“Happy Endings”

“Happy Endings” didn’t have a happy ending, but it had the truth. It reminded me of a movie I saw recently called “Sliding Doors.” The movie simultaneously shows two paths that a woman ends up taking depending on whether or not she makes it into her train. The ending to both paths were similar but one was much more tragic. Like in this story, there are deaths in each situation that could possible happen, showing the horrible truth about endings.


This was very interesting to read. It’s different from normal stories since it is a big list of someone’s dialogue, showing a girl how to be a proper lady most likely. While reading this I imagined a woman running around a house, dragging a girl around with her, and showing her how to do things around the house. This reminded me of Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, since in the play a man takes the challenge of turning a flower girl from the bottom class and making her appear to be of very high class.

A little about me.

Hello Everyone! My name is Umar Alam. I am 18 years old, but will soon be 19 on September 19. This is my second year at City Tech and my major is Electromechanical Engineering. I’m not really sure of what I will do after college. I guess I’m still deciding on that.

I am an avid YouTube viewer; the same goes for my two sisters and my cousins. My cousin and I even planned a trip to Anaheim, California this past summer. The main event of the trip was VidCon, which a YouTube convention. After our California trip, we when to a We The Kings concert on August 17. You may know We The Kings by their song “We’ll Be a Dream” featuring Demi Lovato. If you’ve never heard of We The Kings, I recommend you listen to their work.

My favorite genre of literature is fiction. I like fiction because it doesn’t have limitations on what can happen during a story. Whatever happens within the story could be things that are impossible. Sometimes the story is based on the future and shows things that seem impossible but have real life connections. What I like about reading is that I can disconnect from the real world of a time and dive into new worlds. My favorite series is Divergent by Veronica Roth. I am also waiting for the third book of the series to be released. My favorite author is John Green. His books can make you want to cry. When it comes to technology, I can figure out how to use things quickly. For example, I know how to work my sister’s MacBook better than herself and she has had it for about two years.

During this course, I hope to learn more about fiction. Also maybe be introduced to a different type of fiction and be able to better understand what happens during a story.

My two sisters and I at Disneyland this past summer.