Two kinds by Amy Tan and Who’s Irish

Two kinds by Amy tan  is based on her mother and amy coming to america after her father died. Amy then struggles to find who she really is in america , her mom believes she can become anybody in america so she pressures her to learn the piano. Amy’s mother wanted her to learn the piano so she can brag to her friend Lindo jong amy was superior than her daughter  was at champion at chess. Amy then rebels on her mother for making her play the piano but then realizes thats what made her mother happy.She finds that playing the piano was the only thing she can do and the the only way she can find her true self.

Coming to america can be very difficult especially if you an immigrant and everyone looks at you as a low class. Every parents wants the best for the children so they intend to do their best to raise us and lead us to the right path. We were all taught well and were giving strength  to choose the path to our future no parent should pressure someone into doing something they don’t want to do. Parents only give us advise we are the ones to carry on from their.

Who’s Irish by Gish Jen is about a chinese grandmother living in america. She moves in with her granddaughter  Sophie her daughter  Natalie and her son in law john. The grand mother takes care of Sophie and believes she should get spanked every-time she misbehaves. John and natalie oppose the punishment but the grandmother thinks is the right think to do . The grandmother nicknames Sophie ( wild child) since everything she does is a misbehavior. One day after Sophie comes home with bruises so  john and natalie realize Sophie grandmother has to go. Luckily her grandmother finds a good home with bess and learns a valuable lesson that spanking a child is not always the correct conclusion to educate a child.

I agree with this story because not every parents uses spanking as an answer to every problem some parents use words or other techniques. Every country have their own way of raising their child.