Lying Part Four

In the last part of the book, I can see that Lauren is trying hard to change herself and not try to tell lies anymore. When Lauren joined a group called the “Alcoholics Anonymous” (180), where she lied to the people in the group that she is a alcoholic but which it wasn’t true. Through the group, she met many different kind of people that helped her changed. When Lauren decide to tell everyone in her group the truth that she isn’t an alcoholic and that she has epilepsy. In the end, she couldn’t do it because it was hard for her to tell everyone that she lied and she says “I felt very bad” (208), and “I felt like a liar” (208). When she was had another chance to tell her group that she isn’t really an alcoholic, everyone in her group told Lauren to not talk about it. Lauren felt “furious” (213), and then she leaves because they were not listening to her and won’t believe what she says.

But after she joined the group, Lauren’s relationship with her mother have changed. When Lauren went to visit her mother and father, she had a conversation with her mother where they were spending some mother and daughter time together. After she visited her family and ate dinner with them, their relationship grew closer because Lauren says that “we all laughed together in a nice way, a little bit close, a little warmth” (191). Overall this book is great because it shows how Lauren change from the beginning to the end of the book.

Lying Part Three

In part three, Lauren changed after she did the surgery. After the surgery Lauren doesn’t have much seizures but, sometimes she have different types of aura. The auras that she felt allow her to become a creative writer and “The next time I felt an aura descend, I went straight to my desk, straight to my notebook. Holding my pen, I wrote faster and faster” (111). Before she started her freshmen year in college she “applied to a place called Bread Loaf, a fourteen-day writers’ conference in Vermont” (113). When she got accepted she met her reader, “Christopher Marin” (119), the author who will be reading the stories that she writes.

Throughout part three, Lauren’s relationship with Christopher grew closer, which is not what she expected. Her feelings for Christopher soon turned into love; after the writers’ conference ended, they often meet each other from time to time. As their relationship grew closer, Lauren grew to love him more and more. When she wasn’t writing letters to him she says “I called him. If he wasn’t in school, I called him at him” (152). This shows that Lauren’s love for Christopher is very deep. Finally, when Lauren decide to tell Christopher that she has epilepsy, he was surprised. After he find out that she has epilepsy, she says “I don’t remember. Somehow I got back to the bus, and we said good-bye I knew for good, and I got home and I could not stop crying” (157). At the end of part three, when Christopher find out that she has epilepsy, Lauren’s relationship with Christopher ended.

Lying Part Two

In part two, I kind of understand the relationship between the mother and daughter but it is still kind of confusing. When Lauren went to the supermarket with her mom, she had a small seizure. Her mom stopped her seizure but was misunderstood. While her mother was being misunderstood and was arrested, Lauren stayed quiet and didn’t her help. Even though she felt sorry, she had this “odd feeling of excitement, like there was mourning and happiness both” (44). She felt sorry for not helping but she felt a bit happy, thinking that she can live in a new environment different than she is living now. When Lauren’s mom got released due to an misunderstanding, her mom send her to a school where she learn how to fall correctly without hurting herself. When Lauren was all packed up and ready to leave, I can feel that she will miss her mom because she said to her mom “I love you, Mom” (46). Which brings tears in her mother’s eyes.

Later in part two, When Lauren learned to fall correctly and went home, she changed. Lauren want to attend this party her classmate is hosting but she wasn’t invited therefore, she lied to her classmate and was invited. A new character was introduced and he is Lauren’s new doctor named Dr. Neu. When the new character Dr. Neu was introduced, she changed a bit. I can feel that Lauren liked her new doctor, Dr. Neu because when she went to visit him, Lauren acted very ladylike.

Lying Part one

As I was reading Lying by Lauren Slater, the first chapter started with a short sentence “I exaggerate” (3). I think it is a foreshadowing that throughout the book the narrator will exaggerate more.The main character, Anita have epilepsy and epilepsy is a type of disease. She says that “I didn’t know, then, that epilepsy often begins with strange smells” (4). After mentioning that it starts with a strange smells, when Anita have epilepsy she “started with the smell of jasmine” (6).

The narrator mentions the smell of jasmine a couple of times in the second chapter. Anita says that “The summer I turned ten I smelled jasmine everywhere I went” and “I noticed I smelled jasmine in the bath, and my dreams were full of it” (4). During the summer, when the flowers were blooming, Anita only noticed the smell of jasmine instead of other flowers. Even when she take a bath or when she is dreaming, she smell nothing else except the smell of jasmine. Anita calls it the “jasmine world” (4), because from my point of view I feel like her world revolves around the smell of jasmine. I think Anita have epilepsy when she was ten because she mentions that she started smelling jasmine wherever she goes when she “turned ten” (4). As mention in chapter two where Anita says that epilepsy “often begins with strange smells” (4). I think jasmine is a symbol that represents Anita throughout the book because she calls her world the “jasmine world” (5) since, she smells jasmine wherever she goes.


Lolita Part 2 Pages 247-309

I find the end of the book, Lolita to be quite surprising because Lolita changed since the beginning of the book. Lolita left Humbert and one day he received a letter from Lolita saying that she is already married and is pregnant on page 266; also she asks for money from him. After reading the letter, thinking that she might be suffering from hardships because she asks for money; he went to look for her to see how she is doing. When he visit her he noticed that she has changed. He asked Lolita “Come just as you are. And we shall live happily ever after.” (278). But Lolita rejected him; even though she didn’t want to live with him, Humbert give her an envelope that contain money in it. Yet once more, he asked her “You are sure you are not coming with me? Is there no hope of your coming?” (279). Once again she rejected him. Knowing that Lolita won’t leave with him, he left. As he was driving, he was unable to control his tears and he said “I was alone to enjoy the innocent night and my terrible thoughts” (281). Whenever he thought of Lolita, it makes him “weeping again, drunk on the impossible past.” (282). In the end of the book, it showed how much Humbert loves Lolita when he said “This book is about Lolita” (253). When Humbert knows that Lolita is married and pregnant, he doesn’t mind and asked her to “live happily ever after.” (278) with him but rejected him. Humbert try to forget about Lolita knowing that she won’t live with him.

“The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin

I had read some short stories written by Kate Chopin and I chose to read “The Story of an Hour” because it seemed to be an interesting short story.

As I was reading the short story, a line from the story caught my attention

“But she saw beyond that bitter moment a long procession of years to come that would belong to her absolutely. And she opened and spread her arms out to them in welcome.”

When Mrs. Mallard finds out that her husband, Mr. Mallard, passed away, she locked herself in a room. As she was in her room, she looked out the window and saw “patches of blue sky”, “new spring life”, trees and clouds. Then she suddenly shouted, “free, free, free!” revealing her happiness of her husband’s death. She believes that now she has freedom. Mrs. Mallard’s sister, Josephine, came to comfort her thinking she had locked herself in the room crying over her husband’s death. As Josephine was comforting her, Mrs. Mallard was whispering to herself “Free! Body and soul free!” Finally, when Mrs. Mallard came out of the room, she collapsed to see her husband opening the front doors to come inside the house. When she saw her husband, she “had died of heart disease–of joy that kills.” In my opinion, I think it means Mrs. Mallard is no longer free and that the freedom she has always wanted was now gone.

“The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin was interesting and I enjoyed reading it.

Introduction: Tiffany

Hello, my name is Tiffany. This is my second year at New York City College of Technology. I am currently majoring in Liberal Arts and Science. I haven’t decided what my future major will be, but hopefully I will soon. I don’t really have a favorite book, but the genres I love to read are fantasy, adventure, romance, supernatural and historical. I don’t read that much, but if there is a book that catches my attention I would pick it up and read it. Also if I find a book that catches my interest I will become stubborn and read it till I am finish with the book. Personally, I don’t like reading very long books because I know I won’t be able to finish it, but if a friend recommend it to me and I find it interesting I will give it a try and read it.

When I am bored I would draw on my sketch book and usually I will just draw cartoons. Also if I am bored I would write short stories or journals because I know it will improve my writing skills if I write more. I know reading books will also improve my writing skills so I tried to read as much as possible. My grammar skills isn’t that good but its alright, so I would buy grammar workbooks and practice. I don’t know or read much about literature and I am excited to be taking this class. Also I am looking forward to learning new things.