a story is written this way it makes it seem more real. An old woman from China is speaking in broken sentences.

I think it is a good story. Its a story about different cultures of the world. It shows how someone is raised in one country sees others in other countries. One difference that was in this story is how parents treat their children. In this country today, it’s considered abuse when you hit your child. Even if they’re doing something bad. Even if they won’t listen and punishments won’t work. The text says, “John and my daughter agree Sophie is a problem, but they don’t know what to do. You spank her, she’ll stop, I say another day. But they say, Oh no. In America, parents not supposed to spank the child. It gives them low self-esteem, my daughter say. And it leads to problems later, as I happen to know.”

A part that I thought was amusing were the male and female roles. In the beginning of the story she was saying how she was fierce. Her husband and the staff in the restaurant were afraid of her. Even gang members were afraid of her. They would hide their faces behind menus. Her daughter Natalie is fierce too. She is the vice president of a bank. Theres another part where the Shea family has four brothers and none of them work. All of them are on welfare.



Hi. My name is Zayd Sanders. I am in the Animation major, and my goal is to become a game designer. This is my 3rd semester in this major, and I was in the school for 3 years. At first I didn’t know what to do because my initial plan for college was to go to The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I ended up staying in New York because it was going to be too expensive.I grew up in The Bronx, and as a child I always used to draw and play video games. So why not try to get into a career that involves both.

On me free time I’m usually playing my guitar. I’ve been teaching myself for almost two years and I am learning pretty fast. Me and a good friend of mine are planning on starting a band soon.

Stuff about me

IMG_NEWHello and sorry for the long wait. My name is Samuel Williams. I live in Brooklyn but I was originally from Guyana, South America. I am an only child of seventeen and turning eighteen next month. The high school that I went to is called City Poly Technic High school, which is also located in Downtown Brooklyn. They have a program where people can graduate in three years instead of the traditional four years.

I have certain hobbies such as playing video games and listening to music. I also like to hang out with my friends outside, but at home, we would either spend time chatting on Facebook or texting each other on our phones. However, I am usually a shy person, and as a result, I wouldn’t talk much, but that changes if we talk about a common interest.

When it comes to reading, I am only interested in sci-fi and horror novels, but I am willing to make an exception for any book. I am also a fan of Japanese manga even though I don’t have many. In middle school, my classmates and I were required to read a book daily and write a short summary on the pages that we read. When we were finished with the books over all, we would have to write a one to two page summary on the book and what we thought of it. So, it was basically similar to this blogging site except we had to write in our books instead of typing in our computers.

Well, those are a few things about me. I am hoping to enjoy this semester with my fellow classmates and professor. Thanks for reading.

An introduction to little old me :D


I’m a momma’s girl! ^___^


Hello everyone!! My name is Betsy Torrau. I am a very family orientated person. I am blessed with a beautiful loving family and close friends. I am the oldest of four. I have a younger sister, and two younger brothers. My sister is a Marine and is currently stationed in San Diego, California. As much as she drove me crazy I am now missing a very important part of me 🙁 but as much as I want her to come back I support her 100%!

This is my fourth year in City Tech. If all goes as planned I will be graduating with a B-tech degree in Hospitality Management this Spring. I have been working in the industry since I was 15 years old. However, all of my experience lies in a restaurant environment. I am interested in exploring the hotel and resorts environment. I would love to work in a boutique hotel as well as in a resort. I love trying new things and exploring my options. Honestly my ultimate goal in life is to obtain a career that I genuinely enjoy, whether it be in this field or not!

I had a pretty exciting summer, I turned 21 this summer! I went to Atlantic City to celebrate! The celebration also continued once I returned to New York. I went upstate twice this summer. The first time I went to a friend’s lake house and stayed for 5 days. The second time I went with my family. We hiked up Hunter Mountain! It felt amazing! This summer I also went to the Jay Z and Justin Timberlake concert! I also began a new job as a server with Entertainment Cruises.

My favorite genre of literature is suspense, drama and mystery. I used to read pretty often when I was younger and even enjoyed writing short stories. Quite honestly I’m not sure why I don’t anymore. I feel like I don’t have the time anymore! I find myself beginning a million different books and never finishing one! That’s a very bad habit of mine! Although I still read online news articles, I am an FML reader and enjoy reading magazines.

I would say one of my strengths in reading is that I will always look up foreign vocabulary words and make sure I comprehend the content before continuing to read. A strength in my writing is that I try my best to avoid repetition. A weakness in my writing is finding the perfect way to begin and to end! Once I am able to write a clever introduction the rest usually flows with ease! Until of course its time for me to think of a clever ending!

I believe that works of literature is an art form. Through literature we are able to transport ourselves to another realm, to explore the mind of another, and gain knowledge of the world that surrounds us. I look forward to analyze and discuss the text selected for this course. I love to speak my opinions and hear other’s insights as well. I expect this to be a very fun and interactive class!

Cheers to a great semester! We’re all getting A’s right! ;]


Hello everyone , my name is Marvin Hernandez and I’m from El Salvador. I was born in my country but I came to New York when I was 3 years old. This is my second year here in City Tech and I am majoring in Computer Information System. I’m looking forward on getting my bachelors and provide myself with a good future and give my younger brother and sister a good example so they can follow the same. I enjoy working with computer so I’m decent when it comes to technology. When I was a little a kid I love working with computers and that’s why now I want it to be my profession. I like to spend time with my family and hanging out with friends. Some of my hobbies and interests are playing baseball, going to gym and video games. In the summer i basically enjoyed it relaxing and having good times.

When it comes to reading I never really liked to read unless its something very interesting. If I hear about an interesting book or something that catches my mind I’ll read but otherwise if its not then the book would just put me to sleep. A book that I thought was pretty good that I read in high school was “Hamlet.” But other than that I don’t really enjoy it so therefore I don’t really have a favorite author or book. I’m looking forward to learn new things and about fiction novels in this class. I’m a chill and outgoing person and I like to meet new people so anyone can contact me if anything.

Hello Everyone! ;]

Hi everyone, my name is Steven Han. This is my fourth year at City Tech. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I am Chinese but I speak minimal Mandarin because at home we tend to speak English only. That is why I am taking Chinese classes to brush up on my Mandarin. I love to meet to new people because its always interesting to see how other people live their lives.

Over the summer me and my best friends made a last minute trip to Orlando,Florida. We went to Universal Studios, Island of Adventures and Magic Kingdom. Even though Magic Kingdom is a family theme park we had a lot of fun because I consider my best friends family. We went to see Adventure Club, it was pretty fun raving with my friends in Orlando, even though we went to Miami during spring for Ultra Music Festival.


ADVENTURE CLUB!! That’s me in the middle with all my biffles <3 


NEW YORK has been the only place I came to know since I was younger. My name is Antoine and this is my story. I am Panamanian and Jamaican but i was raised in BROOKLYN, NEW YORK most of my life. While growing up, I used most of my time drawing cartoon characters such as mickey mouse, sonic, pokemon, and etc. My artistic ability became a curse when drawing became my way of life. Whenever I became stressed or bothered, I would draw to calm myself down. During high school, I harnessed my abilities from looking at a picture of any character too drawing them from memory. Any art I have seen in the streets became a new form of understanding what art really was. Living in NEW YORK, graffiti admired me to different mediums in art topography. It made me look at how dedicated and creative they were to illustrate their name or any abstract object. Besides art, football became a dream that I still would like to pursue. Last year I played for a semi pro football league and we won the championship. The greatest feeling in the world after coming back from two years of not playing. Eventually I would hope to push my mind and body to its limit and tryout for a professional team. If I do not make the team, I wouldn’t care, it would only make me push harder for what i want…

Hello Class !

Hi everyone my name is Romario,  I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica but immigrated to the United States when I was 12. I spent a few years living in Miami, Florida but then moved to New York in the summer of 2006. I’m currently 18 years old turning 19 in January, I live in the Bronx and have been since I came to New York. I’m humble as they come, enjoy soccer and music majority of my time. I’m not the most exciting of persons at first its sad to say but I’m very fun to be around if you do get to know me. When I’m not around company I’m usually zoned out with my music enjoying my me time. I hate talking on the phone personally I feel it takes a lot of time out of your day, I have a baby sister whose 8 years old and I embrace the term “Hakuna Matata” as I tend to have no worries.

As far as my future goes, couples months ago I didn’t have clue, but after talks with a couple of people and a little research in its profession, I decided on mechanical engineering. I felt it was right for me in spite of my personal goals. I want to be independent in the future and not having to be employed by anyone long term. I have the intention of being my own boss and as they say it’s never too young to dream.

“Aspire to inspire before you expire”


Hi! my name is Goutam and i am from queens new york. I attend the New York City College of Technology. I have one semester left at city tech after this one. At the end of the two semester i will be graduating with a bachelor degree in computer information system. I will be the second person to graduate from college in my family. My sister took the honor for the first person to graduate from college. My favorite sport is football.

My hobbies include reading anime books sometimes watching anime television show. I also like reading article about computer, phone, tables and video game. i sometime play video game in my spear time.I also love science fiction and one of my favorite science fiction is star trek. I also like stand up comedy and going to comedy club. Some of my favorite comedian are Chris Rock,  Russell Peters and other. In my spear time i like to go bike riding and hiking in the park. In the summer time I like to travel around the country. As you can tell I am a tech guy. After graduating I would like to have a job in network security.