This was a very interesting read. As I continued to read I kept picturing a mother showing her daughter the way a non-slut would go about her day and act. The mother used the word “slut” so freely when she was teaching her daughter what to do. It felt like the mother was going to pass away and had to share her knowledge and pass down helpful advice to her daughter. The girl barely had anything to say because she only had two lines which were in Italics. The girl would never say no but only “but what ifs”. She had no control or no say and that everything the mother say was an order she had to follow. The girl showed a lot of respect towards her mother.

“The Story of an Hour”

When reading “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin I immediately knew what kind of short story I was getting in to. Kate Chopin is famous for distressed woman getting there way and enjoying deaths of their husbands. In this short story Mrs. Mallard the wife whose husband had past away from a tragic accident. When she got the news about her husband death she was full of tears because like any widow a passing of someone is very sad, but for Mrs. Mallard it only lasted a second because she repeatedly whispered “free, free, free!”. Which only means she was unhappy with her marriage and was ¬†manipulated or had no say in anything because at the time it was the late 1800s when woman had no rights.

Hello Everyone! ;]

Hi everyone, my name is Steven Han. This is my fourth year at City Tech. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I am Chinese but I speak minimal Mandarin because at home we tend to speak English only. That is why I am taking Chinese classes to brush up on my Mandarin. I love to meet to new people because its always interesting to see how other people live their lives.

Over the summer me and my best friends made a last minute trip to Orlando,Florida. We went to Universal Studios, Island of Adventures and Magic Kingdom. Even though Magic Kingdom is a family theme park we had a lot of fun because I consider my best friends family. We went to see Adventure Club, it was pretty fun raving with my friends in Orlando, even though we went to Miami during spring for Ultra Music Festival.


ADVENTURE CLUB!! That’s me in the middle with all my biffles <3¬†