Hello everyone , my name is Marvin Hernandez and I’m from El Salvador. I was born in my country but I came to New York when I was 3 years old. This is my second year here in City Tech and I am majoring in Computer Information System. I’m looking forward on getting my bachelors and provide myself with a good future and give my younger brother and sister a good example so they can follow the same. I enjoy working with computer so I’m decent when it comes to technology. When I was a little a kid I love working with computers and that’s why now I want it to be my profession. I like to spend time with my family and hanging out with friends. Some of my hobbies and interests are playing baseball, going to gym and video games. In the summer i basically enjoyed it relaxing and having good times.

When it comes to reading I never really liked to read unless its something very interesting. If I hear about an interesting book or something that catches my mind I’ll read but otherwise if its not then the book would just put me to sleep. A book that I thought was pretty good that I read in high school was “Hamlet.” But other than that I don’t really enjoy it so therefore I don’t really have a favorite author or book. I’m looking forward to learn new things and about fiction novels in this class. I’m a chill and outgoing person and I like to meet new people so anyone can contact me if anything.