Lying part four

When reading I was surprised when she said ‚Äúbut there is no Dr. Neu.‚ÄĚ(pg.175). Right there we can see her intelligence in confusing the readers. I have to say she did a good job making up the story. But finally she confesses her lies as we see her change as she finds peace in an AA group. She¬†confesses that she is¬†not an alcoholic but no-one believes her leaving the truth untold. The story ends with a surprise and with her recognitions.

Overall the story itself made Lauren seem so innocent but we finally see the truth about her. Now we understand why she lied all this time, because she never had the attention from her parents. She saw that lying¬†and making up story’s about her sickness made everyone have attention on to her.

Lying Reading Response #13

Here we see laura expirecing her first surgery. She explains these types of “auras” she gets when shes doing something. “The auras wer feelings of god reaching down from the sky,The auras were feelings and tastes,delight and despairs and they wrapped me totally for the time they lasted.” (Page 110) Im guessing everything that is going on is the cause of her epilepsy. Her surgery was a sucess. I didnt really understand this chapter. It was confusin.

Im guessing she was seventeen and she was already expirencing sexual contact. “Epilepsy does not mean to be possed passivelyl;it means to need posess,actively.” (Page 157) Chritopher was the guy she was having sex with and since he left and now laura felt alone trying to figure out if she can change the past.” If only i could learn to live here in the chasm he cut,in the void out of which our world was born, if only i could.

Ican.” (Page 158)

lying part 2

As i read on i could see the true relasanchip between laura and her parents. Although laura i surffering from epilepsy she bounds to make her mother proud. Laura is suffering more and more each day but she takes all that pain just to prove her pain didnt bring her down but motivated her to keep fighting for what she wanted. I am really surprised although her mom does not pay that much of attention to her she trys to prove herself she is a strong daugther.

Laura’s ¬†dad to me ¬†is just a follower because everything lauras mother does he accepts it and follows her.To me his busy trying to impress his wife and pays less attention to laura. I hope laura hangs in there, she is a strong girl i know she can handle this much pain going on ibn her life. I just hope she doesnt give up and ends up dying from deppression.

Lying part 1

” I EXAGGERATE” ¬†is the first thing we see when opening the book. At that moment i¬†can predict ¬†that something big was happening already. It gives the reader somethig to think about. As i read the first chapter the author bigins to indroduce her childhood and her sickeness which is epilepsy. “This is how eilepsy begins.It bigins beautifully,and with only slight pain.” (Page 9) I begin¬† to feel sorry for her because she only ten years old. Already i get the feeling this story might have a sad ending to it.

The title of the book seems weird because i see she already has epilepsy so why is the book called Lying? Their was one night were she had her first seizure and ended in the hospital. She was being checked up alot of times because to the doctor a ten year old girl having a seizure was very strange for him. This book looks veyr interesting unlike Lolita this book might interest me into reading it more. I feel bad¬† since shes in alot of pain. “Every muscle ached. there was blood in my mouth.” How can she keep up with this. Its intence.

The end of humbert and lolita part 2 (247-309)

Well this book was very shocking especially at the end where humbert starts chaging with lolita. He becomes very jelous and does not want lolita being around any guys unless his with her. Humbert realizes lolita is a flirt and realizes he should keep her closer to him. Throughout the chapters we would see a humbert who cared loved lolita and now he has change drastically. Humbert starts acting suspicious towards lolita after he sees her changing. She starts demanding him to give her money before any sexual act. At this moment i knew for a fact lolita would end up using him for money and needs.

Humbert realizes lolita has been dissapearing often and gets suspicious thinking she is seeing someone else. He then finds out their has been somebody following then throughtout their route. When he writes the number plate down lolita erases it. In chapters 18-22 humbert vows to kill lolita abductor. Humbert spends alot of times searching for her but never finds. He then gives up and finds rita a girl who he starts a relansanchip with. The connnection between rita and humbert for me was odd because she was an adult like him and he did say he did not like older woman. Of course their relansanchip didnt last and eventually finds lolita pregnant. When he kills Quilty everything changed for him he went to jail and writes to lolita saying “Donot talk to strangers i hope you will love your baby. I hope its a boy. That husband of yours i hope he treats you right because otherwise my specter shall come at him” (309). He really loved lolita to let her live her life with tha man she loved. I honestly thought it was a¬†strong desicion¬† todo because it was not easy letting go of lolita. He proved that he really loved lolita¬†aftereverything he put her through.

Lolita 143-247

Its a biginning of something new for humbert since he sees lolita all grown up in the story. He sees lolita maturing throughout the days and he is very uncertain wheather or not she is the one as before. Other than that his afraid someday he will get caught with lolita and tells her not to tell the cops. on him or else she would stay as an orphan for the rest of her life. His words have a direct contact towards her as his¬†manipulations wins over her. Lolita is has no other choice but to approve his deal. Its a very smart act of humbert to tell her this in order for them to stay¬†together.¬†‚ÄúBy rubbing all this in, I succeeded in terrozing Lolita to espite ¬†a certain brash alertness of manner and spurts of wit was not as intelliegent a child as her I.Q. might suggest.‚ÄĚ (Pg 151). This shows that humbert¬†is on topof his game. Meaning he is alwasy going to win and get what ghe wants. I just6 dont get the fact why he is treating her this way when he supposibly loves her. I know for a fact something is going to happen. His going to start losing feelings towards her and maybe end up giving up on her. Problabluy since he got what he wanted and is through.


Lolita pgs 97-142

This book is getting very interesting now that charlotte is dead and the truth is revealed about lolita. She already had sex with humbert and all this drama going on is crazy. Lolita has been expirementing humbert and she knows what shes doing because she already has her mind open to everything. The fact the humbert tells his jury that lolita wasnt his first lover is very shocking. The fact that she also told him what she was doing in camp also was crazy. She tells humbert she and barbara took turn having sex with charlie. I believe eveything is escalating very quickly that fact that lolita mom died and the truth is slowly coming out. Lolita isnt that innocent little girl anymore and humbert sees that and doesnt like it. This book is getting better and better evertime i read it. Chapter two should be even better now that everything is falling into place. Lets see what happens with lolita and humbert it should be interesting.

Lolita pages 34-97

Well this story is getting very interesting every time i read it. Since he is obsessed with Lolita in order to stay closer to ¬†her he decides to marry her mother Charlotte. The narrator shows no regret into what he is doing because he is in love with Lolita and plans to stay with her. ¬†In page (66) he is worried about Lolita being away from him because she is going to summer camp for two months. Basically his mind starts making assumptions that she will mature. In my mind i was like wow he really loves her that even with the slightest ¬†move he will go crazy. What i thought was funny was when he said he was planning on dressing up like a girl and go to summer camp with her in order to stay closer with each other. I wonder what will happen when she does grow older,would he still feel the same way towards her or will he change completely. Since older woman disgust him would he end up feeling that way towards Lolita when she’s older ?. Their are many questions in my mind about this story and its getting very intense. I just hope nothing bad happens to Lolita.


When i was reading Lolita it was really difficult to understand at first but when i went on reading i soon began to see what the author was talking about. At first Humbert begins explaining he was a murderer and the names he used to give to his “love”. Then he goes on explaining that we the readers are the jury. He basically is telling us what he does , but what really caught my attention was when he said that Lolita wasn’t his first girl. Before her he used to have another girl called “exhibit number one” (page 1) . He then goes on describing his childhood and the time he met this one girl called Annabel leigh and how their friendship grew beyond what he ever imagined. He wanted to have sex with annabel but four months later she dies of typhus corfu. I didn’t really know what that meant but in mind i thought it was a sickness. Soon after Annabel ¬†dies he then explains that she and Lolita are somehow similar. He also says in chapter four that ever since he met Lolita she ¬†was able to break the spell that Annabel had put upon him. So far this book is really interesting it has some difficult to understand parts but overall its a pretty good book we just have to concentrate what Humbert is trying to say and we as the jury have to find out why.

The Yellow Wallpaper

The yellow wallpaper is a very interesting and creepy story. So far its one of the best articles i read. What really caught my attention was the illness suffered by the narrator she was attracted with yellow wall paper in the room. She actually thought their was a woman trapped within the wallpaper so she decides to strip the paper off. When her husband comes into the room and sees what she’s doing he faints and instead of her paying attention to him she ignores him and keep stripping the paper. In my mind i can see everything happening i can actually see her ripping the paper and hear the paper crumble.

I believe everything happen really quickly i wasn’t expecting so much of her but the end of the story was very shocking. Her imagination came over her and controlled her through out the whole story even thought many tried to convince her their was nothing she kept insisting their was.