Jamaica Kincaid, “Girl”

The first thing I noticed when I started reading “Girl” is that is one big paragraph, it has semicolons that separate the list of things that the mother tells the daughter and that makes me wonder why the writer arranged the story this way?. The only reason that comes to my head is that she wants the reader to feel overwhelm as the girl in the story who has to listen to all that information, instructions, so that she can be a proper young lady in the culture that the mother would like her to know about.

Kincaid uses particular words to gives us clues about the setting of the story. She uses words like pepper pot, benna, doukona, okra, this words tells us that we are in a Caribbean island especially with benna which is calypso music.

Describing the two characters in the story, the one that speaks the most is the mother or maybe the grandmother. She is strict, bossy, controlling, and I think she worries about what others might say or think about her daughter. She gives her lots instructions for household duties like how to iron clothes, how to sweep, how to set the table, and I think the reason for this is that so her daughter is well prepared for life. Another important reason is culture how to hand down traditions and she does that by giving her an advice “this is how you make a good medicine to throw away a child before it even becomes a child” so this passing down feminine wisdom.

There is a word in the story that recurs three times and that word is “slut” I feel like the daughter is being accuse of being a slut even-dough in the story there is no evidence that supports such an accusation. That makes me ask why the mother is calling her slut. The reason I can come up with is that the mother worries that the daughter turn out to be just like her when she was young, she may be made some mistakes and she doesn’t want her daughter to do the same.

The second character is the girl she only has two lines in the story so it is kind of hard to tell what kind of character she even is however this two lines shows us a few characteristics like she does not have a lot of power in the relationship with her mother. She tries to behave but also protest when call slut “but I don’t sing benna on Sundays at all and never in Sunday school” she seems to be defending herself. She is the recipient of all this rules and instructions and her job is to learned them all because being a woman is going to be really complicated.

Hello Class!

My name is Fausto Barros. I was born in Cuenca, Ecuador.  In 1998, I moved to the New York and currently live in the Bronx. I love technology in general but my interest is focused on telecommunications. I love sports such as soccer, tennis, running, swimming, biking. I like to read history books because I feel the necessity and the desire to know about the past to understand the present, and sometimes I do freelance photography.IMG_2468

My biggest desire is to graduate from college to inspire my children so they can be the best they can be. One day I want to make enough money so that my father who is one of my mentors and example in life can stop working and enjoy life while he is still healthy.

I attended and graduate from Washington Irving High School. Then, I went to Borough Manhattan Community College for one semester and transferred to Bronx Community College from where I obtained my Associates Degree in Telecommunication Engineering Technology. This is my third semester attending New York City College of Technology in hopes of achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications.

Over the summer my family and I took a couple of trips to visit my uncle who lives in Pennsylvania, also went to work as usual, and took a summer session calculus class. My plans for this semester are to work really hard and do very well in all my classes. I also want to get to know more people around campus, and try to be more involved with college matters in general.

_My favorite genre of literature is history and my favorite books are Anne Frank’s diary, and Nicholas and Alexandra.

_A strength I have is that I am very faithful to a book in which once I start reading it I have to finish it. A weakness I have is my poor vocabulary. Strengths as a writer could be that once I start writing, my ideas flow more easily. My weaknesses as a writer are: difficulty in organizing ideas as they flow out of my head, and finding the best introduction and conclusion.

_I like to read, but what I don’t like is not having enough time to do it. I don’t really like writing, but sometimes I find it relaxing to put some thoughts in paper.

_I have a descent amount of knowledge about technology, but not enough that is why I have to keep studying.

_I think that we are going to be working with fiction books and stories, and this will increase my vocabulary, and help me think more deeply why writers write what they write.