Lolita reading

After reading through the last remaining chapter of Lolita, I seemed to have a little sympathy toward Humbert Humbert.  The guy seemed sad and depress most of the time, and wanted to find his Lolita.  Through reading, it almost felt like a mystery scene, where Humbert would go back to visit the hotels and motels where he and Lolita had visited. ” the clues he left did not establish his identity but they reflected his personality,  or at least a certain homogeneous and striking personility”, here we could see that Humbert is going to all if any length to find the “kidnapper” of his beloved nymph. He’s playing the role of a detective, and might have found clues that his the suspect’s personality.


Humberts love for Lolita seems real but the guy is makes it get the better of him. Here at his fist sight of Lolita in years he said ” I could not kill, of course,  as some have thought. You see, I loved her. It was love at first  sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight”. Note that he himself knows that the reader understands he would never kill Lolita.. I myself am not too sure whether Humberts really love Lolita or not. From that quote he seems to be revealing some hidden obsessions, and would stop at nothing to keep her happy. She is whats on his mind first and last, he always think of her, even through the reading it is seen.


Humbert seems to understand what he has done, because had made it be know of his own punishment and wanted some that would be appropriate for the horrible crimes he have committed and I respect the guy for that..



Lolita Response

The reasons for Humbert’s travelling, is to keep Lolita happy and also to let others not caught on with his and get relationship.


Through Humbert’s journey he as avoided external problem through his travels with lolita and also internal ones, only because he hadn’t settled in one  place for too long. “For little Lo was aware of that glow of hers, and I would often catch her coulant un regard in the direction of some amiable male, some greasy monkey, with a sinewy had I turned my back to go and buy this very Lo a lollipop, than I would hear her and the fair mechanic burst into a perfect love dong of wisecracks.159” This seems to signifies that humbert has paid full attention to Lolita and what her experience with sex had done to her. He notice that through sex, it had made her more attractive to men around her.  Humbert is very wary of what going on, what would do anything to stop her interaction with men or “male gender as a whole”, he states that he doesn’t want to lose her.


Through reading I could see that humber is getting careless with his action. He is constantly trying to get through to Lolita through the act of bribes and it seems to easily consume Lolita’s action of  moralities. Also he’s bringing their sexual acts, more in the open, which shows he being reckless.


Note: Humbert and Gaston both seem to fool society through pedophilia.



Lolita’s voice

The end of chapter 32. “Why can’t I call my mother if I want to?” “Because,” I answered, “your mother is dead.”


After hearing this I didn’t took Mr.Humbert/Dad seriously. I was stunned of course, becuse he had said it so casually “because your mother is dead”. I then said angrily “stopping messing around with me”. He then pulled over the car close to a sidewalk at an intersection. He started going into detail of how he had heard the new this morning. He said when he had ran along to get the car warmed up, while I was using the bathroom, a security guard at the hotel said the hospital had called and said he should deliver the news. I didn’t wanted to hear, the news all seems blurry for me, and I had lost my sense of smell, tasting, and sight.


Eating Food/treats, or having a measly chat, is not going to help me.I can’t believe she is gone, I didn’t want you to leave me mommy, my tears are never ending..Time had past and Dad was there for me, During that night daddy rented a hotel with two different rooms. I found myself running to him, in search of comfort, he’s all I have now. I just regret that we had not done what we had did, oh please forgive me Mom.

while locked up

“The beastly and beautiful merged at one point, and it is that borderline I would like to fix, and I feel I fail to do do utterly. Why?”

Is humbert humbert feeling a bit of guilt, to the point where he is calling himself a beast(ly)”. (I guess he is human). It seems while being incarcerated, Humbert had the time to think over what he had done. He’s questioning him self it seems; the quote itself seems sad and is seeking forgiveness.

It also seems that he was looking for ways in which he could try to avoid Lolita. While trying to obtain ways to avoid that fate with Lo, it just seemed inevitable, he was destined. I believe the quote is also stating a “what if moment”. Questions in which he kept asking himself, in which he could have avoided going to prison.

while he was making assumptions and asking himself these questions it seems he had a hard time doing so. He might was having a hard time because, he knew he wanted Lolita’s flesh, which he yerned for. He was weak it seemed and couldn’t find it any reasonable justifications to say “what if he hadn’t done it”. In a sense he wanted it, but things didn’t go as planned. He needed/wanted what he wanted/needed and as gotten it, so to speak. So now he has to circum to his own fault of injustice.


Humbert’s Approach

Throughout the following reading assignment, Humbert had finally revealed “his” Lolita. She described it as her ad a light of first love. Throughout the story he seems desperate and sneaky in a way. He was devising ways of approaching her, but not to make it too obvious. His way seems sneaky and childish in a sense. It’s a tactic of his approach.  I’m guessing he wanted her to see him as an individual within her age group, one that she can fall in love with or relate to.

He also wanted the reader to know each and every move he was taking. At sometimes he seems like a lion stalking a pray, because of his stealthy move. He would try and slowly approach her and sneak a touch or just to have her near him. At some time he will then tries and bring her in through her own will.

Note: There was a little evidence that signifies that some of Humbert’s original diary note was discarded “not sure what you with that”.


“Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov, is a novel that had me surprised, the whole time I was reading it. its a shock for me to learn that this book was an “monumental success” as described on the first page within the book. honestly, during my first pages of reading I wanted to stop reading, it seems so wrong. why? because it was very controversial for me, where the narrator seems interested in young children “girl-children” as he would say.

The book was challenging to read, but time had past and I started to pick up a little. while reading I realize that there are a lot of word I wasn’t familiar with, but luckily I had my dictionary along side me. though written in 1955, I would say, that I believe “Lolita” was way ahead of its time period. the way how words where structure, and being placed, though it was some time hard to keep track. Most of the time I would go back and re-read a page, and try to make sense out of it.

I would describe the narrator’s actions as those of a pedophiles’. on page 20 ,second paragraph, he stated “how marvelous were my fancied adventures as I sat on a hard park bench pretending to be immersed in a trembling book”. in this setting, he was getting pleasure through only watching the pre-adolescent girls within the park. reading this made me feel some-what uneasy. I understand nymphets are his preference but the idea of the approach is wrong in my opinion.



The Yellow Wallpaper

“The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a story I felt was kind of intriguing.  While reading,  I started to realize how the author uses bet descriptive words, to describe her scenery. The way she described the walls and how it varied from the lights being shined upon it,  and also a breif image of the house…

While reading half way through the story,  I had an idea, that it was going to end the way it ended. The author kept repeating, that there was an woman trapped in the yellow wall paper and is unable to get out, and she must be the one to set her free. I was able to relate the two together, with the fact that both are trapped. She , herself is trapped because she doesn’t seem to have the freedom. Her husband is too protected of her, and doesn’t want her to leave from her bed, sometimes. I concluded that once the wallpaper was off the wall, both the woman in the wallpaper and her would be free and she, herself would act as someone who yearned for this freedom.



“Two Kind” by Amy Tan

“Two kinds” by Amy Tan, is a short story that help briefly described herself, being forced into some thing she doesn’t want. In this short story, what was symbolized the most was Amy’s piano. The piano had two effects, both being bad and good…


Starting with the bad first..During the first half of the story, the piano was something Amy didn’t wanted to bother with.  I believe, she wanted, to find her own way in life.  The only thing stopping her was the piano, and her mother’s ideals. The piano, in her mother’s mind represents a good status for her daughter.  A symbol of hope,  of becoming something good, to save her own pride. Also, in my opinion, the first half of the story, the piano  representing a type of torture for Amy. She was being forced, into something she didn’t wanted…After she had done her talent show, and failed miserably, she didn’t wanted anything to do with the piano, no more. I believe the piano was a bad sign, an omen, because she and her mother had an argument; now Amy doesn’t bother to look at it cause it brings back bad memories.


Well, now its time for the good of the piano. Through the end of the story, a bit of light was shown upon the piano. Years past and Amy is now an adult and both she and her mothet had settled their past argument. After her mother’s death, the piano is now in Amy’s care, and she begins to play it for the first time in a long while. Now playing it, the piano seems to bring about a different meaning.  Its brings back the past, but this time its something that she can recollect and build upon. She started to really notice what was around her, the song next to her was “Perfectly Contended”. She stated that she “realized they were two halves of the same song”. Now I’m remembering that when she was younger she was always pleading about what she didn’t wanted and wanted, and the song she played during the talent show was titled “Pleading Child”, which signified her actions. Now at a later age in time she is perfectly contended “at ease”. What she was missing was probably being happy and she has now found that other half.



The Story of an Hour

The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin. Unlike other stories by Chopin I had read, this one was more engulf with literary elements, through the use of imageries. The main use of the imageries were done with the use of the window. When Louise Mallard the main character kept staring out the window the use of these images came to life. Peering outside, makes the sense of an new beginning seems to come about. She now as a chance to start over, because of these images out her window, that symbolized hope. One where she can leave the darkness and go into a light of hope, where there is no one to depend on,but herself.  The freedom and opportunities that all awaits her after the death of her husband, means she could now move on. The birds singing outside could mean a melodious song of the start of a new era, of her dream.

Hey everyone, Jerome Chambers here. As you all should know, I’m attending New York City College of Technology. I’m taking this class (Eng.2001), because it was a requirement for my major. I like to read novels and short stories, but since recently I just haven’t got the time to do so. Maybe taking this class will help me get back on track with my reading and writing and help me open up new vocabularies. After finishing and passing this class, I’m hoping it can help me be more social and more open, where I can be more interactive with fellow classmates and people within my surrounding.

I am currently enrolled in the bachelors program for mechanical engineering technology. I took this course because of my love for technology and the roles it plays out in Society,and in today’s world. as a child growing up, I wasn’t always this compassionate, about working with technology, until the day my friend had made his own toy motor boat. Seeing this, had made me ignited a spark that would continue to burn within me, even up to this day. The spark of new innovations, where maybe I too could build something, but on a larger scale; and it being beneficial on the lives of others.